21 Best Haunted Mansion Food Ideas to Haunt Your Dinner Table

haunted mansion food ideas

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Let's Have a Haunted Celebration

Let’s create a variety of creepy crawly haunted mansion food for your party.

These haunted food ideas are perfect for movie watching, party gatherings, a Haunted Mansion dinner party, or your fall Halloween parties.

What is the Haunted Mansion?

The Haunted Mansion is located at several Walt Disney locations.  If you have ever been to Disney world and taken the ride, it is definitely one to remember.  The mansion features a ride where guests are greeted by a variety of mansion characters.


Create your own movie night fun with a Haunted Mansion movie night menu.  Select options from a ghostly surprise menu to a veggie skeleton! 

The haunted mansion food ideas below will help you create an epic haunted mansion dinner for you and your guests.

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Haunted Mansion Themed Dinner

Host your own Haunted Mansion themed dinner.  Invite guests to a memorable dinner.  Treat your guests to a ghost pizza along with a veggie skeleton and finish with a spooky bride’s wedding cake.  Don’t worry, when you see the list below, you will know what I am talking about.

Choose from a list of ghostly menu items.  Don’t forget the decorations as well.

Haunted Mansion Food Ideas

Here you can find the best haunted mansion inspired food ideas to create for your party.

The following Haunted Mansion food sub-categories are below:

  • Haunted Mansion Haunted House
  • Medusa Inspired
  • Haunted Mansion Hitchhiker Dessert
  • Madame Leota Inspired Food
  • Ghostly Haunted Mansion Ideas
  • Haunted Mansion Graveyard
  • Haunted Mansion Bride
  • Daisy’s Umbrella
  • Creepy Spider and Skeleton

Haunted Mansion Haunted House

Haunted Mansion Haunted House

Every Haunted Mansion dinner needs a recreation of the mansion itself.  This graham cracker house lends itself to a great edible centerpiece.

haunted mansion house
Haunted Mansion graham cracker house by Homemade Food Junkie.

The house is made using graham crackers and royal icing.

Medusa Inspired

Medusa Vegetable Centerpiece

Create an edible centerpiece using fresh vegetables such as zucchini, cauliflower, and tomatoes.

medusa's head
A Medusa edible centerpiece by Honest.

The pumpkin makes a great base for this.  However, if you are making this outside of pumpkin season, use an orange vase.  For a DIY, use an empty milk jug with the top cut off.  The jug can be painted with a face like the pumpkin in the image above.

Medusa Cheese Ball

This is next level food art right here. All of the instructions are listed step-by-step here.

medusa, haunted mansion food ideas
Medusa cheese ball by Jo and Sue.

Wow, the creativity with a medusa cheese ball is amazing.  This is the perfect show stopping edible table decoration in the theme of Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion Hitchhikers

These Haunted Mansion hitchhikers are ready for their creative adventure at your haunted mansion dinner. 

hitchhiking ghost
Hitchhiking ghost blue velvet cake trio by WDW News Today.

Made from blue velvet cake, these hitchhikers are ready for a haunted mansion party. To make these easier, grab some cupcake toppers to put into the center.  These are on Etsy.

Madame Leota's Crystal Ball

Madame Leota’s Blue Smoothie Bowl

Don’t get mesmerized by the Madame Leota’s crystal ball!  This smoothie bowl is a beautiful reminiscence of the blue hair crystal ball at the Haunted Mansion.

blue smoothie bowl, haunted mansion food ideas
Make a Madame Leota crystal ball smoothie bowl. This is a blue smoothie bowl by Purely Kaylie.

Adding the fruit to this bowl really highlights the blue color of the theme.

Ghostly Haunted Mansion Ideas

Ghostly Pizza

Every party needs a pizza, but not just any pizza – a Haunted Mansion Pizza with Ghosts. 

This haunted pizza is so super cute along with an easy ghostly solution for an epic pizza.  Simply by using provolone cut into ghost shapes, this pepperoni pizza transformed into a great themed dish.

Haunted Pizzas
Haunted Pizza from Inspiring Magical Memories.

The ghosts are made of provolone cheese cut into ghost shapes.  To make this look, first, cook the pizza. Then, add the cheese ghosts on top so that they keep their shape.

Be sure to remember to have appetizers for pizza party as well.

