37 Ultimate Summer Party Games for Kids Backyard Fun

summer party games for kids

You have the menu planned, the decorations, but uh-oh what about party games?  No need to worry we have a list of the ultimate summer party games for kids that your party guests will love.  

There is something for everyone in this list including family members, younger kids, and older kids as well.  Likewise, there is nothing like a classic party game for your gathering on a hot day at the backyard bbq.  

These backyard games are perfect for your party theme for all occasions of a backyard party – family reunion, birthday party, garden party, or just because you want to have a fun twist in your own backyard. 

Here are a few tips for bringing in your favorite backyard summer classic game: 

  • Make game pieces in different colors
  • Have fun game prizes or even some cute trophies
  • Remember that classic games that are old to adults are brand new to kids

Amazing Outdoor Summer Party Games for Kids

When it comes to amazing outdoor summer party games for kids, there are so many options.  Below is a list that we have curated of many choices of activities that can involve a great game for all ages. 

Having a fun outdoor game is a great way to bring family and friends together with a set activity just like a backyard camping party.  Outdoor fun games are the perfect way to make memories and make an event of the party. 

The list below includes both active and passive games along with indoor and outdoor activities.  It is always a good idea to plan alternate activities in case the weather changes at the time of the party.

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summer party games for kids, kids playing in obstacle course
An obstacle course is a fun idea for backyard games.

Full List of Summer Party Games for Kids

Here is the full list of summer party games for kids:

  1. DIY Beanbag Toss Game

  2. Summer Bingo Game

  3. Create Your Own Giant Bubbles

  4. Exercises for Kids

  5. Summer Scavenger Hunt

  6. Nature Scavenger Hunt

  7. DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

  8. Backyard Cornhole

  9. Plinko Game

  10. Word Search Competition

  11. Find the Insect

  12. Bubble Wrap Creation

  13. Twister

  14. Pickleball

  15. Badmitton

  16. Shuffleboard

  17. Nerf tag

  18. Musical chairs

  19. Kickball

  20. Frizbee

  21. Dance contest

  22. Win a goldfish

  23. Pong cup prize

  24. Water balloon toss

  25. Obstacle course

  26. Hula hoops

  27. Relay races

  28. Treasure hunt

  29. Water Ducks

  30. Ring Toss

  31. T-shirt race

  32. Pool noodle battles

  33. Squirt gun

  34. Tug of war

  35. Frisbee golf

  36. Sack races

  37. Ping-pong

Let’s take a deep dive into each summer party game for kids.  I can’t wait to get creative with each of these party game ideas.

Create Your Own Fun Outdoor Party Game

Some of the outdoor summer games are DIY style games and some of these are easy to buy if you don’t have the time to create your own.  In addition is is always a great idea to have some types of games that are active and some games that are passive.  

No need to over-complicate it, kids of all ages will love the games that you come up with and have so much fun. 

Here is a description for each game idea listed above. These games are ideal for planning the best party activities to keep all of your guests entertained regardless of age.

DIY Beanbag Toss Game

Bean bag toss is always a hit when it comes to games for kids.  The best part about a bean bag toss game is that it is fun to play, and it is fun to watch as well. If you like to do crafts at home, you can make a DIY beanbag toss game. 

Summer Bingo Game

A classic game of bingo is a super fun way to get all of your guests involved in the game.  This summer bingo game is perfect for printing yourself to create a DIY game of bingo. 

Create Your Own Giant Bubbles

Such a cute idea! Making your own homemade bubble station with a special bubble recipe. Kids will love making the bubble solution. The little DIY wand is also a great idea to get creative.  Who can make the biggest bubble?? We shall see!

Exercises for Kids

A few great exercises for kids is a fun time and helps kids get their energy utilized.  

summer party games for kids

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Keeping kids busy with a summer scavenger hunt is a fun party game that can get party guests to work as a team to find the items on the scavenger hunt list. Find the free printable summer scavenger hunt.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Similar to the summer scavenger hunt, the nature scavenger hunt is ideal for encouraging kids to learn about nature while participating in the party games. Find the free nature scavenger hunt.

DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

I am obsessed with this game of bean bag toss tic tac toe outdoor game is such a fun backyard game.

Backyard Cornhole

Cornhole is hugely popular at parties.  Moreover, it is perfect for a kids game at an outdoor party. 

Plinko Game

The age old game of plinko may make you think of the Price is Right show that you grew up watching.  However, think about creating a fun game of plinko right at home. 

Word Search Competition

How much fun to have a word search competition where you can challenge guests to find all of the words. 

Find the Insect

This game can easily be made by printing pictures of different bugs that may be found in your local area.  See if the kids can find these insects. (although they may be hiding with all of the activity going on)

Games like these are also perfect for a Backyard Camping Party.

