17 Best Classroom Celebration Ideas Kids Will Love

classroom celebration ideas

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Let’s plan the best class party that will have kids talking about that special day!  These classroom celebration ideas are perfect for any time of year: end of the school year, winter celebrations, or even the beginning of the school year. 

Classroom party ideas are for students of all ages.  Yes, high school kids also like parties every now and then.  Classroom celebration ideas can be a variety of fun and easy activities, themes, classroom party games, and even party snacks. 

Having fun with students and have enjoying the celebration is important.  That’s why it is important to involve the room parents and parent volunteers.  Having a small team of parents and teachers working together makes the party planning so much easier.  

In addition, having a few extra hands to help with gathering students together, setting up the party snacks, and even taking photos during the class party.

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Snack Ideas for School Parties

The best classroom celebration ideas have the best snacks for the party!  Having some fun snacks for your school party is a fun way to make the theme of the party.

These 61 Best Birthday Snack Ideas for School Parties are perfect for adding to your classroom celebration. Moreover, these fun snacks are perfect for any party theme idea whether you have a pajama party or scavenger hunt. 

Some of the best snack ideas for school parties are these 27 Best Valentines Day Treat Ideas for School Party. If you have a small group classroom, it is a great idea to have a cookie or cupcake decorating party.

17 Classroom Celebration Ideas for Your Class Rewards

Let the fun begin in the classroom!  These classroom celebration ideas will have all of the students talking about the memories they made at their class reward day.  

All of these class party ideas are a great incentive for kids to have good behavior throughout the year.  If they know that their is a great reward, it can be fun reminder to put on the bulletin board.  The class party is the perfect reminder of the goals that the students set for the year as a class.

Here are 17 Classroom Celebration Ideas:

All of these ideas are listed in detail below. Get your pen and paper ready, or rather your printer, and make a list of the perfect celebration for your class. 

Additionally, find the student party ideas that match your student ages and preferences. Pick a day to present the options to the class, and let the students vote on which is their favorite party idea.

classroom celebration ideas

Kids School Party Ideas

Gather your students and get ready for the very best classroom celebration ideas and party ideas for school. There are so many great ideas that are super fun for party planning in your classroom.  

We are starting with this FULL list right here and we are breaking it down into the proper age groups down below.

Plan a Special Field Trip

There are so many fun ideas for a special field trip.  For the younger age groups, here are some field trip ideas for a great time together:

  • a field trip to the zoo
  • visit to the local children’s center
  • local park picnic
  • painting craft center

These are fun idea for entertaining the little ones. 


For the older students, the following are a few ideas for special field trips for the class party:

  • field trips to an art museum
  • a visit to an escape room
  • local theater 

These are all a great way to entertain the group.   Additionally, something like an escape room gives an opportunity for teamwork experience.

Get Ready for a Dance Party

Have some fun in the classroom or community area at school!  Choose a theme for your dance party such as a decade party.  Moreover, decorate with 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s and have the class dress according to the theme decade. Create a playlist that works with both the theme and the school.  

Combine the dance party with a photo booth.  Create fun memories around the dance party and snap pictures to remember your best ever class party for the kids.

Class Memory Book Creation

This is perfect for the younger groups.  Students will have fun with colored paper, glue, glitter, cotton balls, and more to create their memory book to celebrate the special year at school. 

Building a craft and creating as a class group is a fun and engaging way to accomplish a common goal together.  After all of the students make their memory books, they can share their creations.  Additionally, the memory book makes a great keepsake gift from the class party.

Show Off Your Talent – Student and Teacher Talent Show

Plan a fun talent show where students and teachers can participate in showing off their fun talents. What a great way to celebrate the end of the year.  This is the perfect way to celebrate with a variety of age groups.

Classroom Card Games 

Card games are a great for younger or older kids.  Younger kids will play traditional games for their age group such as Go Fish.  Older students will play solitaire or rummy.  

Parents and volunteers are perfect for keeping score for the games. What I love about this idea is that it is great for a classroom party ideas on a budget.

classroom celebration ideas board games

Board Game Stations

Similar to the card games, board games are the perfect idea for both older and younger students.  Games such as Chutes and Ladder or Candyland for the younger children are geared for hours of entertainment.  

