25 Best Ideas Taylor Swift Theme Birthday Party Guide

taylor swift theme birthday party

Last updated on December 3rd, 2023 at 03:22 pm

Taylor Swift Theme Birthday Party Idea Guide

Time to “Shake It Off” into an exciting Taylor Swift theme birthday party.  Taylor Swift has definitely taken her musical talents as well as her trademark fashion and photos to the next level.

With a unique and fun twist in pop culture, Taylor has become an influential person.  From red lipstick to Polaroid pictures, she just has a way of making these things look cool!

In this post, you will find 25 ideas for Taylor themed everything.  You will learn about some Taylor’s favorite things from her interview with Vogue, 73 Questions with Taylor Swift. Of course, only the things that are most applicable to party food and decor theme. 

You will also find a curated list of common items that T Swift has made her signature such as heart sunglasses.

Finally, you can create almost anything Taylor themed with her signature most popular song titles.  Moreover, use the list for an easy go-to playlist for your party. 

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Getting Started with Your Swiftie Party: A Taylor Swift theme Birthday Party Checklist

Here is a complete list of all things Taylor themed for your Taylor Swift theme birthday party.  We will break each thing down step by step on how you can incorporate all things Taylor for your party.

Taylor’s Favorite Things:

1. Coffee
2. Cheeseburgers and Fries
3. The show Friends
4. Cake from Milk Bar
5. The movie Love Actually
6. Cats
7. Grammy Awards

Taylor Themed Items:

8. VIP Concert Passes
9. Red Lipstick
10. Heart-shaped
11. Sunglasses
12. Old Polaroid Camera
13. Polaroid Photos
14. Converse Chuck Taylors (Tennis Shoes)
15. T.S. 1989
16. Microphone

Taylor’s Most Recognizable Songs:

17. Shake It Off
18. Welcome to New York
19. Love Story
20. 22
21. Wildest Dreams
22. Ready For It
23. Bad Blood
24. Style
25. Blank Space

Now that we have a complete checklist of all things Taylor themed, we can get started with picking out the party food, decorations, favors, and activities.

Everything You Need for a Taylor Swift Theme Party

Let’s get the party planning started with some great Taylor themed items for each of the following categories:

#1 Invitations – First, you will need Taylor themed invitations.  We have some examples for you that we found on Etsy below.

#2 Food – One of Taylor’s favorite drinks is coffee.  Depending on the age group of your guests and the time of day of the party, you may want to look at some either decaf options or serve drinks in a coffee cup.  Maybe even make smoothies and serve in ‘coffee’ style cups.

In addition, food ideas might consist of mini-cheeseburger appetizers, cat shaped cookies, and cupcakes with T.Swift party picks.

#3 Decorations – First, be sure to have all of the guests have a grand entrance sporting their V.I.P. concert passes.  In addition, more decorations can include polaroid camera, Grammy awards, and pictures of cats.

#4 Party Favors – Taylor Swift party favors can range from the heart shaped sunglasses to pictures from a Polaroid photo booth.

#5 Activities – As mentioned in the party favors, a celebrity photo booth is always a great option.  Be sure to include photo props.

T Swift Party Invitations

#1 Taylor Swift Invitations

Make party planning simple with downloadable party templates.  Your party guests will love Taylor Swift themed invitations featuring elements of her hit songs and tours.

Taylor Swift Era Birthday Invitation
These Taylor Swift Era Birthday Invitations by Bash Design Shop on Etsy are adorable. It's a digital download that can be customized, printed, and downloaded to share.
Taylor Swift party invitation
Another great downloadable creation on Etsy by Tiffanis Templates.

Party Menu for Your Taylor Swift Party

#2  Taylor Themed Birthday Party Menu

Your Taylor Swift theme menu can be captured with snacks and treats from Taylor’s favorite things.  However, give the items your own unique twist to make them what you like as well.  You can always choose decorative items for the table and area using the theme as well.
For the food table, here are a few ideas:


  • Mini Cheeseburgers
  • Coffee/Coffee Cups
  • Central Perk Jar filled with heart and lip shaped candies
  • Cat Cookies
  • Cupcakes with Taylor Picks

Mini Cheeseburgers

One of Taylor’s favorite comfort foods is cheeseburgers.

mini cheeseburgers
Taylor's love for cheeseburgers inspired this menu choice. Making these mini cheeseburgers can be a fun smaller bite for the party.