Bubble Wrap Popping 

Save your bubble wrap from your packages so you can play this game.  This is similar to a ‘minute to win it’ style game.


This classic game of Twister is one of the best ways to get everyone up and ready to have a good time.  Depending on group size, you may need a few Twister stations. 


The game of pickleball has quickly become popular and growing for a sport for everyone from youth to senior adults.  Pickleball can be played in the driveway or at your local tennis court.  You may want to gather a pickleball set along with drawing chalk lines to set up the big game. 

Here some Pickleball Snack Ideas.


Do you remember this game from growing up?  It is still a fun backyard game to play.  Grab an easy badmitton set to get ready for the fun day.  Badmitton can be one of several stations into which party guests can rotate. 


If you have a driveway or a porch with open space, a game of shuffleboard is a fun backyard outdoor game to play.

Nerf Tag

Need to get some energy out?  A game of nerf tag is a great way to get the kids running in the outdoor backyard.  Be sure to have plenty of open space to play. 

Musical Chairs

Here we go round and round the chairs!  Turn up the music and play a game of musical chairs.  This game was a classic during elementary years to keep kids busy and having fun.  It is still a fun game to play because the rules are clear for all ages. 


Who doesn’t love a good game of kickball in the backyard?  Get your big bouncy kickball and have lots of space to play.  This is a good outdoor game to play at the park as well. 


A fun goody bag prize for a party is a frizbee.  However, why not start the game at the party?  It is also a good idea to personalize the frizbees with the party guests names on them. 

Dance Contest

Having a dance contest in the backyard is a great way to play a game of “who can win the dance off?!”

Win a Goldfish

This game idea to win a goldfish comes from the classic carnival game.  All you need are goldfish in small clear fish bowls and ping pong balls.  Toss the ball or bounce the ball and try to get it into the fish bowl.  If you get it in the fish bowl, you win the fish! 

Pong Cup Prize

Another game that requires ping-pong balls is pong cup game.  Line plastic cups on a table and try to bounce the plastic balls into the cup.  If you get the ball in the cup, you win a prize.

Here are 4 easy kids party games with plastic cups.

summer party games for kids, kids hula hoop together

Water Balloon Toss

You pretty much can’t go wrong with a game of water balloon toss. Fill up the water balloons and have party guests stand across the yard from each other.  Toss the balloon to each other until the balloon explodes.  Whoever goes the longest without breaking the water balloon wins!

Obstacle Course

Create your own fun obstacle course in the backyard.  You can get some fun ideas from ninja warrior style courses as well.

Here is a guide how to make a backyard obstacle course using lots of pool noodles.

Additionally, there are also some bounce houses that have a built-in obstacle course.  These are fun and a no hassle ready-to-play game.

Hula Hoops Contest

Time each party guest while they hula hoop.  Whoever can keep the hoop up the longest wins the contest. 

Relay Races

Who can get to the finish line first?  Relay races are such a great way to have a way to work on teamwork.  Relay races definitely require more space but if it you have the party at a park or a larger outdoor area, you can set up orange cones to designate the start and finish line.

The Kids Sports Birthday Party ideas are perfect to go with these athletic ideas.

Treasure Hunt

Design a treasure map to create a memorable treasure hunt experience.  Kids will love being to be detectives to find the hidden treasure.  You can also have fun with the treasure itself.  You can make some gold coins chocolates to simulate the pot of gold treasure. 

Ring Toss

Have a ring toss station at your party.  The ring toss is also perfect for adding to a game rotation or a game course. 

Water Ducks

This game idea comes from a classic carnival game to win a prize.  The water ducks game is ideal for younger party guests.  Write a number on the bottom of a few rubber duckies.  

Add the ducks to a bucket of water.  Each child can pick a duck and whoever has a duck with a number on it wins the prize.

T-shirt Relay Race

Get ready to laugh and giggle because the kids will think it is hilarious to pass the t-shirt for a race. Here is a brief video explaining how to play the t-shirt relay race.

Pool Noodles Battles

Kids can battle using pool noodles.  It is a great way to have them run around and play together in a safe way.

What a fun game for Pool Movie Night as well. 

Squirt Gun

It is hot outside and there is nothing better than a little water spray to cool you off.  Kids can have fun playing water gun while cooling off in the backyard. 

Tug of War

The game of tug of war is an age old game that is ideal for field days and outdoor parties. 

Frisbee Golf

If you are not familiar with this game of frizbee golf, it is a game with a basket and disc.  It is a standing game that does not require a putter. 

Sack Races

One game that is perfect for field day or outdoor play is a good old sack race. Not only is it a simple game but it is also fun for all ages.