Create stations around the classroom with a different game at each.  Set a timer for each game so there is enough time to rotate.  

For the older kids, the same goes with game stations to allow for small groups to rotate. Checkers, chess, and Monopoly are just a few fun ideas to incorporate into the board game rotation.

Perfect Pajama Party

Pajama parties never go out of style!  Kids love a chance to wear their pj’s to school.  The younger students can bring their favorite stuffed animal in addition to wearing pajamas. 

You would probably think that this is limited to the younger grades.  However, both of my teens are in high school, and they even had a pajama day at school.  The high school pajama day was related to a school pep rally theme.

Have an Extra Recess

Sometimes there is something so obvious in front of us that is a crowd pleasing celebratory reward.. an extra recess.  It seems so simple, but it is much appreciated by the students.  

An extra recess is also certainly a perfect incentive for classrooms to meet their conduct and grade goals during the year.  

Build Gingerbread Houses

A gingerbread house building party is ideal for the winter celebration.  This super celebration party idea can be an annual event for which kids can look forward each year.

Ready, Set, Go Relay Races

Do you students like a little friendly competition?  

Plan a great relay race for your class.  You can even include teachers and parents if you want.  The first thing you will want to do is set the ground rules for the event.  

Next, find the perfect spot to host the relay race.  After that, it is time to plan the details of teams and score boards.

Sidewalk Chalk Party

Have an art party on the sidewalk. A sidewalk chalk party is a great idea for the younger groups to create and leave their mark on the ground.  

You can also have a theme for the sidewalk chalk party such as shapes and letters that the kids are learning at that time.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt will have all of the students looking forward to the class celebration.  Get creative with your scavenger hunt as far as what they are required to find. Here are some scavenger hunt ideas for an outdoor scavenger hunt.

Classroom Photo Booth

Everyone will love a classroom photo booth to celebrate the end of the school year.  Create a cute backdrop to make the photo booth perfect for selfies.  These little photo decorations on amazon are perfect for the party.

Bulletin Board Reward Chart

Set your reward chart in the classroom to keep track of the reward progress. This in itself is a great celebration every time the students hit a mark for the reward chart.

Movie Themed Party

Having an epic movie party is the perfect idea that students of all ages will love for their classroom parties. 

The movie party in the classroom is a great time and is always an exciting way to have an end of the school year celebration.  Here are some fun ideas for a movie themed party.

Special Craft Day

Do your students love art projects?  Hosting a special craft day for students is one of the fun ideas for classroom parties.  Kids will have a great time getting creative with their craft.  

Choose a craft of choice or set up an abstract art classroom activity.  Use all of your scrap art supplies along with accessories to let kids make use of the leftover craft supplies.

Class Bingo Game

Who doesn’t love a good game of bingo? B-I-N-G-O is such a fun game for all ages.  Teachers and parents can take turns joining in the fun of the class party by calling out the numbers and checking the bingo cards.  Be sure to have some small prizes for the winners.

Additionally, bingo games can be fun seasonal themes.  For example, a strawberry themed bingo or a food groups bingo theme are just a couple of ideas.

Classroom Celebration Ideas for Elementary

There is a fun way to celebrate for kids of all ages.  For the younger students at the elementary age, here are some fun ideas:

  1. Plan a special field trip
  2. Have a dance party
  3. Celebrate Pajama Day
  4. Sidewalk Chalk Party
  5. Craft Celebration

Elementary age students will love these classroom party ideas and have a great time.

classroom celebration ideas

Middle School Class Party Ideas

WOW! Yes, the middle school class age are game for the class celebration party as well.  The best part is that whichever party you choose is going to be so much fun.

Kids will love the party aspect and the element of reward for the class as a group. 

Here are a few suggestions from the list of class party ideas:

  1. Special Craft Day
  2. Movie Themed Party
  3. Class Bingo Game

In addition, middle school is also a great time to have an extra recess as a fun celebratory gift for the class.

Class Party Ideas High School

Working toward a classroom goal is a great example for teenage team building.  Not only is it fun, but it is a great way to celebrate together with classic games, activities, and competitions.

