11 Best Halloween Themed Tea Party Ideas

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Last updated on September 9th, 2023 at 04:21 pm

Halloween Tea Party and Spooky Fun Party Ideas

When it starts getting into spooky season and Halloween party time, you might be looking for something different to do this halloween.  That’s where the Halloween Themed Tea Party Ideas will become your most useful tool this Halloween season. Tea parties are fun for both kids and adults alike. 

We have curated the best Halloween themed party ideas right here.  Take a look at all of the fun you can have for your Halloween tea party at home.

halloween themed tea party

How to Throw a Halloween Tea Party

The first thing you want to have for your party this Halloween will be pumpkins galore.  Small pumpkns or large pumpkins are a great go-to item to decorate, carve, and eat!

Next, when you are throwing a halloween tea party, you will want to think of what kind of tea you want to serve of course.  Here are a few ideas for teas or tea alternatives for your halloween party:

Tea Bags

If you want to go for the “real deal” have a variety of tea bags for guests to choose. 

Black Tea

This black tea just goes with a Halloween party!  Black tea, black cats, black spiders – totally goes with the theme.  However, youngsters might not like the flavor, so we do have some tea alternatives below as well.

Pumpkin Spice Tea

If you are going with more of a pumpkin themed party, the pumpkin spice tea will be the way to go!

Tea with Cinnamon and Pumpkin Spice Added

Bring on the fall vibes with this cinnamon and pumpkin spice!.  Start with a plain green or black tea, then add your own spices.

Tea with Honey

Traditional tea with honey is a great tea for most occasions.

Tea Alternatives:

Apple Cider

The perfect fall vibes are happening with apple cider.  Warm the apple cider to enhance the flavors.

Hot Chocolate

Always a crowd pleaser – hot chocolate!  No explanation needed!

It is also fun to think of names for your tea.  My favorite name is a “witch’s brew” tea.

The third major item that you will want to think about is the halloween menu.  The party food is something to which your guests will be looking forward.  The best part of a halloween party is creating original food items that will be spooky and fun.  

Since it is a Halloween party, guests will be expecting to find “finger sandwiches” and something sweet such as cupcakes with their tea as well. 

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Picking the Food for a Halloween Tea Party

Let’s face it, the food is pretty much the star of the show of most parties.  When it comes to kids, they want to know “what are we eating?” or “when are we eating?”  Every mom knows these questions quite familiarly. 

The best part about a Halloween party is that you can get creative with lots of different food items for your Halloween tea party.  

Starting with appetizers before the tea, the tea itself, tea sandwiches, fruit or vegetables to pari, and finally the cookies and/or cupcake dessert options.

Now that you have the basic outline for what to serve, let’s get into the details of an actual menu.  Speaking of menu, be sure to create unique names for food items that go along with the Halloween theme.  

It can be a plain old everyday food item, but if you give it a spooky name, it can be a total game changer!

Every Halloween tea party needs a good Halloween party name.  Find 100 Halloween Party Name Ideas here.

11 Halloween Themed Tea Party Menu and Party Ideas

Planning your halloween tea party food and party ideas is essential to have the best tea party.

#1 Witch Treats for Tea Party

The witch theme for Halloween has been around for a long time but it is still very relevant.  It can be a “good witch” or a “villain witch” theme, either way you can make some delicious treats for the party.  In addition, have fun with decorating and costuming because this is going to be a blast.

halloween themed tea party
Witch finger cookies (from Texan Erin) look so realistic. They will pair perefectly with tea.

These witch finger cookies are so much fun.

halloween themed tea party
Easy floating witch's hats are a great way to add to the theme without breaking the bank!

Easily take these floating witch’s hats from the tea party to the front porch.

Here is your perfect tea pot or “Witches Brew.”

Find this Witches Brew teapot on Amazon.

#2 Ghost Treats for Tea Party

A ghostly tea party is a fun idea.  There are many ghostly treats that pair perfectly with your choice of tea.

halloween themed tea party
Easy pretzel treat for your ghost party table.

