19 Best Berry First Birthday Ideas For a Sweet Party

berry first birthday ideas

The cutest party idea for your little girl’s first birthday is to have a Berry First Birthday Party.  There are so many berry first birthday ideas that can create the most unique sweet party for your baby’s first birthday. 

When I was little girl, strawberry short cake was all the rage, now the nostalgic character has transformed into the cutest birthday party for baby girls. Fresh berries are the perfect way to have a fresh idea for first birthday party ideas.  

From the invitations, to berry themed party food, and strawberry decor. 

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DIY Berry First Birthday Ideas

Your baby’s 1st birthday party will be a special day with this berry first birthday party theme.  Celebrating together with family members and friends to sing happy birthday is a great way to commemorate baby’s first birthday.  

When you are planning your DIY Berry birthday party, there are so many berry sweet ideas to help you celebrate.  From the cute outfits to the party food, the berry and strawberry theme is a fun way to create the cutest occasion. 

The color scheme of the party includes green, red, pink, and white.  Therefore, whether you find a decoration that is the strawberry theme or if you find colors in the color scheme, any of these will work perfectly.  

These berry first birthday ideas such a cute way to celebrate!

These ideas are also sweet ideas for a baby shower as well! 

Berry Outfit

Here is a sweet idea, a berry sweet outfit for first birthday outfit. This ruffle shirt, pants, headband is adorable for baby girls special day.

Baby Berry Shoes

To match the cute strawberry outfit, these little berry shoes are a great way to complete the outfit.  These cute mary jane style baby shoes give all of the strawberry fun vibes.

Strawberry Baby Hat

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a baby strawberry hat? This is the perfect idea for an outdoor party to keep baby’s face out of the sun. 

Cute and Berry Sweet Invitations

Don’t forget the invitations!  One of the best simple and cute invitations are these that say ” our berry sweet ____ is turning one.”

Guest Dress Code

Invite your guests to dress in red and pink colors.  This will be a fun way to get everyone party ready.  In addition, the photo booth is going to be so adorable with pictures of your guests in their color coordinated pictures.

Guest Gift Headbands

Gift your guests with a cute party favor that they can wear.  What if you give everyone a strawberry headband for party guests. Your guests will love this idea because they can wear it at the party and wear it home. The older kids and the adults will have fun with this idea.

Festive Strawberry Tablecloth

Make your beautiful party food table with this berry sweet tablecloth.  However, I really like the look of this red plaid tablecloth.

Strawberry Party Banner

This little wall banner makes a great backdrop for your pictures.

Party Signs

This strawberry sign is super cute for a special party feature.

High Chair Banner

One of the absolute cutest ideas is to decorate the high chair.  This high chair banner features the berry first birthday theme making it perfect for the occasion.


Strawberry Party Decorations

This set of strawberry party decorations is perfect and your little one will love it. 

Cute strawberry plates

When you are planning your party food, be sure to grab some cute strawberry party plates and utensils. Paper cups and paper plates are nice accent pieces to the party table.  

They can be either decorative or solid color like red, pink, or green, or a mix of these colors.

Berry Fun Photo Booth

Yes, even at a baby’s birthday party, the photo booth will be a huge hit!  Guests will love taking pictures with their photo booth props and their party favors.  

This photo booth props kit makes planning simple and easy. The photo booth is a not only a fun activity, but guests will be able to take home memorable pictures of their berry fun time!

Check out the food ideas and party favors below for more ideas.

These magical fairies tea party ideas also coordinate beautifully with the berry theme!


Berry First Birthday Food Ideas

Your berry themed food table is perfect for birthday parties.  There are so many fun food ideas to pair with the party theme.  Create a variety of strawberry themed food items for a sweet first birthday.

Strawberry Lemonade

There is nothing more refreshing at a Berry First Birthday Party than a glass of ice cold strawberry lemonade.  This lemonade is the hit at any berry themed party.  Here is the recipe for the Strawberry Lemonade from the Minimalist Baker.

This peach and strawberry smoothie is also a delicious addition.


Strawberry Straws

Once you make your strawberry lemonade, you need a cute straw to use to drink it!

Berry Favorite Cupcakes

Every party usually calls for cupcakes.  Therefore, of course some beautiful berry cupcakes are the perfect for the occasion.  You can purchase ready made cupcakes or make your own at home.  

If you want to make them homemade, you can get a strawberry mix and decorate with white icing topped with a fresh strawberry.

Cute Cake Topper 

Absolutely love this cute cake topper that say Berry 1st Birthday Party! Add this to the top of the cake, and your cake is beautifully decorated.


Strawberry Cake (smash cake)

If you want to try your hand at making your own smash cake, this is a tutorial to make a DIY smash cake. Add your cute cake topper and you have a sweet dessert!

Fresh Strawberries

If it is strawberry season, be sure to have fresh strawberries on hand for decorating the table, adding accents to party platters, and snacking on a cool snack. 

Strawberry Shortcake

It wouldn’t be a berry party without strawberry shortcake.  It is simple to make using spongecake like this recipe, or you can make something unique for adults strawberry shortcake kabob. 

​Parfait Berry Bar

Include a variety of berries along with yogurt and granola for a DIY parfait berry bar.  Here are some ideas of items to include on the berry bar. 

Fruit Dip

You can often times find a fruit dip in the grocery store.  The fruit dip is whipped cream based dip the is flavored for dipping fruit. 


Berry Party Favors

Baby’s first year celebration must have some sweet surprises for your guests.  There party favors are perfect for your older kids and adult guest. For example, Strawberry Preserves are a great party favor for adult guests.

Are Fresh Strawberries in Season for My Party?

Although it can vary somewhat, the U.S. strawberry peak season is from March to July. However, you can get frozen strawberries year round to make some great recipes.  

How to Involve the Older Kids in Baby’s Berry First Birthday

The older kids are not as difficult to entertain as one might think.  They are happy with the old birthday party games that we played growing up.  

Strawberry Pinata

For example, the Strawberry Pinata can provide lots of friendly competition.  Fill the pinata with fun age appropriate treats or toys and enjoy the fun.

Berry Bingo Game

Play a round or two of Strawberry Bingo!  This is a cute way to get the older kids and adults involved in the party with a fun game.  Find this bingo game on Amazon.

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