31 Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Party Ideas

fantasy football draft party ideas

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Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Party Ideas

It’s almost time for the big game, but first, it’s time for fantasy football draft party ideas! 

In the United States, when it comes to football season, families and friends gather around to have a little friendly competition. 

Many friends who live near and far get ready to make their team selections for their fantasy football league.  In this post, you will find ways to have the ultimate fantasy football draft party that is not only family friendly but also friend-friendly as well!

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What is a Fantasy Football League and Draft Party?

In short, a fantasy football league is an online activity where members can join a free league or start a free league of their own.  Players for your fantasy team are selected in rounds.  Moreover, everyone wants the first pick!  

Members can watch live highlights, and “trash talk”’ their opponents – all in good fun, of course. Everyone wants to call their fantasy football team the best in the whole league. Learn more on NFL Fantasy

A fantasy draft party is a way for fans to participate in their own selection to make their favorite NFL team of their own. The fantasy football party is made of several key elements:  good food, draft picks, favorite teams, a draft board, and football decorations.  

According to Statista, up to 50.4 million played fantasy sports in the United States in 2022.  

fantasy football draft party ideas

The number 1 Item You will Need For the Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Party ideas

Now that we’ve covered a little about the fantasy football aspect of it, it’s time to set up the perfect “play” for our fantasy football draft party ideas! 

#1 Get Ready to Pick Teams with a Big Draft Board

The epic draft board fantasy draft party highlight.

The draft board is the highlight and main star of the show where everyone will be ready to make their top picks as soon as they see it. 

A draft board can be made at home or it can be ordered on Amazon. The board is great for a live draft. 

If you have some guests who are joining virtually, they can still participate in the live draft as well. 

An extra large draft board includes 14 teams and 600+ player labels and 20 rounds. 

#2 Assign a Fantasy Football Commissioner

The commissioner will be the king of the party.  Not really an official role but this can be a fun element.  

Designate the Commissioner with their own T-shirt.

#3 Display a Trophy for All to Desire

Showcasing a trophy will have all talking about the end of the season before it begins.  All of the draft players will have a little friendly competition for both the trophy and the bragging rights. 

Who will be the next trophy owner?

#4  Have Plenty of Penalty Flags Available

The penalty flags are all in fun between league members and mates.  When someone says “time’s up” for choosing your draft team, the penalty flag gets thrown.  Make up some fun rules of your own with it as well. 

#5  Decorate with a Football Field Table Runner

Make your table take on the look of the field.  Before placing all of those tasty and delicious foods, place a green “field” on the table to make a standout grazing table. 

#6  Place Chalkboards and Chalk Near the Table for Creating Football Plays of Your Own

Draw your own x’s and o’s on the board to have your own coach’s play design.  In addition, use these for decoration or for friendly fun. 

If you are like me and need some help drawing football plays, you can find some quick examples. Here’s a quick video on how to draw football plays.

#7 Time for a Touchdown Sign

Decorate with banners displaying the touchdown zone. 

Tailgates, Touchdowns, & Traditions: Perfect for all of your football fan season traditions.

#8  Touchdown Dance Time

Create a spot in the room where the touchdown dances take place.  Show everyone your best touchdown dance. If there are kids at your draft party, they will probably be the first ones to show off their moves!   

#9  Post Signs with Football Terms That Every Football Fan Should Know

A few ideas for football terms:
Instant Replay
Hail Mary Pass
Point Spread
Red Zone
Or Itttttt’s Gooooooood!

#10 Famous Inspirational Football Quotes Sign

Either add quotes to the chalkboards or make printed signs with inspirational football quotes. 

For example, this quote would work well: 

“Everyday is an opportunity disguised as a challenge.” – Tiki Barber

Or this one:

“Good things come to those who work!” – Greg Dortch

I found these quotes on Southern Living.

#11  Inflatable Goal Post Cooler 

This might just be the talk of the party.  The inflatable goal post cooler not only functions as a decorative goal post, but it also functions as a cooler for your beverages.  Now that’s a touchdown right there. 

#12  Large Inflatable Football on a Tee Display

Use a large football display as an entry way decoration so that everybody knows they have just arrived at the ultimate fantasy football draft party. 

fantasy football draft party

#13 Photo Props for a Fantasy Football Draft Photo Booth

Using some of the football terms and quotes, create your own fantasy football draft photo booth.  Guests and league mates will be able to create epic memory photos before the season begins.  

#14 Football Tableware to Dress the Table

Every football party needs the tableware to go along with the decor.  Themed football plates or even football themed colors of “field green” and “football brown” match the table theme just right.

#15 Chip and Dip Serving Dishes in a Football Theme

You can find some great serving dishes on Amazon that feature football decorated designs.

