10 Best Murder Mystery Party for Teen Dinner Parties

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Murder Mystery Party for teen Ideas

Do you have trouble finding fun ideas for teens? It gets really challenging as kids hit the teenage years to find exciting ideas to entertain them.  That’s why we have put together murder mystery party ideas for teens.  

Planning a murder mystery party for teen around a dinner party is a great way to have dinner time entertainment while also challenging guests to solve the mystery games. 

An interactive murder mystery game is not only fun for teenage girls but also an interesting challenge for teenage boys and older teens as well. 

Teen Mystery Party

The murder mystery theme makes some of us think of the game of Clue.  Remember the secret clues, the colonel with the candlestick in the dining room, etc? 

I will never forget how much fun I had playing that board game with my friends growing up.  

Similarly, the murder mystery party games are like the board game except it is more interactive and much more lively fun for teens.  For a full list of teen parties, check out this complete list of ultimate party themes for teens.

Murder Mystery Games for Teens and Tweens

Murder mystery parties for teens are fun for many occasions such as the following; 

Murder Mystery Birthday Party 

When kids get into the teenage years, it is often difficult to find birthday party ideas that may interest them.  The mystery and teamwork aspect of the party can be something unique that will entice the interest of your teen and their friends.  

Teen and Tween Mystery Party

It doesn’t have to be a birthday or special occasion to have a murder mystery theme party.  

Team Building Parties for Teens

A skill that does not get much practice for teens is team building.  In addition, this can also be a great party idea for adult team building skills. 

Holiday Workshop Mystery Games for Teens

Some people may opt for a holiday workshop when school is out to keep teens busy while using their problem-solving skills.

Fundraising Mystery Games for High School 

Schools are always looking for creative ways to raise funds for school trips or the cost of new costumes for the drama team.  Hosting a murder mystery theme dinner can be a higher ticket item with limited space to use for a fundraiser for teens.      

Murder mystery parties are fun to plan, however, the main part that you will need to know first is how many guests and who will be at the party.  The party will have to have a maximum attendance level due to the number of parts and participants designated for the game.  

murder mystery party for teen

Why a Murder Mystery Party for teen?

The party can be a murder mystery or non-murder mystery party.  You can choose the version of the game that suits your audience best.  The mystery aspect of the game will gain interest of the teens and test their detective skills.  

By using their detective skills, they are essentially problem solving.  There are ready-made boxed sets of the game or you can design your own.  Either way, all guests can find their “inner Sherlock Holmes” to test their skills.

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Essentials for the Teen Mystery Party

For all versions of the game, you will need the following items:

Character Cards

Descriptions for each of the characters in the mystery.

Name Tags

All guests can have their assigned name on their tag.  

Suspect Sheets

Each guest will have their own suspect sheet to keep track of who they think is the suspect.

Costume Suggestions

Costume ideas and suggestions are great to add to the elements of the game.  Send these out ahead of time so that guests can be prepared. 

Food to Go Along with the Theme

The food is just as important as the entertainment. 

Photo Opportunities

This party is one for the books … the photo books, that is!  You will want to create an opportunity for taking some great selfies and photos of all guests. 


You may even want to consider awarding the chief detective with a trophy.  The trophy can say something like “The Sherlock Holmes Award.” 

10 Teen Murder Mystery Dinner Ideas

We’ve curated a list of 10 teen murder mystery dinner ideas that are ideal for creating a party at home.  If you have a larger group, think about having outside of the home at a small community center.  

Alternatively, if this is for a school event, have the murder mystery party for teen at school or even where they may be a stage to act out some of the scenes. 

#1   Roaring 20’s Murder Mystery at the Theater

This is a 1920’s themed game that can be played for a murder mystery dinner for teens.  Teens can dress the part of the fancy 1920’s dinner attire to attend.  Decorate in the roaring 20’s theme with a black and gold backdrop and garland.  The game comes with character cards, instructions, and alternative endings so it can be used multiple times. 

Dinner Ideas:

Serve a 1920’s themed meal for the party with items such as the following: 

  • Oyster Rockefeller
  • Waldorf Salad
  • Tea Sandwiches
  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake
  • Baby Ruth Bars 

Find more ideas for roaring 20’s themed meals.

#2  Disco Dance Mystery

There is nothing like the 1970’s theme. Combined with a murder mystery dinner on the disco floor, this one will grab your teen’s attention.  This game will be one that you can combine some great disco music along with it since it is the disco dance floor.  Have guests arrive with their favorite 70’s clothes and accessories.  

