21 Nautical Ocean Themed Snacks

ocean themed snacks

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Ocean themed Snacks

Discovery awaits as we journey into the ocean – ocean themed snacks, that is!

Get your creative thoughts flowing into to a “sea” of ideas.  We are exploring all things under the sea party food ideas and more.

Ocean themed snack are perfect for parties, classroom celebrations, cooking classes, movie nights, and more.

The under the sea themed food items can include a vast variety of sea creatures and sea terrain.   Here are some examples of ocean themed food themes:

Sea Themed Treats

Planning for a sea themed treats for your under the sea party food theme  will have you thinking of “cheeseburgers in paradise.”  Not really, but the sea theme lends itself to showcasing some of natures most interesting sea creatures.  These creatures include crabs, starfish, and oysters made of fun ingredients from cookies to croissants.

Beach Themed Treats

Toes in the sand – yes that right, we are dipping our toes into the beach theme.  One of the best parts of the ocean themed treats is the “sand” for a beach theme treat.  Often you might find beach sand made of graham cracker crumbs or brown sugar for the beach themed snacks.

Fish Themed Snacks

The vast array of fish are great for creating fish themed snacks as part of the ocean theme.  Fish themed snacks may include all types of fish from large to small.  Some great ideas for fish themed snacks are sharks, rainbow fish, and goldfish.

Fish themed snacks are perfect for boat party food ideas.

Ocean Themed Surrounding

Everything about the ocean is included in the ocean theme food ideas which the sky is the limit – literally! The ocean themed snacks are a great way to get the ocean themed surrounding on your table display.

Water Life and Sea Creatures Theme

The theme in as part of the ocean themed snacks is a great way to highlight some of natures most interesting creatures.  Highlights can include creatures such as octopus, jellyfish, and stingrays.  Another interesting part of this theme coral and sea grass.

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ocean themed snacks

Sea Themed Treats

It’s time to showcase those cute little sea creatures.  You can be so creative to showcase and highlight some of the world’s most interesting creatures.  Some of these creatures that you can make come to life through food are crabs, starfish, and oysters just to name a few.

Here are some ocean themed snack ideas mad to look like crabs, starfish, and oysters.  Of course, these treats are made to look like these fun creatures, but they don’t necessarily taste like these creatures. 

ocean starfish
Butterscotch Crunch Starfish | Hungry Happenings

#1 Butterscotch Crunch Starfish

These adorable crunchy bites are perfect for an ocean themed snack. Moreover, it’s great that they are crunchy.  What a unique twist on a starfish treat!  This is the cutest little ocean themed snacks.

ocean starfish
Kids Chocolate Starfish Snacks | Oh Sweet Basil

#2 Kids Chocolate Starfish Snacks

Similar to a granola bar inside, these chocolate starfish snacks require no baking – wow, what a great bonus!

oyster cookies
Oyster or Clam Cookies | Live Like You Are Rich

#3 Oyster or Clam Cookies

Cuteness has never been so easy.  Using your favorite cookies, icing, and a candy pearl, you can create this oyster cookie.

ocean themed snacks
Oyster Shell Cookies | Cooking Party Mom

#4 Oyster Shell Cookies

These adorable cookies are part of an entire Mermaid Party Food collection.  Check out these cuties plus more.

ocean themed snacks
Crab Sandwich Food Art | Hello Yummy

#5 Crab Sandwich Food Art

Wait, stop!  Isn’t this the cutest sandwich ever?!  The best part is that it is made of just 5 ingredients.  The sandwich is an “uncrustable” sandwich which is a pre-made sandwich.  This ocean themed snacks are such an easy way to get creative in the kitchen.  So fun!

crab croissants
Croissant Crabs | Eats Amazing

#6 Croissant Crabs

Again, another easy creative solution to an ocean themed snack menu.  These croissants are only 3 ingredients plus the googly eye picks.  Love it!

Beach THemed Snacks

Get ready for the beach themed snacks that bring all of the ocean themed snack vibes. 

Let’s create a relaxing feel to a treat with the appearance of sand which typically uses graham cracker crumbs or brown sugar.

beach snacks
Beach Snack Mix | Mama Cheaps

#7 Beach Snack Mix

This is the perfect mix for fun in the sun!  This beach snack mix is an easy crowd pleasing snack.  Pack this up for a road trip or serve this for an ocean themed movie night.

ocean themed snacks
Beach Sharks | Mommy's Fabulous Finds

#8 Beach Sharks

These snack cups are adorable featuring gummy shark swimming by the beach. The “water” is made from pudding.

Fish Themed Snacks

Time to swim into fish themed snacks and add some fishy flair to our ocean themed snacks.  Fish themed snacks are perfect for the ocean theme.  

With the vast array of types of fish, you can almost create a fish that is any color or shape and have something in the fish or ocean theme!  The most recognizable shapes and colors are mainly the goldfish, sharks, and rainbow fish.  Therefore, these are great for the fish themed snacks. 

In fact, it’s so easy to create the gold fish theme using goldfish snacks that you can purchase in addition to a little creativity.  Additionally, the goldfish are perfect for all ocean themed snacks.

ocean themed snacks
Mermaid Tail Cupcakes | Cooking Party Mom

#9 Mermaid Tail Cupcakes

These cute cupcakes feature a mermaid tail or fish tail.  Perfect party food addition to an ocean theme for sure.

sea bars
Sea Bars | All About Learning Press

#10 Sea Bars

These super fishy treats are perfect for an ocean themed party.  Total cuteness overload!  Not to mention, these are easy to make and only four ingredients.

