11 Galactic Space Themed Food Ideas

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11 Galactic Space Themed Food Ideas

Are you ready to have the best space themed food in the solar system? A space themed party is so much fun. Likewise, there are so many names of planets, shapes, and stars to be able to incorporate into the theme.

Here, you will find amazing space party food ideas perfect for any birthday party or space themed day.

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Space Food Ideas

for All Occasions

Space themed food is perfect for many occasions including the following:

Epic Birthday Parties

Birthday party space themes can include space, galaxy, planets, earth, moon, or even alien adventures.

School Classroom

Decorate the classroom with all of the planets and have a fun learning experience with space themed food.  Have the kids name each of their food items with planetary names.

Summer Camp Programs

Have the kids dress up in their favorite galactic colors, stars, or space movie theme.  Likewise, the kids will be excited about their space food as well.

astronaut, space party food, space themed food,

Kids Cooking Classes

Cooking class themes are a great way to grab the attention of students.  Having the class geared around space themed food is a great learning experience.

Movie Night Snacks

Every movie night must have the perfect movie watching snacks.  Plan an outer space movie night and pair with some of the ideas we have here. Full List of Movie Ideas at bottom of post.

Spaced Themed Food Names

One of the best ways to capture the attention of your guests is to have the best party title.  Therefore, you can use these for your space themed party invitations.

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Here are a few fun titles for Space Themed Parties:

“An Out of this World Feast”
“Celestial Snack-Fest”
“Rocket Fuel and Cosmic Grub”
“Alien Appetites and Earthly Delights”
“Extraterrestrial Flavor Adventure”
space themed food, space party foods, space birthday party

Space Themed Party Food Ideas

How exciting!  Get ready to embark on your journey to outer space. Kids will love these fun themes. 

Likewise, here is a summary of space themed party food ideas:

  • Meteor Cupcakes
  • Galaxy Bark
  • Earth Cookies
  • Rocket-ship Quesadillas
  • Martian Marshmallows
  • Extra-terrestrial Snacks
  • Galaxy Lemonade
  • Moon Cookies
  • Chocolate Moon Pies
  • Pop Rocks
  • Astronaut Food

Astronomy Themed Food

Kids will love these meteor cupcakes and galaxy bark.

space themed food, meteor cupcakes,
Meteor Cupcake | Cooking Party Mom

Meteor Cupcakes

Meteor cupcakes are so much fun and easy to make.  These cupcakes are inspired by the Nerdy Nummies Cookbook.  Starting with a cupcake, add icing to the top.  First, you will also need a bag of Jolly Ranchers.  Then divide the candy into color groups, unwrap each color, and place them into resealable bags. 

Then, carefully crack the candy (we used a wooden cutting board on the bottom, and a pot or rubber mallet to break the candy (this is the hardest part). Finally, decorate the cupcakes.

space themed food, galaxy bark,
Galaxy Bark | Cooking Party Mom

Galaxy Bark

Using a combination of milk chocolate and white chocolate, this bark can be easily made.  Add black food coloring to the milk chocolate for dark color. Use blue food coloring for the white chocolate (and purple as well). 

Gently swirl the colors using a toothpick.  Add large and small light colored sprinkles like these Sprinkle Stars mix.

Earth Themed Party Food

This one features Earth Cookies.  In addition, this is also perfect for an Earth day theme food adventure.

earth day cookies, earth day food, space themed food,
Earth Cookies | Cooking Party Mom

Earth Cookies

Using sugar cookie dough and food coloring, divide the dough into 2 bowls. Next, color one bowl blue and one bowl green.  Finally, let the kids make their own ‘earth.’ Alternatively, make these and have a tray full of earth cookies for your party.

In addition, if your space fan likes these ideas, check out our post on 23+ Dinosaurs Birthday Party Food Ideas for a Jurassic adventure.

space themed food, rocket quesadillas,
Rocketship Quesadillas | Cooking Party Mom

Rocket Party Food

Rocket quesadillas are the star of the show for this theme. Therefore, these are great for cooking parties where each guest can make their own rocket-ship.  If you like the idea of quesadillas, check out our post Quesadillas with Cheese | 14 Creative Ideas.

Outer Space Themed Food

This includes both martian marshmallows and homemade mars bars.

space themed food, marshmallow pops,
Martian Marshmallows | Cooking Party Mom

Martian Marshmallows

How fun are these martian marshmallows?  First, using a lollipop stick, marshmallow, and green candy melts, you can create these fun treats.  Then, dip the marshmallows and add the eyes and let them dry on parchment paper.

space themed food, guacamole and chips,
Extraterrestrial Snacks (Chips & Guacamole) | Cooking Party Mom

Extra-Terrestrial Snacks

Have fun with this snack because the green guacamole is perfect for an adventurous outer space theme. Then, make your own guacamole or buy store bought and serve with chips. 

Space Themed Drinks

Every party needs a great drink feature.

galaxy lemonade, space themed food
Galaxy Lemonade | In the Kids Kitchen

Galaxy Lemonade

This galaxy lemonade will be a hit at the party or space day at school. 

Moon Themed Snacks

Moon cookies, moon pies, and candy that can be called moon rocks are perfect for reaching for the stars.

moon cookies, space themed food, space theme birthday party,
Personalized Moon Cookies | Cooking Party Mom

Personalized Moon Cookies

Make moon shaped sugar cookies, then let kids decorate with royal icing.  We used blue and white royal icing for these.

Chocolate Moon Pies

Chocolate Moon Pies

A simple and easy party food that arrives ready to eat.  By the same token, this party food already has the perfect space themed name.

Pop Rock “Moon Rocks”

Pop Rocks “Moon Rocks”

Yet, another unique item for a memorable party.  Pop rocks!  First, place the pop rock packets on a platter with a sign that says ‘Moon Rocks.’

Next, either give to guests as part of their party favors, or have a ‘rock tasting.’

astronaut, space party food, space themed food,

Astronaut Ice Cream

If you can get your hands on the infamous astronaut ice cream, grab some.  Astronaut food is a dehydrated food and this one features a freeze dried ice cream sandwich with Neapolitan flavored filling (don’t knock it until you try it)! 

That said, it is definitely a novelty item for an unforgettable tasting experience.

Astronaut Ice Cream | Amazon

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Space Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are great for cookies, fondant, and even fruit (for smaller cookie cutters).  In addition, these space themed cookie cutters pair well with the foods listed in the round up above.

Moon Cookie Cutter

Rocket Cookie Cutter

Space Cookie and Fondant Cutters

 Galactic Amazon Finds for Your Party Table

Here are a few table decorations that will be fun additions to the space party themed food.  Even more, I especially love the rocket favor boxes that can start as a decoration and end as a party favor.

Hang a solar system paper lantern display above your party table.

Space Centerpieces

Rocket Favor Boxes

Galaxy Tablecloth

Astronaut Inflatables

A space themed food party is a fun way to have a unique experience.  Also, the space theme lends itself to learning activities, movie pairing, or even celebrating Earth day.  Therefore, the space theme is great for classroom, community activities, and birthday parties.

We hope that you enjoyed reading these ideas.  Additionally, please see similar themes such as Willy Wonka Theme Party Guide and Wonderland Tea Party Guide.

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Space Movie Night Ideas

If you are looking for movie ideas for your space themed food, here is a list of galaxy and space themed movies.

space themed movies,
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Science Themed Birthday Party

These science themed birthday party ideas are a perfect pairing for space themed party fans.

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