100 Epic Halloween Party Name Ideas and Clever Themes

halloween party name ideas

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You want to throw the best Halloween party, but you are looking for Halloween party name ideas? You have stopped at the right place because we have the BEST 100 Halloween party names!  

Not only are these the best even names, but they are also family friendly Halloween party ideas.  As you read through the names, think about how you can customize the themes for your not so scary event. Think about what invitations will pair well with the Halloween event themes.

The hardest part about choosing a good name for your Halloween celebration will be trying to decide between the names – they are all so fun!   One thing that will help choose the best name will be deciding what kind of party you want to have. For example, are you looking for a funny name, best costume party, or scary Halloween party names.

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100 Best Halloween Party Name Ideas

Below you can find the most creative Halloween party names and Halloween title ideas so that you can select the perfect name for your Halloween bash.

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Spooktacular Soiree

A great way to say spooky is fun but not scary! Your halloween-theme party will be so much fun with ghostly decorations. There are many ghost easy DIY decorations.

Haunted House Party

The haunted house theme party has been around for years. The best part about it is that it can be a yearly tradition.

Boo Bash Bonanza

This theme is great for pairing ghostly treats.

Trick-or-Treat Fiesta

This one is super cute and fun! I know your guests will love it. Imagine decorating with treat bags and having tacos at the party dinner.

Creepy Carnival Celebration

The carnival theme along with the word “creepy” is a great way to steer clear of a truly scary theme.

Pumpkin Palooza

If your guests are sensitive to Halloween theme but like to have a fun get together, name your party Pumpkin Palooza. This makes the party more versatile and not limited to Halloween theme food and decorations.

Witches and Wizards Wonderland

Combine the Halloween party themes of witches and wizards for a magical party.  This combination works well to include more of a variety of costume ideas.

Monster Mash-Up

Did you immediately start singing it? The Monster Mash song. Decorations can include characters from the movie Monsters Inc. in addition to multiple monster characters to let have the best little monsters mash.

Costume Carnival

Since it’s Halloween, of course there is a reason for costumes! The carnival theme can be a fun way to take the scary out of the theme. However, the carnival decorations will be such a festive touch. Guests can participate in a costume contest.

Ghoulish Gala

Fun idea for a girls party “ghoulish.” You can let the ‘ ghoul times roll ‘ with this theme.

halloween party name ideas, halloween party theme ideas

Enchanted Halloween Hullabaloo

First of all, not many people use the word hullabaloo. So this one is on the creative and unique side of Halloween event name ideas. The word enchanted makes people get the princess vibe. Therefore, this party can be for costumes including princes and princesses.

Fang-tastic Family Fest

Watch out vampires! Imagine the party invitation with fangs. Be sure to have plenty of fangs for party favors.

Candy Corn Carnival

The colors of candy corn – orange, yellow, and white – lend themselves nicely to a beautiful fall theme. Thre are so many food ideas for a candy corn theme.

Not-So-Scary Spectacular

This theme reminds me of a popular party at Disney.

Mystical Masquerade

This party is a cute Halloween party name idea for a costume party that includes masks.

Spine-tingling Soiree

Oh doesn’t this one give you the ‘goosebumps?’

Mummy’s Masquerade Ball

A traditional Halloween theme including mummies makes an easy party for decorating and food ideas. What a fun idea for mummy’s Halloween party!

Bewitching Ballroom Bash

These clever Halloween party name ideas is great for fancy dresses and suits. So hit the dance floor and party till you drop!

Ghostly Gathering

This is one of the cutest Halloween party name ideas. Ghostly Gathering is such a welcoming theme. Share ghost stories as an activity at the party.

Haunt ‘n Seek Party

This is a super Haunt ‘n Seek instead of hide and seek! Create this party with fun Halloween inspired games.

Eerie Elegance Extravaganza

Create a party that is creepy yet formal. Use candelabras and electric candles on fancy tablecloths. Add accents to the table using fake spiders and webs.

Frightful Fairytale Fiesta

All of your fairy-tale characters can join in Halloween fun.

Pumpkin Patch Party

Oldie but goodie – Pumpkin Patch Party is always a favorite. Get your pumpkins and have a pumpkin painting party.

Costume Carousel Carnival

As you can see, the carnival theme is very versatile and a great party theme that lends itself to great ideas for food, decorations, and costumes.

Wickedly Wonderful Whirl

The wicked part of this name is great if you want to include the witch theme. A witch hat is an easy decoration and usually relatively affordable. Just don’t have the party at the “witching hour.”