Ocean Themed Surrounding

The ocean lends itself to such a beautiful surrounding.  From the sky to the surroundings you can get really creative.  Maybe you are thinking of ships and boats in the ocean as well.

coral reef cakes
Coral Reef Cakes | Party Pinching

#11 Coral Reef Cakes

Being creative doesn’t mean you have to bake from scratch.  Using packaged cakes, these ocean themed snacks are an affordable and easy way to create the water life environment.

The best part about the coral reef is that it can vary in color.  Therefore, have fun with making these nice and colorful.

ocean themed snacks
Ocean Punch | Cooking Party Mom

#12 Ocean Punch

This ocean punch will impress all of your ocean fans.  Create an ocean in a cup with less than five ingredients.  The punch can be made by simply combining Nerds candies topped with ice and swedish fish, along with blue colored Sprite.  The fizzy bubbles make it look like the ocean water.

ocean themed snacks
Anchor Veggie Tray | Completely Coastal

#13 Anchor Veggie Tray

Show off your creative talents by creating this anchor veggie tray.  This is a unique way to display an easy appetizer.  Pair it with “pirate” dip a.k.a. ranch dip, for example.

Water Life and Sea Creatures Theme

Embrace the beauty of the ocean including the ocean’s most unique sea creatures and water life.

Think about how much fun you will have showcasing fun foods that are in shapes of octopus, jellyfish, and octopus.  In addition, adding in food ideas for coral and sea grass is also another fun and unique aspect of the ocean theme.

ocean themed snacks
Ocean Snack Cup | Penny Pinchin Mom

#14 Ocean Snack Cup

Love this color of the beautiful aqua sea topped with the octopus sea creature.  Moreover, these beach themed pudding cups are absolutely adorable and easy to make with only six ingredients.

ocean themed snacks
Jellyfish Cookies | Party Pinching

#15 Jellyfish Cookies

These jellyfish cookies are so much fun.  They make a great addition to any party featuring an ocean theme.

ocean themed snack
Seaweed Wraps | E.A. Stewart

#16 Seaweed Wraps (Nori Wraps)

Nothing says the sea more than seaweed!  These wraps are perfect for the element of the sea stuffed with delicious veggies.

ocean themed snack
Fruit Sea Creatures | The Soccer Mom Blog

#17 Fruit Sea Creatures

These fruity sea creatures are sure to delight all of your ocean fans.  The sea turtle and jelly fish are very creative.  Here’s an idea, set up a fruit buffet with this picture next to it.  See if your kids can create these creatures using the fruit.

Healthy Ocean Themed Snacks

There is always room to balance the snack tray with some really festive healthy ocean themed snacks as well. 

secondly, these ocean themed snacks are fruit or veggie forward to balance out some of the sweeter items that may also be on the snack tray.

ocean themed snacks
Starfish in Blueberries | Edible Crafts

#18 Starfish in Blueberries

This starfish in blueberries is a simple idea with a lot of pizazz. This is perfect for this section of health ocean themed snacks.

ocean themed food
Starfish Wands | The Healthy Mouse

#20 Starfish Wands

In addition, here is another cute starfish accent.  It is really a fairy wand but it can also be a starfish wand as well.

ocean themed
Ocean Fruit Salad | Finding Zest

#21 Ocean Fruit Salad

This fruit salad is easy to create using fresh fruit, cookie cutters, and a melon ball scoop.

Ocean Snacks for Kids

Kids will love the ocean themed snacks.  Whether it is for a party, a classroom learning activity, or just an afternoon cooking together, it’s fun to be creative with snacks.

Kids will have fun discovering how great it can be to create ocean themed snacks.

Combine these ocean themed snacks with a learning activity.

For example, pair these snacks with your child’s favorite ocean themed book or movie.   Moreover, make fun sea themed snacks to include learning lessons from science class.

Under the Sea Snacks Perfect Ocean Theme Party Favor Ideas

Whether you are a teacher hosting an under water science day or having an outdoor birthday party, send something memorable home with your guests.

ocean themed snacks, ocean themed party favors

9 Ocean Themed Party Favor Ideas

If you are planning an ocean themed party for a birthday or just a fun gathering of friend, don’t forget about party favors.

We have made a list of really easy ideas that you can easily order from Amazon.  Moreover, these party favors are made up of both ocean themed snacks and gifts.

Here are the 9 items as listed in the graphic list above:

#1 Shark Favor Bag
#2 Gone Fishin’ Fish Candy
#3 Shark Lollipops
#4 Candy Bracelet with Fish
#5 Whale Drawstring Favor Bags
#6 Flip Flop Gummies
#7 Water Sea Creature Toys
#8 Mermaid Cotton Candy
#9 Ocean Themed Drawstring Backpack
Next, when you bring in the party favors, make sure to use them as part of your table display.  The party favors always make such a great part of the decor and theme of the party.
Your guests will be very excited to learn that those great items they saw on your display table are for them to take home as a prize.

It's time to choose your Ocean Themed Snacks and Get Creative

Let’s get creative!  Choose 3-5 of your favorite ocean themed snacks from this list.  Make an ingredient list and a plan.  Just a few of the food items will make a great display or fun activity for kids. 

Let’s take a moment to recap all of the great ideas that we have above.

We started with sea themed options including crab croissants and oyster shell cookies.

Next, we had fun with beach themed snacks including beach shark pudding cups and beach snack mix.

Then, fish themed snacks came in to the mix.  We highlighted mermaid cupcakes and sea bars with goldfish.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the ocean themed surrounding with the coral reef cakes.

Of course, we also included the sea creatures such as the ocean snack cup with the octopus and also the jellyfish cookies.

Finally, we included our favorite health ocean themed snack options that gave us great ideas using fruit in the ocean theme.

With an ocean themed party, there are so many options from food to decor to party favors.  The most important thing is to have fun!

I hope you enjoy making all of your ocean themed party dreams come true. 

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