Have a blast playing ping pong outside for your party.  Of course, this game does require a ping pong table, however, it is a table that will likely get a lot of use.

summer party games for kids, kids in a sack race
Sack races are a classic summer party game for kids

Indoor Summer Party Games for Kids

Let’s just say it is a good idea to have a back up plan in case the weather is not cooperating with your party ideas.  Indoor summer party games for kids are ideal for keeping kids busy no matter what the weather may be outdoors.

Here are some ideas for indoor games:

  • Summer Bingo Game

  • Exercises for Kids

  • DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

  • Word Search Competition

  • Twister

  • Musical chairs

  • Dance contest

  • Pong cup prize

  • Ping-pong

How Do You Entertain Kids at a Kids Party?

Entertaining kids at a kids party is not as hard as you think.  Create a list of fun activities that you can do either indoor or outdoor is ideal for planning for a kids party.  

Outdoor Games

If you are planning outdoor games, here are a few easy ideas to get started:

  • Tic Tac Toe with Bean Bags
  • Cornhole 
  • Obstacle Course

Here are more party ideas to entertain kids at a kids party:

  • Movie Party
  • Pool Party
  • Cooking Party
  • Themed Party Ideas

What are the Best Games to Play with Kids at Summer Camp?

The best games to play with kids at summer camp are games that most kids will easily understand the rules of the game.  In addition, games that don’t require long wait periods between turns are also a great idea.  

Here are some fun games to play at summer camp with kids:

  • Create Your Own Giant Bubbles

  • Exercises for Kids

  • DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

  • Backyard Cornhole

  • Musical chairs

  • Frizbee

  • Dance contest

  • Obstacle course

  • Hula hoops

  • Water balloon toss

Summer camp games are also a great opportunity for team work and team building skills.

Fun and Creative Games to Play with Kids Outdoors

Playing games in the outdoors is a great way to let kids get their energy levels balanced.  They can enjoy the sights and sounds of outside and have a larger space to enjoy activities.  

Here are some fun and creative games to play with kids outdoors:

  • DIY Beanbag Toss Game

  • Create Your Own Giant Bubbles

  • Exercises for Kids

  • Summer Scavenger Hunt

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt

  • DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

  • Backyard Cornhole

  • Find the Insect

  • Bubble Wrap Creation

  • Pong cup prize

  • Water balloons

  • Obstacle course

  • Treasure hunt

  • Pool noodle battles

Creating a fun atmosphere for games is always easier when the weather is nice out for a party or event.

Indoor Summer Games for Kids Party

Sometimes the weather doesn’t agree with outdoor game time.  However, that doesn’t mean that no games can be played.  It is always important to have a back up plan when outdoor activities are planned.  

These indoor summer games for kids party are ideal for playing in indoor space regardless of the weather outside. 

  • DIY Beanbag Toss Game

  • Summer Bingo Game

  • Exercises for Kids

  • Plinko Game

  • Word Search Competition

  • Twister

  • Musical chairs

  • Dance contest

  • Pong cup prize

  • Ring Toss

There are plenty of indoor game options.  It all depends on the amount of indoor space you have to play the games as well.

DIY Games to Make at Home

If you like crafts and getting creative with your own games, this list may be just what you needed. 

Some of these ideas are printable options as well if you want to DIY without lots of time investment or if you are not a happy crafter. 

  • DIY Beanbag Toss Game

  • Summer Bingo Game

  • Create Your Own Giant Bubbles

  • Summer Scavenger Hunt

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt

  • DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

  • Plinko Game

  • Word Search Competition

  • Find the Insect

  • Win a goldfish

  • Pong cup prize

  • T-shirt race

  • Pool noodle battles

Outdoor Games for Kids That Will Keep Them Entertained at the Birthday Party

Outdoor games for kids are ideal for a backyard birthday party.   A classic perfect outdoor party is the ideal condition for outdoor obstacle course or water balloon fight.  All of the kids will have so much fun with these party games kids love. 

Keep kids entertained throughout your backyard birthday party with all of the fun ideas.  

Important Questions to Think About When Planning Your Outdoor Party

When you are planning your backyard outdoor party, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Which one of these ideas are your favorite ideas? 

  • What is your child’s favorite idea on the list?

  • Which games are ideal for your group size?

  • Is there a game that is perfect for the age of your group that will be attending the outdoor party?

  • How does the size of your space compare with the amount of space that is needed for the game?

  • Do you need to move the outdoor game to a local park or recreation area?

  • What does the weather forecast look like for the event date planned?

  • Which indoor games do you like for an indoor game alternative? 

  • Will you need to reserve, rent, or purchase any equipment for the party games? 

All of these questions are important to think about when planning your outdoor party.  We want the party to be a huge success that kids and party guests will love.  

There doesn’t need to be a lot stress involved in planning.  Just a few things to think about ahead of time so that you can have the perfect outdoor birthday party or event party celebration. 

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