61 Best Birthday Snack Ideas for School Parties

birthday snack ideas for school

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School classroom birthday treats are so much fun for kids!  This is so much fun sharing the best birthday snack ideas for school parties.

When all of the classroom starts singing happy birthday and gets to celebrate your child’s big day, it is a great feeling.  Before you head out to get your birthday classroom treats, be sure to look through this list of birthday treats for school.  

There are many traditional classroom birthday treats such as ice cream cones, rice krispie treats, and birthday cake.  However, when it comes to classrooms, there may be some additional options to meet the needs of the classroom.

Check with the Classroom Teacher

Before you purchase school birthday treats, be sure to check with the teacher to see what birthday snacks are appropriate for the class.  

Moreover, we need to find out what are the limitations for the classroom.  Some children may have either an allergy, sensitivity, or something that other parents may not want their child to have.  

So grab those classroom guidelines and start making your list of birthday class treats.

birthday snack ideas for school

Peanut-Free Birthday Snack Ideas

Many classrooms commonly have a peanut free environment based on the possibilities of peanut allergies in the classroom due to food allergies.

Therefore, these classrooms will be off limits for items containing peanuts or peanut butter. Below are some healthy snack ideas for the peanut free classroom party.

  1. Popcorn (check for allergen information)
  2. Rice cakes with sunflower seed butter
  3. Fresh fruit kabobs
  4. Yogurt cups
  5. Cheese and crackers
  6. Veggie sticks with hummus
  7. Jello cups

Popcorn is a an easy option to add to the snack table.  Rice cakes with sunflower seed butter makes a nice simple snack to that is crunchy and peanut free. This list of peanut free birthday snacks are super easy solutions and a crowd pleaser for the whole class.

Tree Nut-Free Birthday Snack Ideas

Some classrooms may have rules set that include avoiding tree nuts in the classroom.  Tree nuts are nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, and more.

That said, here are some party snack ideas for tree nut free classroom.

  1. Pretzels
  2. Apple slices with caramel dip
  3. Rice Krispies treats
  4. Potato chips
  5. Fruit salad cups
  6. Popcorn balls
  7. Carrot sticks with ranch dressing

This group of tree nut free snacks are fun and simple for any classroom party.

Gluten-Free Birthday Snack Ideas

When a child has a gluten allergy, it can sometimes make it difficulty to find party ideas that do not include the traditional birthday cake. However, there are lots of items that can fit into a gluten free classroom birthday party.

  1. Rice crispy treats (made with gluten-free cereal)
  2. Gluten-free cookies
  3. Gluten-free pretzels
  4. Veggie chips
  5. Rice crackers with cheese
  6. Fresh fruit cups
  7. Greek yogurt with honey

Packaged Store-Bought Birthday Treats for School

It’s nice to be able to keep it simple when planning school birthday snacks. These packaged store-bought birthday treats make shopping easy for birthday snack ideas for school.

  1. Mini granola bars
  2. Individual fruit cups
  3. Fruit snacks (check for allergen information)
  4. Mini bags of popcorn
  5. Single-serving pudding cups
  6. Mini muffins (check for gluten-free options)
  7. Cheese and cracker snack packs
  8. Animal crackers
  9. Graham crackers
  10. Fruit roll ups

These snacks make it easy for busy parents to pick up items at the store to drop off at school. 

Homemade Birthday Treats You Can Make

There are plenty of homemade birthday treats that kids love. In addition, you can add a healthy spin on these food ideas for birthday parties. Finger foods are a great option on the snack table for school homemade birthday treat.

  1. Mini gluten-free brownies
  2. Fruit skewers
  3. Mini sandwiches (gluten-free bread)
  4. Mini quiches
  5. Sliced cucumber and cream cheese bites
  6. Mini frittatas
  7. Rice paper spring rolls
  8. Butterfly snack bag

These examples above include a variety of options to finger foods for more of a meal/snack option.

Healthy Birthday Snacks for School

Kids will love these easy treats that are no complicated and fun for party snacks. Not only that, but these can be a healthy options for your birthday party snack ideas for school. Healthy snacks can also be tasty snacks that are a big hit for classroom parties.

  1. Trail mix or snack mix with nuts and seeds (for non-nut allergies)
  2. Sliced bell peppers and hummus
  3. Greek yogurt parfaits with berries
  4. Veggie ranch salad cups
  5. Edamame pods
  6. Sliced melon 
  7. String Cheese
  8. Hard-Boiled Eggs

What combination of delicious and nutritious!

Themed Items for Birthday Snacks at School

If your child and their classroom likes themed activities, having some themed birthday party snacks will be a great idea. These themed birthday party ideas for the classroom are simple and easy recipe.

  1. Mini pizza bites (pizza-themed party) Here are more ideas for appetizers for pizza party.
  2. Pirate ship fruit skewers (pirate-themed party) See our list of ocean themed snacks as well for pirates and ocean theme.
  3. Butterfly-shaped sandwiches (butterfly-themed party) See our list of fairies tea party ideas to incorporate into this theme.
  4. Star-shaped cheese and crackers (space-themed party) One of our most popular posts Space themed foods has lots more idea for space themed party.
  5. Teddy bear-shaped sandwiches (teddy bear-themed party)
  6. Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets (dinosaur-themed party) Dino fans will also love these jurassic party ideas.
  7. Emoji fruit cups (emoji-themed party)

Remember to consider any specific allergies or dietary restrictions of the students in the class when planning the snacks for a school birthday celebration.

What Snacks to Bring to School for Birthday?

Either this list helped you, or the list made it hard to decide because there are so many great options!  

Hopefully it helped you!

To review:

Be sure to talk with your teacher or review the classroom guidelines that were sent home.
Check for any restrictions.
Be sure that snacks are age appropriate.
Make a list of items that suits your classroom best, and go shopping!

If you prefer package items and ordering online, just be sure that you order them early enough to receive them in a timely manner.

Non-Food Birthday Treats for the Classroom

In addition to school snacks for your birthday child and their classmates, you might also consider non-food birthday treats.

There are lots of options on Handmade Healthy for non-food items such as light up necklaces, fidget keychain, jumbo ink pens, and more.

candy alternatives, non-food treats for kids

Theme Parties for School

Looking for more theme ideas for school parties?

Here are a few great ideas:

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