A nice crunchy and sweet treat will be a great pairing with your Halloween themed tea party.  Try out these mini ghost pretzels.

halloween themed tea party
This cute ghost stand is perfect for your tea party treat display.

Having a great area to display your party food makes the table come together.  Try out is DIY ghost dessert stand.

Find this cute table runner on Amazon.

#3 Creepy Crawly Halloween Tea Party Treats

The creepy crawly theme includes displays of spiders, snakes, bats, and more. 

spider treats
These spiders may look creepy but they sure look tasty.

Chocolate spiders created by Smart School House are made from Milk Duds, chocolate, and pretzels.

Imagine drinking tea from this Creature Cup Spider Ceramic Cup.  This cup can be found on Amazon.

#4 Monster Mash and Mummies

Monster cookies are by far the cutest monsters at any Halloween themed tea party!  These cookies are made with cake mix.  You can find the recipe on Knead to Eat.

monster cookies, halloween themed tea party
Do the monster mash with these cookies which will pair perfectly with your tea or tea alternative.

#5 Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Spice up your Halloween tea party experience with a fall spice theme.  These pumpkin spice rice krispie treats with a fall flavor are an easy twist on a traditional recipe. 

pumpkin spice rice krispie treats
Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie Treats - What a great idea! The taste of the rice krispie treat, but it has the flavors of fall baking.

#6 Eyeball Appetizers and More

Someone is looking at you!!! Oh, no, maybe it’s your appetizer looking at you with these eyeball deviled eggs. You can find the recipe on Happy Foods Tube.

eyeball appetizers, halloween themed tea party
Ahhh appetizers that look like eyeballs! A unique spin on the classic deviled egg appetizer.

#7 Tea Party Finger Sandwiches

We showed you the witch’s finger cookies, but let’s talk about finger sandwiches. Finger sandwiches pair well with a traditional or Halloween tea party, of course.

finger sandwiches, halloween themed tea party
These finger sandwiches will have your guests asking - how did you make these!?

These are super creative tea party sandwiches.  Find the recipe on Pocket Change Gourmet.

#8 Skull and Bones Theme

Make a skeleton centerpiece for your tea party table.  Use the diagram below to design a veggie skeleton. Hummus or Ranch with black olives for the head and face are decorative and delicious.  The other parts of the body are made of mushrooms, peas, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, and cauliflower.

how to make a veggie skeleton, haunted mansion food ideas, halloween food ideas
Find this skeleton and more on our Haunted Mansion food ideas articl

#9 Black Cats and Bats

This bat themed dessert is quite a showstopper.  Use the picture below to design your bat pudding cup.  Recipe is on Cake Whiz.

halloween themed tea party
Here's an idea - let your guests create their own pudding cup bat. Provide plates with ingredients and let your guests get creative.

#10 Jack Skellington

Honestly,  I am not sure if Jack Skellington is supposed to be scary, but he sure is liked by many kids. These cheese cakes are super cute.

jack skellington
Cheese cakes by Hungry Happenings.

#11 Wonderland Theme Tea Party

A fan favorite – Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea Party.  Gather the black and white tea cups and find the most unique table decorations.  This wonderland tea party theme is a crowd pleasing event.

tea party ideas, wonderland tea party ideas, alice in wonderland tea party, alice in wonderland decorations
The wonderland theme is so fun to decorate. The colors and patterns are variable - flowers, checkers, bright colors, muted colors - use them all.

Halloween Tea Party Ideas for Photo Booth

A photo booth for your party is a great way to have keepsake photos for you and your guests.  Set up an area for a photo booth and let the fun begin.  The photo booth can double as your Halloween tea party decorations. 

Your photo booth background will depend on the theme of your party.  Here are a few ideas that can work for any Halloween themed party.

Grab a photo booth sign and make memories together at your Halloween themed tea party.

An orange and black background is suitable for most Halloween themes.

You may want to download the Tea Party Checklist for help in planning an easy and successful tea party.

tea party checklist
This checklist has actionalbe items to help you plan your ultimate tea party.

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