21 Magical Fairies Tea Party Ideas

fairies tea party

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Create your Fairy Garden Tea Party

Let’s get creative and make the most magical fairies tea party.  All of your fairy guests will be feeling magical with these fairies tea party ideas.

Fairy Tea Parties are great for many occasions including birthday parties, seasonal parties, and baby showers.

21 Magical Fairies Tea Party Ideas are in the following categories:

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What is a Fairy Tea?

When you think of a fairy most of think of a Tinkerbell type of fairy with wings and a magical wand.  The fairy elements along with the tea party go hand in hand to make a beautiful setting for a tea party.  There can also be some elements of fairy tales as well.

What Kind of Tea do Fairies Like?

The age range of your guests at your tea party will determine what kind of tea or beverage to serve.  If you are looking for herbal tea, I found Berry Cotton Candy Herbal Tea on Amazon. 

Many youngsters may prefer fruit juice instead of herbal tea.

Fairy Garden Party Tea Party

Bringing in the garden aspects of the tea is always a great feature.  Items such as flowers, greenery, and garden themed food items are fun for a fairy garden tea party.

Woodland Fairy Tea Party

The woodland fairy tea party theme is more of a rustic theme with wood features, mushrooms, more non-traditional fairy items.

How to Create a Magical Fairy Garden Tea Party

You will find everything you need to set the table for your garden fairies tea party.  Featured below are 21 fairy tea party ideas.

Before you start planning, I recommend to grab this Free Tea Party Checklist.

tea party checklist

#1 Fairy Garden Tea Party Invitations

Every enchanted fairy tea party begins before the party with sending great invitations.  Invitations start the building of the excitement amongst the party guests.

fairy invitation
Fairy Tea Party Birthday invitationss for a garden party are editable and customizable. These are on Etsy from Paper and Ink Design Co. I like the simple background which really highlights both the fairy and tea party aspects.

#2 Fairy Garden Tea Party Invitation

fairy invitations
Here is another sweet editable fairy invitation for a Fairy Tea Party. This creative invitation is by Ink and Card on Etsy.

#3 Decorations: Garden Garland

A nice garland really adds to the element of the garden fairy atmosphere.

Garden Garland
Fairy Party Paper Garden is the perfect decoration to hand for your tea party. It add that garden touch. This garland is by MeriMeri Inc on Etsy.

#4 Decorations: Custom Fairy Sign

Welcome your guests with a sign on an easel.  Everyone will want to take pictures next to the sign as well.

tea party sign
Customizable Fary Tea Party Sign Template is a great way to welcome little fairies to the party. This sign is by Paper and Ink Design Co on Etsy.

#5 Tea Party Porcelain Cake Stand

This 3 -teir porcelain cake and dessert stand is ideal for a tea party.  The pastel colors and delicate details are a beautiful addition to any table.  Check price on Amazon.

#6 Woodland Fairy Cake Stand

The woodland fairy stand is more rustic.  If your fairy fan is more of a woodland fairy fan, this cupcake stand would be ideal.  

It is also made of cardstock so it not breakable.  Be sure to add this to your list of fairy tea party supplies.

woodland fairy stand, fairies tea party
If you are more of a Woodland Fairy fan, this cake stand is great for the woodland feel.

#7 Fairy Placecards

Place cards are fun and they can also serve as a little memento after the party.  When the guests arrive, either have them make their own or write and set them on the table ahead of time.

These are similar to the Frozen Free Printable Party Food labels.

fairy placecards
Fairy place cards are a great way to say your are a special guests at the party.

#8 Fairy Party Balloon Set

A fairy party balloon set makes a great backdrop for photos. Find this fairy party balloon set on Amazon.

fairy party balloon sign, fairies tea party
Welcome your guests with a fairy party balloon set.

#9 Artificial Grass Table Runner

This grass table runner brings all of the garden vibes to the table. Find it on Amazon.

artificial grass table runner
It's time to set the tea party table with this decorative table runner show stopper.

