11 Best Pool Movie Night Ideas to Splash into Summer

pool movie night ideas

Last updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 03:23 am

Splash into summer with these amazing pool party ideas! These are the best pool movie night ideas for those warm summer nights.

Create your own pool party movie night for a great time with party guests or a family night.

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Planning Your Pool Movie Night

Your outdoor movie night ideas begin with the following party plans:

  • Choose the best movie selection for the group
  • The movie set up ideas complete with the best inflatables and other party details
  • Movie projector and screen operations
  • Themed decorations for both the movie selection and the pool party fun
  • Perfect food ideas for movie watching at the poolside

Perfect Movie Ideas for Your Pool Movie Night

What are the best movies about pool?

Here are some great movie ideas that are easy for a kids movie themed pool movie night. 

  • The Little Mermaid
  • Finding Nemo
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Moana 
  • Barbie Beach Party
pool movie night ideas

List: Best Pool Movie Ideas for DIY Backyard Party

This list is perfect for a brief description of what you will need for your pool movie party.

  1. Movie Set Up Ideas

  2. Movie projector and inflatable screen 

  3. Themed decorations

  4. Perfect food ideas 

  5. The Little Mermaid

  6. Finding Nemo

  7. Pirates of the Caribbean

  8. Moana 

  9. Barbie Beach Party

  10. Scary Movie Party

  11. Dive-in Movie Night

How to Create the Most Amazing Pool Movie Party in Your Own Backyard

Now that you know the basics of what you want to do for your outdoor pool movie party fun, let’s get all of the details planned.

#1 Movie Set Up Ideas

Set up your movie with some creative ideas.  Here are a few fun ideas for your pool party to have a great time. 

We Need a Pool 

First up, you need a pool! What if you don’t have a pool or if you don’t want to get into the pool.  Here are some ideas for a pool party set up with or without a pool:

Tables for Food Drinks

We need a place to put our food and drinks. Here are some cute options:

  • Inflatable trays are fun to float, however, not sure how reliable they are not to spill.
  • Bedside tray stands are fun because they can be at each pool station.
Inflatable snack holder.
pool movie night ideas snack trays
Floating drink and snack holder.

#2 Movie projector and inflatable screen 

One of the best ideas for a pool movie party is an inflatable movie screen.

An inflatable movie screen is an easy way to set up a poolside movie.  Not only that but it is self standing so no need for a projector frame and screen.

movie night ideas inflatable screen
Find this movie projector screen on Amazon

A good movie projector is essential for your movie fun.  Be sure to set up your projector in a secure area where it will not get wet, knocked, or damaged.

#3 Themed decorations for pool movie night

Depending on the movie that you choose, you can really have fun with some great movie themed decor. Fun decor is a great way to get all of your party guests in the poolside movie theme mood.

When choosing decorations, look for the following items that go along with your movie theme:

  • pool floats
  • inner tubes
  • beach balls

#4 Perfect food ideas for movie night

We like easy food ideas and also drinks to go along with the theme.  Here are a few simple serving ideas for classic movie snacks for a poolside movie. 

  • hot dogs

  • juice boxes

  • popcorn with variety of seasonings

  • tropical drinks

  • snow cones

#5 The Little Mermaid pool movie theme

The Little Mermaid is a family-friendly movie that is a great theme for your pool movie party. You can also grab ideas from these Ocean themed snacks for a fun twist on the party food.

#6 Finding Nemo pool movie theme

Create your own fish themed pool party with a Finding Nemo Themed Party. This fun movie a the perfect idea for a dive-in movie theme.  This Ocean Blue Punch has Swedish fish in the recipe, and it goes well with this Nemo fish theme movie.

Decorate with tiki torches and lounge chairs.

#7 Pirates of the Caribbean pool movie theme

Ahoy Matey!  The Pirates of the Caribbean is another fun theme for your movie night.  Create your pirate or mermaid themed food ideas to go along with this movie.  You can even plan a treasure hunt as an activity to go along with the pirate theme.

These backyard camping ideas are fun activities to pair with this pirate theme.

#8 Moana pool movie theme

Have a Luau Party with the Moana movie for your pool movie party. Decorate with tropical flowers, tiki torches, and string lights. 

#9 Barbie Beach Party

Surf’s up dude! Let’s have a Barbie Beach themed party.  Use these Barbie food ideas to create a fun Barbie themed menu. 

#10 Scary Movie Party

If you have a brave group that wants to watch a scary movie, this is a fun way to watch it.  Having the outdoor theme party along with the scary movie on the big screen will raise the excitement for your party guests.

#11 Dive-in Movie Night

Similar to a drive-in movie night, create your own dive-in movie night.  You may see this theme on cruise ships and vacation spots.  It is a very popular theme for the kiddos.  

When we go on a cruise or vacation hotel, they often just play a very popular movie that all of the kids want to see.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a water themed movie.

Although these party food ideas are perfect for the pool movie night, they are also perfect additions to boat party food ideas.

How to Set Up Your Pool Movie Night Ideas

Here are more ideas of some items you will need.

Use this list as a checklist during your planning:

  1. white sheet with a stand if not using inflatable movie screen

  2. choose your outdoor movies

  3. inflatable movie screen

  4. throw pillows

  5. inflatable lawn chairs

  6. waterproof bluetooth speakers

  7. movie projector

  8. picnic blankets

  9. low tables or trays for food and drinks (or inflatable trays)

  10. string lights

Fun Pool Movie Party Activities Kids will Love

It’s always a great idea to have some fun activities for after the movie.  Here are a few activities to consider:

Glow Party

Give everyone glow sticks and blinky lights and dance to the music

Water Balloon Party

Fill up water balloons and ready, set, go. Just make sure that the water balloons will not hit the projector. 

Beach Ball Pool Games

Blow up some beach balls and let everyone hit the ball to each other.

Great video inspiration for a pool movie night by Raven Elyse

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