Cauldron Tea Party

This party theme is a unique way to have a tea party. Here are 11 best Halloween tea party ideas.

Twilight Trickery

The twilight theme is a great for teens.

Midnight Magic Masquerade

The midnight part of the theme is more for an adult theme. Alternatively, leave the word Midnight off, and make the name Magic Masquerade.

Spooky Storytelling Soiree

Choose your favorite Halloween themed books and use them to decorate your party.

halloween party name ideas

Haunted Hayride Hangout

A hayride is a great theme for a Halloween party. Host this party on the back porch and decorate with bales of hay. So fun!

Enchanted Forest Frolic

Decorate using your friendly forest decorations.

Ghostly Garden Gathering

Gather in the backyard garden to host this Ghostly Garden Gathering.

Monster Mystery Mansion

“Who dunnit?” Host a mystery dinner with this Monster Mystery Mansion theme.

Boo-tiful Ball

Invite your guests to a Boo-tiful Ball. Here’s an idea – have everyone wear white clothing and dresses for the ghost theme.

Pumpkin Picnic

The Pumpkin Picnic is ideal for a family friendly or class friendly fall themed picnic or party,

Wacky Witchcraft Workshop

Create unique crafts at your Wacky Witchcraft Workshop.

Candyland Cauldron Party

Combine the Candyland game theme with your Halloween theme. This is a great way to make a light-hearted colorful not so scary party.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Party

Just like Charlie Brown says, it’s the great pumpkin. This pumpkin themed party is perfect for combining the Charlie Brown movie with the Halloween theme. Moreover, have a movie watching party.

Costume Couture

A Fall fashion show showcasing your favorite fall colors.

Goblins & Giggles Gala

This is one of my favorite Halloween party name ideas. Your guest will be smiling ear to ear when they get invited to a Goblins & Giggles Gala.

Shrek Fairytale Frollick

Wear your best Shrek gear and enjoy the party.

Vampire’s Vendetta

A cape and fangs are party essentials for the Vampire’s Vendetta.

Mystifying Masquerade

This masquerade theme is great for a masquerade party any time of the year.

Harvest Moon Howl

The howling werewolves will love this fall theme.

Witch’s Brew Bash

This theme would be great for a tea party as well.

Eerie Extravaganza

General Halloween fun decorations are great for this party. Just a little bit eerie but a fun extravaganza.

Trick-or-Treat Trail

This theme would be great with a homemade Halloween trail mix for a party favor.

Phantom’s Fancy Feast

The Phantom of the Opera theme featuring the famous mask and candelabras are a fun way to create this party theme.

Costume Quest Carnival

Adventurers await! What kind of adventure or quest will your party guests be able to play? Maybe an Indiana Jones style quest. If you have teenagers, an Indiana Jones themed escape room adventure would be fun.

Not-So-Haunted House Party

Lots of happy faces and happy characters are featured in this party theme.

Pumpkin Painting Pallooza

Kids love to paint pumpkins at Halloween time or for a general fall activity.

Zombie Zone Zest

Be sure to have zombie zone signs ready for display.

Skeleton Spectacle

This skeleton vegetable tray will be a fun centerpiece for your Skeleton party.

halloween party name ideas, vegetable skeleton

Bewitched Bonfire Bash

In the fall, many people have bonfires for their evening activity.

Frighteningly Fun Fair

Have a fun gathering with a twist for Halloween.

Ghostly Game Night

For a fun activity, have a ghostly game night. Play a ghost themed game like this one on Amazon.

Creepy Costume Cabaret

Turn on the creepy music and have a costume cabaret.

Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of your favorite Halloween themed items and have a Spooky Scavenger Hunt.

Monster Mini-Golf Madness

Have a glow in the dark mini-golf competition.

Witches’ Whimsical Wonderland

A blend of witches and Alice in Wonderland theme.

Mysterious Mansion Masquerade

A mystery dinner in masquerade is a fun way to add an element of surprise to your party.

Boo-Boo Bike Ride

Get a group together for a biking adventure. Everyone can wear their boo-tiful costumes.

Boo-tastic Backyard Bash

Have a barbecue in the backyard and celebrate gathering with family and friends.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Gather several pumpkins and have a pumpkin decorating contest.

Candy Cornucopia

Display a candy charcuterie table.

Eerie Escape Room Extravaganza

Plan an escape room adventure with an eerie twist.

