10 Best Ideas for Ms Rachel Birthday Theme Party

ms rachel birthday theme

Last updated on February 25th, 2024 at 04:47 pm

Let’s plan your Ms Rachel birthday theme party for your little one!  Ms Rachel has such a fun presence on her show, and kids just love her energy.  

By re-creating some of the signature elements of the Ms Rachel show, you can have the best party plan for your Ms Rachel theme party.

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Who is Ms Rachel?

If you have a little one, you are likely to be familiar with Ms Rachel.  Ms. Rachel has gained many mom and toddler fans.  Her show started on Youtube in 2020 as way to help children learn important milestones.  

In this article, Ms Rachel talks about her own child having a delay in speech which inspired her to start the show.  

Rachel has a natural talent for delivering these messages to little ones with her background as a teacher. This video interview with Ms Rachel really gives a great background on her behind the scenes reasons for her teaching methods.

Besides on youtube, you can find Ms. Rachel theme on Tiktok.  Additionally, there are some great Ms Rachel themed birthday party decor on Etsy.

How to Throw a Ms Rachel Party DIY

Ms. Rachel has a signature color theme which is perfect for party decorations, cake ideas, and party food ideas.  On her show, Ms Rachel wears a pink shirt, denim overalls, and a pink bandana or headband.

Whether it’s your daughter’s first birthday or toddler boy’s third birthday, Ms Rachel’s signature theme and personality is loved by so many children (and moms too).  

Whether you find themes for Ms Rachel on tiktok – make this your go to party list for a firstbirthdaytheme #msrachel.  In the party background, you can play some msrachelsongforlittes #msracheltheme

Additionally, a really fun element to you Ms Rachel party is a balloondecoration #1stbirthday.

Everything You Need for Ms Rachel Birthday Theme Party

Here is a summary list of everything you need for Ms Rachel birthday party:

  1. Ms Rachel birthday outfit

  2. Denim Decorations

  3. Light Pink Headbands

  4. Pink Plates and Accessories

  5. Pink Cupcake Toppers  

  6. Birthday Backdrop age boxes

  7. Pastel balloon arch kit

  8. Farm animal backdrop

  9. Birthday Invitations

  10. Goodie Bags

Ms Rachel Party Decor

It is so fun and easy to create a party with Ms Rachel birthday decoration.   

Ms Rachel Birthday Outfit

All you need for your Ms Rachel birthday outfit is a pink shirt, jeans or jean overalls, and a pink headband!

Denim Decorations

These cute denim themed party supplies to decorate as well as a party banner with happy birthday written in denim print like Ms Rachel’s overalls.

Denim Patchwork Tablecloth

This tablecloth gives all of the Ms Rachel feels.  It such a cute denim themed tablecloth that can be used over and over.

Blue Burlap Happy Birthday Banner

Giving the denim overall look with the blue burlap.

ms rachel birthday theme

Light Pink Headbands

One of the signature looks of Ms Rachel is her pink headband.  These pink headbands on amazon are cute for the party theme to wear.

Pink Plates and Accessories

Just a touch of denim and pink will be the highlight of the party decorations. These party plate sets on Amazon are perfect to along with the denim. 

Pink Cupcake Toppers

These cute pink cupcake toppers pair perfectly with a light blue iced cupcake.

In addition, this custom cake topper is a great to customize your child’s name on it. This cute topper can also say Ms Rachel on it for a special Ms Rachel birthday cake.  Be sure to order it on an earlier date (at least one week prior) to have time for customization and shipping.


I created these DIY cupcake toppers. Print the pdf, cut them out, and attached with tape to a toothpick.

ms rachel cupcake topper
DIY Cupcake Toppers

Birthday Backdrop

Create a fun Ms Rachel birthday backdrop for your themed party.  Here are some fun examples of backdrop:

Birthday Invitations

Oh yes, don’t forget Ms Rachel birthday invitations. You can find some great ideas on Etsy.

Goody Bags

These cute bags that appear to look similar to denim are reusable and fun for party goody bags.

Ms Rachel Birthday Theme Party Foods

Since we are in a pink and denim theme, why not make the party food pink and blue? Here are some fun ideas for both pink foods and blue foods.  The blue foods come from a Blippi party list of ideas.

Pink Foods

Use this pink foods list to brainstorm ideas for foods that your guests will love.

Blue Foods

Here is a great list of tasty blue foods for your Ms. Rachel party.

Toddler Girl Birthday Party

Instead of going to chuck e. cheese, have fun at home with a Ms Rachel themed birthday party.  Kids will be so happy to have a unique party idea with one of their favorite characters.  

The best part about msrachelbirthdayparty #msrachel is the fun elements that take out the hosting stress.

I hope you have the best birthday party and create beautiful memorable experiences for you and your little one.Hopefully these Ms Rachel bday party ideas helped you on your journey.

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