17 Best Baby Shark Snack Ideas For Your Party

baby shark snack ideas

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Shark Snack Attack!!!

You have found the complete list of baby shark snack ideas. These candy cuties and delicious desserts feature everyone’s favorite Baby Shark.

Find 17 Baby Shark snack ideas below along with a variety of occasions to make them.  Moreover, grab some easy snacks, order baked snacks ready-made, or customize your own snacks using the recipes below.

Baby Shark Snack Ideas Occasions

There are many occasions for baby shark snack ideas.  You might think of birthday parties, however, occasions can include a variety of shark themed creative ideas.

Here are some ideas for using this list of baby shark snacks:

Baby Shark Party Food

Of course, the baby shark party food is perfect for your baby shark themed party.

Class Shark Themed Party

When it comes to the classroom, the shark theme snack foods are great for incorporating all of the things that are learned about sharks.  The baby shark theme fits perfectly into a fun birthday snack ideas for school.

Baby Shark Birthday Party Ideas

Time to celebrate the birthdays with a baby shark theme.  Baby shark or shark in general ties in well with ocean themed activities.

Under the Sea Party

There are so many creatures under the sea.  However, the shark-inspired snacks are great for incorporating into the under the sea party.

Ocean Themed Party Food Ideas

Deep in the ocean swims baby sharks!  Add shark themed snack items to the ocean themed party food table for your occasion.

Celebrating Shark Week

Shark Week takes place in July each year.  The Shark Week theme is great for summer camp celebrations.  Grab a few ideas from this page, and plan the best Shark Week party. 

Blue Foods Party

There are many blue food items in themes such as sharks, fish, ocean, and under the sea.  Have a blue foods party to celebrate all blue foods.

What is Baby Shark?

The Baby Shark craze is known for the famous Baby Shark song (yes, I just got that doo doo doo song stuck in your head). Here is a video of the song in which small children have fallen in love.

The baby shark theme is such a great happy and unique theme to enjoy a fun birthday party. 

I know you have that song stuck in your head, but you can think about it as you scroll through all of the baby shark fun ideas below.

There are several items that you can find on Amazon that are grab and go baby shark party snacks. 

Make it simple and get a few of these items for your snack table.  In addition, some of these items (such as the gummy sharks) can be decorative edible editions to any dessert.

baby shark snack ideas

Good2Grow Baby Shark Juice Pack

This fruit juice variety features the baby shark character.  These bottles are spill proof and fun for a party drink.

Baby Shark Macaroni and Cheese

These little Baby Shark macaroni and cheese pasta noodles are such a fun dish to add to a Baby Shark theme meal.

Gummy Shark Candy

These gummy sharks are so versatile for many shark desserts.  We have several recipes listed below that includes these gummy shark candy.

With the fish theme…

Goldfish Crackers

A popular fish snack that is ideal for a baby shark snack.

Swedish Fish Chewy Candy

A fun colorful element to a shark themed party is Swedish Fish.  They can also be used to make some fun dessert toppings.

Trolli Sour Watermelon Sharks

Watermelon sharks are a yummy twist on a traditional gummy candy.

Funables Fruit Snacks Baby Shark Shaped

Unique fruit snacks in a Baby Shark themed shape.

Baby Shark Party Food Ideas on Etsy

Personalized Baby Shark Themed Cookies

Baby Shark themed cookies make a great party favor.

Baby Shark Oreo Chococover

Follow the link to see these beautiful detailed Baby Shark chocolate covered oreos.

Decorative Baby Shark Pretzel Rods

These pretzel rods are a great idea for a party. 

Fun Baby Shark Birthday Party Ideas for Snacks Recipes

Do you like to make themed party food?  These baby shark snack ideas and recipes will have you heading to the grocery store to make them.

Shark themed snacks can be made year round.  Moreover, they are great for many occasions.

Gummy Shark Jello Cups

gummy shark jello cup, baby shark snack ideas
Gummy shark jello cups by Kids Activities Blog.

Jello cups with a shark theme are perfect for a very life-like shark sea life display.