Creepy Crafts & Cookies

Perfect for small groups to get creative.

Goblin Gala Gathering

Get the goblins and gather all of your favorite Halloween treats.

Enchanted Evening Elegance

A princess themed party – think Cinderella style.

Frightfully Fun Festival

Engage with your guests in this frightfully fun festival.

Costume Castle Carnival

Kings and queens alike will love this castle carnival.

Wacky Wizardry Workshop

Create a workshop of wacky activities and crafts.

Magic Corn Maze

Create a corn maze or a mock corn maze in the back yard using bamboo and greenery.

Frankenstein Feast

Host a Frankenstein Feast with an unforgettable themed dinner.

The Munsters Mash

Just like the famous show the Munsters, create your own munster mash theme.

Hotel Transylvania Party

Gather friends for a movie night featuring Hotel Transylvania.

Spooktacular Science Party

From dry-ice in a cauldron to jumping beans, science is a fun way to have an non-scary gathering.

Bewitching Broom Dance Party

Create your own witch dance and make a Tik-Tok.

Ghostly Game Show

Host your own game show with ghostly questions.

Pumpkin Patch Parade

Have guests dress in their favorite pumpkin gear and march in their own parade.

Halloween Howl

All of the werewolves will be out for the Halloween Howl.

Glenda the Good Witch Party

This not so scary witch Glenda from the Wizard of Oz is a friendly way to have a witch theme.

Mummy Mayhem

Gather all of the mummy gear and bandage decorations for the Mummy Mayhem party.

Costume Crafting Party

Make homemade costumes together for this unique theme.

Creepy Crawly Creatures

The theme of this party includes spiders, snakes, and bugs. Ant on a log would be fun to make at this party.

Candy Cauldron

Hand out mini-cauldrons to decorate and add candy to the creations.

Uncle Festers’ Fancy Party

Featuring the character Uncle Fester from the Addam’s Family.

Addam’s Family Fest

Have an Addam’s Family Fest with your friends and create a fun theme for Halloween.

Haunted Mansion Movie

Create a movie night theme with the Haunted Mansion movie.  Decorate your food table with the Haunted Mansion Food Ideas.

Ghost Desserts and Pumpkin Treats

Cook with friends to create ghost themed desserts and pumpkin themed treats.

Witch’s Workshop Wonderland

Have a craft party with friends using this theme.

Phantom’s Photo Frenzy

Create a Phantom of the Opera photo booth and have a fun photo shoot.

Pumpkin Picking Party

Reserve a group spot at a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins together.

Monster Masterpiece Masquerade

A fall or Halloween art party is a unique idea for Halloween parties.

Vampire Vacation

A vampire on vacation is one of the most unique Halloween event names. The costumes will be really funny with the fangs and the floral Hawaiian vacation shirts.

Spooky Pajama Party

Wear your Halloween P.J.’s and join in the fun.

Harry Potter Party

Create your own Harry Potter themed party for a Halloween gathering.

Thriller Dance Party

Using the song Thriller, teach party guests the Thriller dance and perform together.

Freaky Fun Chopped Competition

Gather your group into teams and give them a Chopped theme basket of random Fall flavored items to create their own dish.

Pumpkin Palate Pleasures

Have all pumpkin themed food items for guests to try.

Did you find some good Halloween party names? From friendly ghost to spider webs, you can create an epic spooky soiree.

Funny Halloween Party Names

A great way to get into the spirit of Halloween is through humor.

Some may find these corny, some may find themselves giggling about these. However, it’s all in fun when it comes to Halloween themed food names.

  • Vampire Vacation
  • Zombie Zone Zest

School Halloween Party Names

Looking through the name suggestions above, the following would be great for school parties:

  • Pumpkin Pallooza
  • Costume Carnival
  • Candy Corn Carnival
  • Pumpkin Patch Party
  • Enchanted Forest Frollick
  • Pumpkin Picnic
  • Pumpkin Patch Parade

Pumpkin Party Names

  • Pumpkin Pallooza
  • Pumpkin Patch Party
  • Pumpkin Picnic
  • Pumpkin Palate Pleasures
  • Pumpkin Decorating Party
  • Pumpkin Picking Party

Fall Themed Party Names

  • Harvest Moon Howl
  • Candy Cornucopia


Creative Halloween Names

  • Costume Crafting Party
  • Candy Cauldron
  • Witch’s Workshop Wonderland
  • Creepy Crafts and Cookies

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