25 Best Boat Party Food Ideas Easy to Serve Snacks

boat party food ideas

What’s the perfect food to bring for the boat party? These boat party food ideas are fun and easy and perfect for the boat trip or boat party! 

Whether you are floating on the pontoon boat or enjoying a summer day on the boat, it’s a good idea to have snacks and enough food items for the boat day. 

This list of boat party food ideas makes packing for the boat trip a breeze. Make a list and head to the grocery store with these easy boat food ideas. 

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Boating Snacks Food Ideas

Heading out on the water means having great snacks for your boat party.  Boat parties can be adult friendly and kid friendly.  This list of boat boat-friendly food is perfect for family entertaining. 

Here is the full list of boat party food ideas to serve.  After you get the list, keep reading to see what foods are best for grab and go, mix and serve, and portable snacks. 

  1. fresh fruit

  2. peanut butter

  3. homemade muffins

  4. fresh berries

  5. cherry tomatoes

  6. hard-boiled eggs

  7. pretzel rods

  8. banana chips

  9. bag of chips

  10. cold fruit

  11. pasta salad

  12. chicken salad

  13. charcuterie board

  14. Hawaiian hot dogs

  15. veggie platters

  16. fruit salad

  17. trail mix

  18. granola bars

  19. sandwich wraps

  20. walking taco

  21. fish tacos

  22. mini sandwiches

  23. mess-free finger food

  24. roast beef sandwich

  25. hummus cups

This list is a great full list, so print this list and highlight your favorites. Take this list to the grocery store with you, and you are all set to go for your boat ride.  Of course, you won’t need all of these party foods, just pick your favorites.

boat party snack ideas

Grab and Go Best Boating Snacks

Everybody’s favorite items to plan for boating snacks are simple grab and go snacks.  Keep it simple for your boat ride.  Boat parties do not require fancy foods to have fun.  In fact, the easier the items is to grab and go, the more your guests will love this food for boat party. 

Moreover, if you you need a great boat snack that is simple and easy, just check out this list right here: 

  • fresh fruit

  • peanut butter

  • homemade muffins

  • fresh berries

  • cherry tomatoes

  • hard-boiled eggs

  • pretzel rods

  • banana chips

  • bag of chips

  • cold fruit

Best Boat Friendly Foods to Mix and Serve

If you are good with doing a little bit of meal prep and party prep, then these are delicious snacks to share with your family and friends at your boat party. 

These boat party snack ideas do not require huge preparation techniques but just a little bit of planning goes a long way with these.  However, if you like these, and you don’t want to make them, then order them from your local grocery store or catering service.  

  • pasta salad

  • chicken salad

  • charcuterie board

  • Hawaiian hot dogs

  • veggie platters

  • fruit salad

Which one of these is your favorite?  We love sandwich trays, pasta salad, and fruit salad.  For the salad options above, dividing these party foods into individual cups will make consumption and serving so much easier. 

Since some of these items are not finger foods, remember to bring your plastic forks and spoons to be able to eat these party foods.

Portable Boating Food Ideas

The more portable, the better when it comes to boat party food ideas.  Create your easy social atmosphere for your boat party with simple, easy, and packaged snacks.  In addition, the walking taco, which is made in a frito bag, is a fun and portable boating food that your guests will love.  However, don’t forget the fork with this one! 

Similarly, another example, trail mix is a fun and easy snack that is a crowd pleaser.  Trial mix goes with all different types of food and drinks at the boat party. 

  • trail mix

  • granola bars

  • sandwich wraps

  • walking taco

  • fish tacos

  • mini sandwiches

  • mess-free finger food

  • roast beef sandwich

Having these easy snacks as part of your boat party ideas will make guests so happy to have some easy to eat foods on the boat. Plan for lots of boat-friendly food. 

Consequently, imagine if you had red beans and rice on a boat, it is not conducive to the boat ride.  It is a hot liquid type of item.  Therefore, keep it simple and make the most of your party by choosing some of these easy and portable boat food ideas.

These snack ideas are perfect for pool movie night as well.

Storing Boat Party Food

Have you ever had the perfect menu planned only to be not stored properly?  Have no fear, you are in the planning process, and you will make this boat party a huge success.  Let’s plan to have some great tools and ingredients with us to keep our boating snacks safe.  

The first thing you need to think about is how you will keep cold food and drinks COLD!  So we need the following items:

Cooler Box or Ice Chest

Plan your cool storage items such as cooler boxes and ice chests. How many will you need?  

Ice (of course)

So yes, of course you will need ice.  It is important to plan how much you will need for your boat party.  Think about the food items that need to be kept over ice such as protein containing items such as sandwiches and chicken salad, in addition to the drinks and water.  Drinks will need to be iced down to keep everyone cool. 

Back Up Ice

Depending on the length of your boat party and the temperature outside, you may need extra ice on hand.  Keep this in mind as you are planning your grocery store purchases. 

Cold Food Storage Options

Consider what you will need for cold food storage.  Some of these items may not be easily store in an ice chest, however, there are some other food storage options that can help keep food cold. For example this is a tray that has a space for ice so that cold food can be kept iced down.  

Food safety is important when it comes to boating snacks.  Proper food storage and food temperatures are important; therefore, sometimes you may need something to help keep these items cool.

This article from the USDA talks about keeping food at safe temperatures and out of the danger zone. Packing plenty of ice to keep cold foods cold is important. Alternatively, there are some great options that do not require refrigeration such as peanut butter sandwiches and trail mix.

Drinks for Your Best Boat Party

Even though you have the best boat snacks, no party is complete without some great drink selections.  Some family-friendly drink choices for the boat ride can range from bright-colored drinks to cold beverages. 

Here are some fun drink ideas of different flavors;

  • sparkling water in different flavors

  • juice boxes

  • capri sun drinks

  • water in a can

  • la croix

  • hint water

  • your favorite canned beverages

  • electrolyte drinks

  • sports beverages

Staying hydrated during you boat party is essential for enjoying the party.  Be sure to have some great cool beverages to offer to guests.

boat party food ideas, walking taco
Walking Taco

Kid Friendly Boat Party Food Ideas

In this list of boat party food ideas, there are so many healthy options that are also kid-friendly.For example, grab your kids’ favorite fruits to keep on hand when they are looking for a snack.  The fruit will also be a source of delicious hydration as well. 

The boat party is a great way to include summer snacks that kids will enjoy during the party. When you are looking for a great kid friendly snack idea, check out this list:

  • fresh fruit

  • peanut butter

  • homemade muffins

  • fresh berries

  • cherry tomatoes

  • hard-boiled eggs

  • pretzel rods

  • banana chips

  • bag of chips

  • cold fruit

Make your boat party foods fun and easy! Looking for more? Here are more boat party snack ideas you won’t want to miss.

Easy to Serve Snacks on the Boat

The boat is the perfect place to bring the best snacks.  As soon as the boat party begins, party guests want to look for something delicious to eat.  Not only  just something to eat,but something easy to serve. 

Here are 5 easy to serve snacks on the boat:

  • homemade muffins

  • fresh berries

  • mini sandwiches

  • hummus cups

  • sandwich wraps

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