7 Amazing DIY Kids Science Birthday Party Ideas

kids science birthday party

Take out your lab coats and be a mad scientist for a day! A kids science birthday party is a great way to celebrate with science experiments. This theme lends itself nicely to plenty of fun science kids activities. Here we have 7 ideas for a super easy science themed birthday party.

The science party ideas below include lots of fun ingredients like baking soda, yeast, and food coloring. Warning, birthday party science experiments can get a little messy. But that’s okay when you are creating memories for a happy birthday.

You won’t need a test tube for these experiments, just lots of fun science experiments. One of the best decoration ideas for a science party is to put some dry ice in a pot. The white smoke from the dry ice gives the complete science lab vibe and so much fun.

Cooking Science Party For Kids

Here are three great ideas for science experiments that involve cooking. The best part about a cooking science party is that you get to eat what you make!

These ideas are also great for classroom learning, cooking schools, and home projects.

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Pizza Dough

Making pizza dough is a really fun way to show kids the reaction of yeast, sugar, and warm water. The first part of the reaction with the yeast is a great time for an educational experience. 

I like to describe it as the yeast eats the sugar and burps (making the bubbles).  Kids love to imagine things like this.  It so fun to see their reaction after watching the yeast “grow” and “burp.”

Lastly, they get to add in the remaining ingredients – here comes the messy part.  That’s okay, that is what the aprons are for!

Get the full recipe for an easy pizza dough here.

Salad Dressing Emulsion

Making a salad dressing is a great way to show the kids science birthday party participants how emulsions are made. Added bonus is that they will have to shake the emulsion. This is super interactive and takes teamwork.

Here’s a recipe for a simple salad dressing emulsion.

I like to use a jar with a tightly sealed lid to shake up the emulsion.

Homemade Ice Cream

Making homemade ice cream is a science experiment that kids will love.  Party guest will be asking when they get to make the ice cream from the start of the party.  

There are a few ways to make the homemade ice cream.

If you make the ziploc bag ice cream, remember this important tip … be sure not to get the salt from the outside of the bag in the ice cream.  If the kids taste salt in the ice cream, it will go straight to the trash can.   I learned that one the hard way. 

After the salt mixed into the ice cream several times at several parties, I changed the menu. 

My recommendation would be to make it in the ice cream maker.

Glow Party Science Experiment Birthday Party

When you take science experiments, chemical reactions, and add glow party to it, you have an epic combination. This is a great idea for all ages.

Light Up Lava Lamps

Lava lamps are very fun to make for any mad science party. This is one of my favorite birthday party ideas because it is relatively easy to make, has simple ingredients, and provides lots of entertainment.

This lava lamp recipe is an easy go-to party activity for awesome entertainment.

It requires only a few ingredients.  Save your empty water bottles for experiments.  It makes it very inexpensive and also when you are done, you can throw it to the trash or recycle.

In addition, the lava lamps call for vegetable oil.  Use the least expensive that you can find. 

Food coloring, baking soda, and vinegar are the remaining ingredients need for making this experiment.

The lava lamp activity pairs well with Galactic Space Party Ideas.

Slimy Science Experiment Party

Homemade slime has been a popular craft amongst kids of all ages. Most people make slime as a solo craft project; however, making slime as party of a slimy science party is a great activity in which parents can help their child.

Create Homemade Slime

Grab the glue because it is time to make the slime.  Check out this easy slime recipe by I Heart Naptime.

kids science birthday party

Skittles Birthday Science Experiments

We are going to be making a rainbow of color using skittles.

Skittles Rainbow Plate

The Skittles experiment is an easy experiment.  In addition, leftover Skittles can be added to the party favor goodie bags.

Mini Volcano Eruptions

These volcano eruptions on one of the best hands-on science experiments. This experiment takes only 2 essential ingredients which are baking soda and white vinegar.  However, in this mini volcano video on Youtube, they also added water, dish soap, and food coloring to make a bigger reaction.

Kids Science Birthday Party Cake Ideas

Decorate the party table to look like the periodic table of elements.  Start with your table cloth and go from there.  Keep the items colorful and in theme.  The elements make a great decoration with colors, shapes, letters, and numbers.

There are additional science party options such as elephant toothpaste, fossil fun party, and rocket launch.

Kids Science Birthday Party Decorations

Don’t forget the decorations – kids science birthday party is fun to decorate.  Include decorative themed items such as periodic table table cloths and test tube bottle glasses with straws.

kids science birthday party, science party decorations,

Regardless of which science activity you select for your party activity, kids will enjoy the hands-on aspect.  Cooking absolutely is hands-on and uses other senses like smell and taste as well.

Glow lava lamps and mini volcanoes show kids real time chemical reactions.

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