The sprinkles on the rim of the cup are also a great way to create those signature touches for the treat table.

This jello is a refreshing treat for warm weather as well.

Shark Ocean Pudding Cups

baby shark snack ideas
Shark pudding cups by Mommy's Fabulous Finds.

The blue water-like pudding is a simple way to make an ocean in a cup. 

The shark atop the water near the graham cracker crumb beach works perfectly with the baby shark theme.

Easy Shark Cookies

shark cookies, baby shark snack ideas
Easy Shark Cookies by Fun Cookie Recipes.

You might think that the cookies have a shark attack because they will get eaten so quickly. Just look at that shark bite already eaten! 

However, these shark cutie cookies are an easy way to add shark snack ideas to the event table.

If you really want to take the easy road, buying the cookies already made and adding the icing and gummy shark will save so much time.

Blue Shark Ice Cream Floats

shark float, baby shark snack ideas
Blue shark ice cream floats by the the Purple Pumpkin Blog.

The float is made from vanilla ice cream, berry Fanta, and gummy sharks. Making a float is a great activity for a shark party. 

Let everyone make their own floats and watch the magic happen.  This activity is also great for a science themed birthday party. 

Watch the reaction in the cup and the reaction on the face of shark fans alike.

Shark Banana Pudding Cups

shark pudding cup, baby shark snack ideas
Shark banana pudding cups by Drug Store Divas.

Banana pudding is literally one of my favorite treats.  Moreover, one of the best things about this Shark banana pudding is that it is a very unique snack offering.

Create a memorable experience and fun for the whole family with unique snacks.

Watermelon Shark Dessert Table

baby shark snack ideas
Watermelon shark dessert table by Kids Activities Blog.

Such a fun variety of shark themed snacks all on one plate!

The carved watermelon with the shark and his teeth really are a show stopper. 

The pairings of the jello cups and the shark fin cupcakes with shark heads and fins add a festive spin to this fun table.

Beautiful Shark Cookies

baby shark snack ideas
Beautiful Cookies by Mimi's Dollhouse.

These cookies are really beautiful, and they are perfect for your shark themed party. 

These shark cookie cutters on Amazon are great for a variety shark shapes including the fin, head, and whole shark.

Shark Bite Punch

baby shark snack ideas
Shark bite punch by Simplistically Living.

Wow, this punch is a fun drink to go along with a shark theme.  Shark bite punch is made using cherry drink flavor, water, shark gummies or Swedish fish, and Polar blast Hawaiian punch.

Gummy Shark Rice Krispie Treats

Using rice krispie treats cut to fit a popsicle stick, these cutie shark snacks are the perfect party treat.

Using blue candy melts to dip the rice krispie treat will make it easy to add the gummy shark and sprinkles for fun baby shark snack ideas.

Shark-Cuterie Board

Make your own Shark-cuterie board for your shark party.  All shark fans will love this fun and unique shark themed platter of snacks. 

The play on words from charcuterie to “shark-cuterie” is an epic play on the shark theme.  Guests will love the twist of shark-inspired treats on the board. 

Blueberries for water, cheese-shaped fish, cucumber seaweed, and more.

Delicious Baby Shark Party Food Ideas

There is so much more that you can do with the baby shark snack ideas.  When it comes to the fun of the party with shark snacks, keeping it simple and easy is key. 
Check out these easy ocean themed snack ideas for parties:

Related Baby Shark Snack Ideas & Themed Parties

Endless shark themed ideas await!  When it comes to the shark and its friends, there are so many creatures that can pair well for your party.

Along with sharks, adding fish, crabs, oysters, and starfish will include a variety of sea life.

In addition, our ocean themed party ideas can be great for shark, mermaid, Barbie beach party, and under the sea inspired birthday parties.

Discovery awaits as we journey into the ocean – ocean themed snacks, that is!  Check out these 21 Ocean Themed Snacks that will have your mind swimming with great party ideas.

Explore all things under the sea party food ideas and more.  Starting with:

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