#10 Decorative Tea Party plates

Use these decorative disposable plates for both the food and dessert.  The unique variety of  colors and designs really set these plates apart.  Check price on Amazon.

tea party plates
These decorative tea party plates are disposable and come 48 in pack.

#11 Elegant Tea Napkins

Decorative napkins make a beautiful feature on the tea table.  Find these floral napkins on Amazon.

tea party napkins
These napkins will match the plate option above. The shape of the napkins with the scalloped edges are so unique.

#12 Vintage Tea Cups

Floral tea cups and saucers with a vintage touch.  If you are looking for real tea cups for your guests, this set of 6 tea cups make a beautiful display.

vintage tea cups
A mix of blue floral tones and pink floral tones make this set a unique and colorful table decoration.

#13 Paper Tea Cup Options

For the young fairies that may not be ready for breakable tea cups, there are certainly great paper tea cup options.

paper tea cups
Floral paper tea cups can be a great option for guests that may not be ready for porcelain tea cups.

#14 Set of Fairy Wings

Every fairy needs a set of wings.  Use wings to decorate for your party as well. Find these fairy wings on Amazon.

fairy wings
Fairy wings to wear or use these to decorate for the party.

#15 Easy Fairy Themed Cupcakes

The simplicity of these fairy cupcakes make a stunning centerpiece on the table.

fairy cupcakes, fairies tea party
Cupcakes featuring pastel icing wrapped with a ribbon.

To create these cupcakes, you can find Fairies Miniatures Figures and wrap with Pastel Ribbon.

#16 Add Flowers to Your Garden Fairy Tea Party Table

This flower display on the table really adds a delicate touch to the fairy tea party.

fairy tea party table
Garden Tea Party by Poppy and Grace.

Placing flowers in a plain white tea pot takes the garden tea party into a whole new aspect. The macarons around the candle vase makes a great edible centerpiece.

#17 Butterfly Napkin Rings

Set the table with tea cups along with napkins and special butterfly napkin ring.

butterfly napkin rings, fairies tea party
Photo courtesy of Blithewold.

A simple napkin ring can bring the whole table together.

#18 Add a Plate Charger for Another Tea Party Element

These pink plate chargers are in theme of the fairy garden party.

The scalloped edge along with the pastel pink color is great for your fairy tea party.  In addition, these can be used for many occasions such as Easter and Valentines parties as well.

#19 Lady Bug Appetizers for Your Tea Party

Every garden fairy tea party needs a cute featured appetizer.  These lady bug crackers will add a nice element to the party menu.

lady bug appetizers
Lady Bug appetizers by The Garden Spot Blog.

#20 Enjoy Butterfly Sandwiches at Your Fairy Tea Party

Sandwiches are nice and simple but also a more satisfying snack if your party is taking place during a meal time. 

Butterfly sandwiches
Butterfly Sandwiches by Kid Friendly Thinks To Do make an easy addition to your tea party snacks.

Using a butterfly sandwich cutter along with carrot and celery sticks, these sandwiches are not only cute but easy to make.  Fill the sandwich with your choice of fillings.

These sandwiches are also cute for a Berry First Birthday Party.

#21 Fairy Garden House Hummus Platter

Last but certainly not least, if you are feeling very creative, take a look at this edible fairy garden home.

edible fairy garden

This garden fairy home is not as difficult as it looks at first glance.  The bottom has a layer of hummus with sliced vegetables on top of it.  The house is made of bread slices and topped with a bell pepper.

Have the Kids bring their American Girl dolls to the party.  Here are some great ideas for American Girl activities.

Where to have Your Fairies Tea Party?

If the weather is nice, it is great to have the party outdoors. 

If you like an outdoor theme, please look at these ideas for an Adventurous Backyard Camping Party.

A Wonderland Tea Party is also a fun spin on a tea party.

Need more ideas for food items for your tea party?

1. Strawberry Bites

2. Cucumber Mini Sandwiches

See more food ideas. 

fairies tea party

Thank you for stopping by Cooking Party Mom.  I hope you have great success in your party planning.

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