17 Best Ariel Party Food Ideas for Your Little Mermaid

ariel party food ideas

Last updated on May 17th, 2024 at 02:31 am

Get your dinglehoppers ready to eat and have fun with these Ariel party food ideas! 

Get it, Ariel’s fork was she called a dinglehopper… anyway… let’s get to the party details!

The Little Mermaid movie is such a fun mermaid theme party and a big hit with every little girl and her party guests.  Mermaid parties are perfect for birthday parties because you can create fun ideas for mermaid party food ideas and mermaid party decor.  

Create a special mermaid themed party for the following occasions:

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Simple Ariel Party Food Ideas

These mermaid party food ideas are perfect for your mermaid themed birthday party, movie night party, or simply cooking with kids.  Mermaid party food is great for an ocean themed party.  

Moreover, Ariel is one of the most favorite princesses. These sweet treats and fun snack ideas are ideal for your Ariel party food ideas. 

  1. Mermaid Tails
  2. Swedish Fish
  3. Mermaid Cake
  4. Ocean Water Punch
  5. Sea Cucumbers
  6. Sand Dollar Cookies
  7. Muddy Buddies
  8. Goldfish Cracker
  9. Sea Shell Pasta Salad
  10. Cupcake with Ariel Toppers
  11. Fondant Shells
  12. Chocolate Coins
  13. Rice Krispie Treats Mermaid Tails
  14. Sea Dogs aka Hot Dogs
  15. Pirate’s Booty
  16. Seaweed Fruit Tray
  17. Oyster Shell Cookies – White Sixlets

DIY Food Ideas for Little Mermaid Party 

Now that we have the list of Ariel party food ides, let’s go through each food idea in more detail. 

Mermaid Tails 

Making fun mermaid shapes like mermaid tails out of different foods is a fun idea.  One of the easiest ways to make mermaid tails is to get a mermaid cookie cutter and pastel fondant to cut out the shape.  You can use the mermaid tail to decorate cupcakes or cake.  

Swedish Fish

Classic Swedish fish candies are perfect for either setting out in a bowl or adding to other recipes such as the “Ocean Punch.”

Mermaid Cake

There are so many ways that you can make a mermaid cake.  Here are some cute ideas for a DIY mermaid cake:

Mermaid Tail Cupcake Cake

Colorful Purple Mermaid Cake with Vanilla Buttercream

Mermaid Cake with Actual Mermaid Topper

Ocean Water Punch

Creating ocean water punch using a lemon-lime soda is such a fun way to create a colorful ocean themed beverage that kids will love. In addition, blue Hawaiian punch makes it easy to serve as a ready made ocean punch.

ariel party food ideas ocean punch

Sea Cucumbers

Easy to create sea cucumbers by slicing lengthwise cucumbers and adding them to a serving dish.  Add a little sign in front of the cucumbers that say “sea cucumbers.”

Sand Dollar Cookies

When you head to the beach it is always a treasure if you get lucky enough to find a sand dollar.  However, everyone at your party can be lucky when they get to snack on their sand dollar cookies.  Here is a cute recipe for sand dollar cookies. 

Muddy Buddies

One party favorite is a snack mix called muddy buddies.  This party snack is a mix of chex mix with chocolate, sunbutter, and powdered sugar.

Goldfish Cracker

Another easy fish themed item to add to your party table are goldfish crackers.  This crowd-pleasing snack makes the party food table complete.  

Sea Shell Pasta Salad

One of my favorite easy Ariel party food ideas is to make a sea shell pasta salad. The pasta salad is a great compliment to the other party food ideas to create a delicious selection of mermaid themed snacks.

Cupcake with Ariel Toppers

Grab your favorite cupcake flavor and add these cute Ariel toppers for a festive birthday party food to pair with ice cream.


Fondant Shells

Grab a mold of a shell and create fun fondant shells with them.  These shells can be used to decorate cupcakes and cake.  Additionally, the mold can also be used to create white chocolate shells or candy shells as well.

Chocolate Coins

Create a treasure effect with a bowl of chocolate coins. Typically these chocolate coins are wrapped in gold foil which is perfect for that treasure chest feel. 

Rice Krispie Treats Mermaid Tails

Make your traditional rice krispie treat recipe except instead of cutting out squares, cut out mermaid tails with your mermaid tail cookie cutter.

Sea Dogs aka Hot Dogs

One of the best ideas for a sea hot dog is to create an octopus hot dog. Alternatively, you can wrap the hot dogs in crescent rolls and bake them.

Pirate’s Booty

This is an easy individually packed snack that goes perfectly with your ocean themed mermaid party.  Pirates and mermaids are fun to combine into the theme and on of the easiest party ideas. 

Seaweed Fruit Tray

The easiest way to create a seaweed fruit tray is to make your choice of fruit salad and then add grape skewers on the top of it.  The grape skewers include a long skewer with 8 grapes on it. The skewers with the grapes looks like seaweed.

Oyster Shell Cookies

Create these fun cookies by making your favorite wafer cookies or sugar cookie recipe and cutting the cookies into small circles before baking.  Once the cookies are made and cooled, add light blue or ocean colored icing in the between two cookies.  

Allow the cookie to remain open on one side by placing a white sixlets to look like pearls in the middle.

The Ariel Little Mermaid theme is perfect for a pool movie night.

Little Mermaid Food Table Decor for Birthday Parties

When you are creating your mermaid themed food for your dessert table, having a special place for your mermaid birthday cake is essential.  However, you if you are creating your DIY party on a budget, we have found some great options. 

There are so many mermaid decorations for your dessert table and more that you can find for a great deal at the dollar tree.  Alternatively, get them delivered from Amazon.  

Watermelon Mermaid Tail Table Decoration

If you are feeling extra creative during watermelon season, this watermelon mermaid tail is fun to make.  


Shark themed party food items are also great with the sea theme.  Here are Baby Shark Party Ideas.

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