27 Best Punch Recipes for Kids Party Easy Ideas

punch recipes for kids

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Every party needs a punch of flavor! That’s right, great punch recipes for kids are essential for your party snack table. Many fun punch recipes feature a large punch bowl with a beautiful, colorful punch for party guests to enjoy – especially for a kids party!

These easy punch recipes will be a big hit at your birthday party for a kid-friendly drink. In addition, how much fun are these recipes for a baby shower or bridal showers as well?!

These recipes have easy basic ingredients.

Punch Serving Utensils

Serving punch is really simple with just a couple of handy items:

Large Pitcher: If you don’t have a punch bowl, no worries, just grab a large pitcher to serve.  Even better if the pitcher is translucent to see the color of the punch. 

Big Punch Bowl and Ladle: A nice punch bowl with a ladle makes a great showstopping beverage on you party snack table. 

Cups or Mason Jars: Disposable cups are perfect for kids.  If you are serving adults, you can use mason jars for a fun twist.

If you want to take punch on the go, have an enclosed travel container available. For example, bringing punch for a boat party requires a little extra planning.

punch recipes for kids

Types of Punch for Your Kids Party

Choose the type of punch that you think your guests will love.  Here are a few types of punch categories that you may like:

  • Fruity Punch Recipes

  • Sherbet Punch Recipes

  • Easy Punch Recipes

  • Lemonade Style Punch for Summer

  • Fall Season Recipe

  • Holiday Season Punch

  • Brunch Punch

  • New Years Punch Recipe

Fruity Punch Recipes

Delicious fruity punch recipes use some of the best fruit flavors such as pineapple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice just to name a few. 

​Look through these and see which one is your favorite easy punch recipe! 

Easy Ocean Water Blue Punch

How fun is this ocean punch?  Super kid friendly family fun recipe looks like fish swimming in the ocean.  So adorable. 

Shirley Temple Party Punch

A traditional favorite is a Shirley temple punch made with juice of maraschino cherries.  Additionally, this drink is also popular for Valentine’s day because of its red color. This is an easy punch for kids.

Easy Party Punch 

Mmm this is a good punch that features Hawaiian punch, pineapple juice, and ginger ale. 

Sparkling Strawberry Punch

​Using jell-o and lemonade concentrate to make this pink punch is such an easy punch recipe.  Be sure to check out the recipe to learn exactly how to make this one.

punch recipes for kids

Sherbet Punch Recipes

Wow, as the sherbet melts it makes these awesome punch easy recipes. 

So let’s back up a second; first we are going to take an ice cream scoop and get ready to prepare your sherbet punch recipe. 

I usually call sherbet recipes “church punch” because my mom always made a sherbet punch for receptions at church when I was growing up.  The sherbet punch is always a big hit.

Sherbet recipes make such a great punch.  Most of the time you mix in ginger ale, coconut water, or lemon-lime soda.  Garnish with a few orange slices. 

Here are 5 Sherbet Punch Recipes you won’t want to miss:

Simple Punch Recipes for Kids

Here are 4 easy tasty drink recipes that you will want to make for your next kids party.  Create one of these recipes for a fun drink punch for a party.

Lemonade Style Punch for Summer Parties

There is nothing more refreshing than a lemonade flavored simple punch. Therefore, when you are looking for the best punch recipe, check out these lemonade flavored punch recipes such as pink lemonade style and fruit juice flavors.

Fall Punch Recipes

Fall flavors bring such a great fall flavors including punch recipe flavors. 

Are you looking for a spooky drink?  This spooky punch may be just perfect for your Halloween party snack table.

Holiday Punch Recipe

Looking for a party punch recipe for the holidays? Well you are in for a special treat.  These holiday party punch recipes are so fun and festive for your holiday table.  Add fresh cranberries on the table for fun table decoration.

Recipe for Brunch with Refreshing Taste

There is something for everyone on this list, but if you are looking for special drink for your brunch gathering, check out the Brunch Punch. 

Brunch Punch

Ring in the New Year 

What a great way to start the new year! Create a great new years eve party sherbet punch for your guests. 

New Year’s Eve Sherbet Punch

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