Easy Ocean Water Blue Punch Recipe for Kids Party

blue punch recipe for kids

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The perfect addition to your party table is the ocean water blue punch recipe for kids! The blue drink gives all of the ocean and little mermaid vibes that pairs perfectly with your ocean themed party, summer party, or even a baby shower punch. 

The blue color theme is a great way to add that ocean feel to birthday parties.  This wonderful recipe for an ocean themed punch is ideal for hot summer days and one of the best recipes to create at home.

Here are some great ideas for making this blue punch recipe for kids:

blue punch recipe for kids

Simple Blue Punch Recipe for Kids 

The best part about making this simple blue punch recipe for kids is that it is made with just a few simple ingredients.  This recipe really brings the ocean blue theme to life and kids absolutely love it. 

Making a fun themed blue recipe for your ocean themed birthday party is sure to be enjoyed by all of your guests.

Recipe for Blue Punch Ingredients List 

Ocean blue punch is the perfect drink for your ocean themed party or blue themed party.  It is a great way to celebrate for birthday parties, baby showers, or even classroom fun to celebrate the color blue. 

The ingredients for the ocean water punch are simple.  Here is the list of ingredients:

Clear Container

First find the cup or container in which you will be making the punch.  You will want to use a clear container so that you can enjoy the view. 

Nerds Candy

The Nerds make the perfect colorful bottom of the ocean.  The nerds look like coral in the sea or the bottom of a fish tank. 

Ice Cubes

The ice cubes are multi-functional holding the ice cubes in place, cooling the drink, and adding volume to the cup. 

Swedish Fish

You will only need 2 or 3 Swedish fish to add that vibrant red fish swimming in the blue water of the ocean. 

Blue Color

For the blue color, I added blue jello mix.  However, you can use blue food coloring if you want. 

Clear Beverage or Clear Soda

Use a flavored lemon-lime soda to add the bubbly effect. In the pictures, I used a lemon ginger Olipop drink, and it was fantastic. Any clear beverage will work for this, however, the bubbles give a great effect.


Easy Blue Punch Recipe for Kids Birthday Party

How much fun is this easy blue punch recipe for kids! Easy blue punch is sure to be one of your kids new favorite drinks. This drink is a great idea for a child’s birthday party to bring in the ocean theme.

Kids Ocean Blue Party Punch Recipe with Swedish Fish

Busy moms are looking for party food and fun drink ideas with very little prep time.  Well, this is the perfect easy recipe to meet the mark for moms (and kids).  

The kids ocean blue party punch recipe with Swedish fish and Nerds is a great addition to your fun ocean themed party, mermaid party, or beach extravaganza.

Serving Your Easy Blue Punch Recipe for Kids

The most important thing to remember about making this blue punch recipe is that it should be made when you are ready to drink it. 

The reason is because the longer the drink sets, the colors from the candies will start to melt into the liquid.  As the colors melt, they make a mixed color which results in a green swampy color. 

Keeping that important information in mind about timing, let’s figure out how you will be serving the punch. 

If you want to serve the punch from a large punch bowl or large punch dispenser, just keep the blue liquid in those containers.  

You can add the nerds to the bottom of the empty cups, mason jars, or clear glass which will be ready for service time.

Recipe Substitutions for Ocean Blue Punch Drink

Customize your ocean blue punch for your party needs.  It is easy to substitute other ingredients to make a crowd pleasing blue punch for your guests. Here are some items that can be used for the blue “water” liquid in the drink:

  • blue Hawaiian punch
  • ginger ale
  • lemon lime soda
  • sugar free clear soda
  • blue kool aid
  • vanilla ice cream using blue food coloring
  • white grape juice
blue punch recipe for kids
blue punch recipe for kids

Ocean Blue Punch Recipe for Kids

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Course Drinks
Servings 1


  • 1/4 cup Nerds Candy
  • 1 cup Ice
  • 2 each Swedish Fish
  • 1/4 tsp Blue Jello Mix or Blue Food Coloring
  • 1 cup Lemon Ginger Olipop or any clear drink such as lemon-lime soda


  • Layer the bottom of a clear cup with Nerds candy.
  • Add ice to fill cup on top of Nerds candy.
  • On each side of the glass, add a Swedish fish.
  • Add 3-5 drops of blue food coloring or add 1 teaspoon of blue jell-o mix to the ice.
  • Next, add the clear beverage to the cup. The cup liquid should turn to a bubbly blue color.
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