Dinner Ideas: 

Serve a 1970’s themed meal for the party with items such as the following;

  • Pineapple Chicken
  • Quiche
  • Cheese Balls
  • Carrot Cake
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Watergate Salad

Recipe ideas from the Kitchn.

#3   Mystery on the Orient Express

The night train will have a mystery of the 1930’s.  The Orient Express Mystery on the Train is a unique style of murder mystery party for teens.  These dinners can not only give teens experience with solving mysteries but also give them a history lesson as well.  The 1930’s were the Great Depression years.  The dinner with the theme meal will show what meals many people ate during those times.

Dinner Ideas:
  • Meat and Potato Patties
  • Navy Bean Soup
  • Bread and Butter Pickles
  • Surprise Spice Cake
  • Baked Apple Pudding

Find more Depression Era recipes.

‘sFind the 80’s Mall Murder Madness game on Amazon.

#4 80’s Mall Murder Mystery

Bring in the 80’s theme into the mystery game with this Mall murder mystery.  The mystery involves a case with a business man’s newly opened mall.  

The game is for ages 13 and up and is a unique team building experience.  Guests can wear attire in the theme of the 80’s.  

Some benefits of this murder mystery game are better communication, boosts creativity, increases coordination and teamwork, improves problems solving skills, and creates a memorable experience. 

Dinner Ideas:

Dinner can be centered around the food at the mall food court.  Food court items are usually fast-food style which can lend to an easy order in pizza if that suits the group best. 

#5 Murder of Archibald Grim

This murder mystery theme involves a castle themed setting.  The story of Archibald Grim is that he was a coldhearted miser who despised everyone in his town.  The mystery revolves around Grim’s character.  

This game is available as an instant download with a printable file.  It also has printable invitations as well. The castle setting is great for a dress code of royalty type of attire for the dinner party.  

Dinner Ideas:

Host this mystery dinner as a royal tea with a castle setting.  Set the table with tea party snack ideas such as cookies and tea sandwiches.  Serve tea with a tea kettle.

We have a complete Tea Party Checklist that you will find useful for planning the tea party aspect. 

murder mystery party for teen
murder mystery party for teen

#6  Stratford Castle Murder Mystery

Similar to the theme of Archibald Grim, the Stratford Castle Murder Mystery is set in the castle. 

Guests are encouraged to wear their favorite royal attire.  Think about having guests crowns and tiaras when they arrive to really get into the theme.  

A royal menu is perfect for this one as well.  This party could also be part of a series of parties with a castle theme. If your guests enjoyed one castle theme, they will likely be ready to enjoy another one. 

house of groove, murder mystery party for teen

#7 House of Groove

House of a Groove is another 70’s theme murder mystery game that is ideal for a large group of teens.  The game can accommodate up to 26 people.

This large group theme can be great for team building.  Guests can help each other solve the mystery and have a great bond with their fellow teen friends. 

murder mystery party for teen

#8 Anonville Manor Mystery Party 

Let’s say you have a group of teenagers that are very good at solving puzzles and crime mystery games.  If this is the case, you might need a more challenging game.  

Anonville Manor Mystery Party is an advanced mystery. This mystery is not for the novice detective as it will really require super detective skills. Your adventure is sure to be a great time with this game.

#9 Escape Room Style Mystery

If your teens like escape rooms, set up a mystery party that can be similar to an escape room. You can set up your own or get an Escape Room in a Box.  This kit features real locks, paper puzzles, and physical puzzles. 

Many teens have become familiar with escape rooms and how to use their problem-solving skills to escape to the next level.  However, many teens may not have done this type of at home version.  

Grab some easy appetizers to graze while solving the mystery and finding clues.

#10  Play the Game of Clue

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, the game of Clue is a core game that seemed to start the mystery game phenomenon.  

Why not bring back the game of Clue?  However, change it up to live characters instead of just the board game.  Include live props such as a candlestick or a rope.

Assign guests with names such as Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, and Professor Plum.  

Label the rooms of your home with names such as the Ballroom, the Billiard Room, and the Conservatory.  

I hope you have enjoyed the ideas for murder mysteries.  

Whether you are having a murder mystery dinner party for birthday celebrations or just for the fun of it, you are sure to create a memorable experience for teens. 

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