Creating a series of board game stations or a scavenger hunt around the school are fun activities that you will want to capture for the memory book. 

Here is a list of class party ideas for high school:

  • Classic Board Game Time
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Learn to Play Chess
  • Relay Races

High school students will love all of the fun ideas for their classroom celebration.  Don’t underestimate the power of a fun classroom event.  

The high school students will be every excited to celebrate together.  In addition, they will have so many memories to share in their remaining high school years.

Classroom Party Ideas for Good Behavior

All of these fun celebration ideas can be such a great alternative for reward parties for classroom behavior.   You can also create positive classroom awards for each child.  Celebrating the classroom wins is a great way to create teamwork in the classroom.  

Here are some great examples of classroom party ideas for good behavior:

  1. Bulletin board reward chart
  2. Talent show competition
  3. Movie Party

There are a variety of activities to celebrate such as an extra recess or movie party that will make students smile.

Classroom Birthday Ideas

Of course, birthday celebrations are always exciting for students.  Whether it is their own birthday or a classmate’s birthday, kids love to have class parties almost any time of year.

The traditional classroom birthday celebrations for students involve a brief birthday song and cupcakes.  

Although this is a lot of fun, there is a great alternative to this. Once a month, have a monthly birthday party. 

Create a monthly celebration tradition so that all of the kids can look forward to the class party every month!

Last Day of School Parties

The last day of school is a time to celebrate the year, and get excited about the fun summer break.  

Some fun ideas for the party is to have ocean themed snacks and fruit cups to get ready for summertime fun. Kids will love the idea of getting ready for the summer with their own classroom party in school. 

Here are some more theme ideas for the last day of school:

  • Ocean Themed Snacks
  • Beach theme party
  • Mermaid Party

Beginning of the Year School Party

When the summer comes to an end, and back to school approaches, the excitement of the students is contagious.  That is why it is a great idea to have a fun activity to “break the ice” with the new group.  

Classroom parties are not just for the end of the year.  A classroom party is a great way to start the new year off with a great start.  

Moreover, if kids are shy or new to the school, this can be a great way to get the students to meet each other.

Here are some cute class party theme ideas:

  • Donut Party 
  • Sports Theme Party
  • Class Bingo Game

Kids will love to kick off the school year with a good time.

After School Party for the Classroom

As you know sometimes there is just not enough time during the day to have a classroom celebration party. Having an after school party for the classroom can take the pressure off of “fitting” the party into the day.  

The party can be more time relaxed for a fun party for students and teachers.

The after school party can also be a class kickball game or volleyball game for fun.

Classroom Winter Party Ideas

No more winter blues, create the best classroom winter party with these ideas.  The winter time typically falls in the middle of the school year. 

Let’s have some fun with creating a full holiday and seasonal experience for the kids. 

Here are some fun ideas for classroom winter party:

  • Gingerbread House Building Party
  • Make Homemade Snow (Recipe)
  • Have a Hot Chocolate Buffet Bar
  • Watch the Polar Express Movie

The holidays and winter time will be a unique experience for your class.  A winter class party can be a great way to increase the mid-year morale of the classroom. Moreover, it can get the class to be rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of the school year.

classroom celebration ideas

Choosing Ideas for Class Party at School 

There is no better way to begin the school year, end the school year, or any time, than to celebrate the class. These ideas for class parties at school are the perfect way to show the class that you care.  

Have fun with the process of choosing the classroom celebration ideas, planning, and enjoying the party in the classroom. 

Take the pressure off of yourself, and get some help with the class party.  In fact if you have older students, let them help you plan the party.  What a great lesson to learn in planning?  They can still learn while having fun planning the party.  

A great idea for high school students is to let them plan a budget for the classroom celebration.  Additionally, let them create a spreadsheet with all of the items needed.  They can even make party assignments for each member of the class.

Cleaning Up After the Class Party

The biggest task after the classroom celebration is the clean up.  I know you agree!  Tackle the clean up as a group.  One way to start is to assign tasks to each class member.

Yay!! I hope you have the very best and memorable classroom celebration this year!

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