#16 Football-Shaped Grazing Board Display

This football grazing board can be used as a hanging display, a grazing board used for snacking, or given as a prize to a lucky winner at your party. 

fantasy football draft party

#17 Paper Trays Large Plates Food Boats Football and Field

The good thing about paper food boats is that they are perfect for walking or standing while talking with a plate in hand.  The sides have raised edges so that the chips won’t hit the floor!

We have gotten to the part that everyone loves to talk about … the FOOD!  The fantasy football draft party menu is a great way to have fun with your table display.  You can add your own names to the food items in a football theme. 

The delicious food that many people enjoy during fantasy football draft parties is similar to the food that people enjoy for regular game watching as well as tailgating. 

These football paper food boats are so festive and decorative.

fantasy football draft party ideas

Here are a few Fantasy Football Draft Party ideas for your menu

#18  Football Shaped Spinach Dip Breadsticks

football shaped breadsticks, fantasy football draft party
Such a great dish featuring spinach dip breadsticks to tie into the football theme. Recipe by It's Always Autumn.

#19 Ice cream Football Sandwiches

ice cream football sandwiches
Very easy idea for making football themed ice cream sandwiches. Add a stick and icing to create a unique cool treat. Football Ice Cream Sandwiches by She Saved.

#20 Soft Pretzels and Dip 

There’s something about game time and soft pretzels that brings the feeling of watching sports.  You can usually find frozen soft pretzels in a box with typically 6 pretzels per box.  These are easy to heat and serve.  Serve your favorite cheese dipping sauce with it. 

#21 Party Trail Mix

Trail Mix is a simple item to put together for a party.  Not only is it easy but it is also a crowd pleasing snack.  You can find a lot of trail mix recipes using Chex Mix or grab your favorite cereal to combine with nuts, dried fruit, pretzels, and M&M’s. 

#22 Simple Sandwich Tray

A simple grab and go sandwich tray is always welcomed at any fantasy football draft party or tailgating party as well. Either purchase a pre-made sandwich tray or make your own using your favorite deli meats and cheeses.

#23 Grazing Board for Snacking

The best “game talk” is usually done around the snack table.  That is what makes a grazing board ideal for your fantasy football draft party.  

What kinds of things go on a grazing board?

A grazing board can include almost any finger food meant for snacking.  

Here are a few ideas of items that go well on a grazing board:  

  • Cheese Cubes

  • Snacking Almonds

  • Deli Meat Cubed

  • Fresh fruit slices like apples or pears

  • Accompaniments like jellies or honey

#24 Field-Shaped Guacamole and Chips

The green guacamole goes perfect with the theme of the party similar to the football field.  

Here are a few examples of creating a “field” using guacamole:

football guacamole, fantasy football draft party ideas
The guacamole plus a football made of refried beans makes an exciting food display. Guest will want to dig right into this football themed guacamole. Recipe by Crayons and Cravings.

#25 Football-Shaped Cheese Ball

A cheese ball can be easily made into an “edible football” shape!  This creamy dip goes well with crackers and veggies.  This is one of my favorite fantasy football draft party ideas for food.

Here is an example of a football-shaped cheese ball:

football cheese ball, fantasy football draft party ideas
Not just a cheese ball but also a football! This unique food dsiplay is ideal for a football snack table at your fantasy football draft party. Recipe by Valerie Bertinelli.

#26 Soar the Football Throws with Wings 

Baked or fried chicken wings have become an unofficial football watching food.  Whether you are having a fantasy football draft party or a tailgating party, wings are most likely to be a must-have for football fans. 

#27 Gather Around the Grill: BBQ Hamburgers and Hotdogs

Many people love to barbecue and grill hamburgers and hotdogs.  After the outdoor grilling, let the draft picking begin! 

#28 Winning Vegetable Platter and Ranch Dressing

Balance out those sweet and savory foods with a vegetable platter with ranch dressing. The veggie platter can be store bought or homemade. 

#29 Must-Have Football Cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcakes with icing topped with toothpick flags are a simple and unique display on the football snack table. These are classic! 

fantasy football draft party ideas
Football fans will love a cupcake display. You will love this as well because they are so easy to make. Simple vanilla cupcakes topped with decorative football toothpicks.

#30 Fan Favorite Football Brownies

A classic pan of baked brownies makes can be cut into football shapes for the table.  First, you have the brownies as the color of the football.  Then, add icing in the shape of the football lines. 

#31 Snickers Minis for Dessert

Mini snickers on the dessert table is an easy sweet treat that your football fans will enjoy. 

This list did not include pizza, however that is always an easy option for your party.  If you go with pizza, here are a 18 Appetizers to go with Pizza.

appetizers for pizza party,

It’s Time to Start Picking

Now it’s time to get this fantasy football draft party started.  Let’s get the friends gathered and great draft party food for an amazing time creating memories over who has the best team and team names versus who has the worst team.  Creating your epic fantasy football party will have everyone talking each football season.

I hope you found some great ideas to use for your fantasy football party.  Thank you for stopping by Cooking Party Mom!

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