In Taylor’s Vogue interview, she said coffee is her favorite drink.  Grab some coffee cups and fill them with your favorite beverage.

Coffee cups for a special drink for your party.

Central Perk Jar filled with Hearts or Red Lips

The show Friends is Taylor’s favorite television show.  In addition, adding the hearts and red lips candies can give that extra signature look.

Taylor likes the show Friends.  Take this Central Perk jar and fill it with candies.

Hearts and Lips Gummy Candy, Strawberry and Bubblegum Flavors – These will be so cute in the Central Perk jar.

Cat Cookies

Swift’s favorite animal is cats.  In fact, she can name a variety of cat breeds off the top of her head.  Moreover, it is so fitting to have cat themed cookies at your party. The cookies below were found on Etsy.

cat cookies
Inspired by Taylor's love of cats, these cat cookies make a great food table item or favor gift.

Cupcakes with Taylor Picks

Make your cupcakes memorable with these cupcake picks.

taylor swift cupcake picks
Using your favorite cupcake selection, add these Taylor Swift picks to them to instantly turn them into themed cupcakes.

Taylor Swift Party Decoration and Photo Booth Ideas

#3 Decorations for Your Taylor Swift Theme Birthday Party

Your Taylor Swift decor will all come together when you create a photo booth.  A photo booth is a fantastic way to preserve the memories of the party and create some great Taylor-inspired moments.

taylor swift decoration and photo booth

Decorations for your Taylor Swift party are going to be so fun and easy.  Start by creating a photo backdrop or a photo booth. 

Grab some red metallic fringe curtains for back drop. Then, set the table in front of it over the red carpet for a dramatic entrance.

A photo booth prop kit along with a chalk pen to write fun Taylor sayings will be such a great addition.

The Eras Tour poster and the microphones for everyone to show off their own rock skills are going to make this an epic party.

Taylor Swift Themed Party Favors

#4 Party Favor Ideas for Taylor Swift Theme Party

Whether you are looking for a small party favor or a larger party favor like a T-shirt, there is something for everyone right here in this list.  Each numbered item is listed below with links to see more.

taylor swift party favors

Aren’t these cute?!  Grab the make up or tote and fill it with goodies.  Or better yet, have a t-shirt ready for everyone as they arrive.  You can always customize your own t-shirts as well.

#1 1989 T-Shirts

1989 was Taylor’s 5th album and features a recognizable theme Polaroid photo with “T.S. 1989” written on it.

#2 Heart Sunglasses

Taylor made this sunglasses style famous with her 22 song.

#3 VIP Backstage Passes

Of course, who wouldn’t want an epic Tay V.I.P. Backstage Pass!  This will make all of your guests feel like a V.I.P. and definitely a good keeper for the scrapbook.

#4 Red Lipstick

Taylor fans know she’s always rocking the red lipstick.

#5 Eras Bracelets

These cute eras bracelets are great so that everyone can get their own unique gift.

#6 Taylor Makeup Bag

Fill up the Taylor makeup bag with red lipstick and an eras bracelet and you are set.  However, this would also make a great gift as well.

#7 The Eras Tour Tote Bag

Everyone can always use a tote bag.  However, this unique tote bag is fun and sporty.

Want more ideas?

Be sure to check out this list of Swiftie Swag bag ideas for gifts and party favors.

taylor swift theme birthday party
Find more Swiftie gift ideas here.

Taylor Swift Dance Party and Song Themes

Turn up the music, it’s time for a Taylor Swift dance party. Not only that but Taylor’s songs make excellent themes for your party.  You can also use the song titles for clever party themes.

Shake It Off

“Shake It Off and Celebrate”

Welcome to New York

“Welcome to [Name]’s Birthday Bash in New York Style!”

Love Story

“A Love Story Birthday”


[Name]’s Journey to 22!”

Wildest Dreams

“Wildest Dreams Do Come True [Name]’s Birthday Extravaganza”

Ready For It

“Ready For It? [Name]’s Epic Birthday Party”

Bad Blood

“No Bad Blood, Just Good Vibes”


“Unleash Your Style and Join Us”

Blank Space

“Filling Up the Blank Space with Joy”

You might also like 7 V.I.P. Movie Party Ideas for a similar party experience as well.

Let’s Party!

It’s time to get this party started and have some fun.  We’ve covered the food, decorations, and party favors.  Moreover, we even talked about photo booth ideas for your Taylor themed party.

We hope you have enjoyed this post, and check back for more.

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