Ghost Strawberries

So easy to make but perfect for the theme.  Dipping strawberries in white chocolate is the perfect ghostly menu idea.

ghost strawberries
Ghost Strawberries by Princess Pinky Girl

Made of fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate.  Chocolate chips for eyes.

Ghost Crisps

Okay no these are just the cutest ghosts. These are a nice crunchy bite.

ghost chips
Ghost Crisps by Hungry Happenings

Ghost crisps made from wonton wrappers. Get step-by-step instructions to make these here.

Popcorn Hand Ghosts

These will make an easy party favor for any Haunted Mansion themed party.  First draw on the clear plastic glove.  Then, fill it with popcorn and tie it.

popcorn hand ghosts, haunted mansion food ideas
Popcorn Hand Ghosts by Kid Friendly Things To Do

Get creative with the kids by making these popcorn hand ghosts.

Meringue Ghosts

A light snack made simple. Watch out these meringue ghost bites are looking at you!

meringue ghosts
These haunted mansion meringue ghosts make a great sweet bite. These ghosts are by My Baking Addiction.

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Ghost Cupcakes

Turn your cupcakes into ghosts using white fondant.

ghost cupcakes
Ghost Cupcakes by Hello Yummy

Ghost cupcakes are super creative and delicious for a Haunted Mansion party.  The ghost on the top of the cupcake is made of store-bought fondant.

Ghost Pancakes

Who says ghosts are just for dinner!  Make a pancake in the shape of a ghost.

ghost pancakes, haunted mansion food ideas
Ghost Pancakes by Somewhat Simple

Add chocolate chips for ghost eyes and mouth.

Strawberry Ghost Pops

Similar to the ghost strawberries above, these are made into pops. 

strawberry ghost pops, haunted mansion food ideas
Strawberry Ghost Pops by Eats Amazing

Strawberry ghost pops can be simply made using a strawberry on lollipop stick.  These strawberries are then dipped in white chocolate and topped with candy eyes.

Make both the pops and non-pops using basically the same ingredients.

Haunted Mansion Graveyard Theme

Ghosts in the Graveyard

You really don’t have to be an artist to make this one.  Using a dip and a selection of dippers, you can create a savory haunted dish.

ghost graveyard, haunted mansion food ideas
Ghosts in the Graveyard by KC Edventures

This is so silly but something anyone can make. Using a veggie dip or hummus and placing a variety of food items in it making it look like a “graveyard.”

Graveyard Dip Platter

This platter is haunted mansion party ready!

grave food, haunted mansion food ideas
Haunted mansion graveyard theme party platter. This is a ghost in the graveyard dip by Foodtastic Mom.

The dip is described as white bean and parsley hummus topped with chopped black olives.

Haunted Mansion Graveyard Dirt Cups

Easy dirt pudding cups make a colorful addition to the table.

graveyard dirt cup, haunted mansion food ideas
Create these Haunted Mansion Graveyard Dirt Cups by On My Kids Plate

This quick and easy pudding based dessert has all of the haunted mansion vibes.

Haunted Wedding Cake

The haunted bride of the mansion is serving up some yummy wedding cake.

bloody wedding cake, haunted mansion food ideas
Haunted Wedding Cake by Big Bears Wife

This cake looks like a delicious way to showcase Haunted Mansion food ideas. If you don’t want to make cake from scratch, you can use a simple cupcake with white icing and red food coloring or red sprinkles.

Daisy's Umbrella

Daisy’s Cheese Umbrellas

Make these easy appetizers out of cheese and a straw!

daisy's umbrella, haunted mansion food ideas
Make Daisy's umbrella - these are Babybel umbrellas by Cute Food For Kids

A little something different for Haunted Mansion fans.  Make Daisy’s umbrella for an easy (not so haunted) treat.

Daisy’s Umbrella Food Cover

Cover any of the Haunted Mansion dinner ideas with this decorative cover.

Daisy's umbrella, haunted mansion food ideas
This unique umbrella food cover looks great on the table with the food. Use any menu idea and cover it with this umbrella which is reminiscent of Daisy's umbrella.

Creepy Spider and Skeleton

Creepy Spider

The haunted mansion is crawling with spiders and so is your dinner table.  These cute fruit spiders are simple and easy to make.

spider food, haunted mansion food ideas
Creepy crawly spiders of the haunted mansion. These spiders are by Whitney E. RD

Use black or purple grapes and a plum or medjool date for the center.  The spider is held together with toothpicks.

Veggie Skeleton

Using dip for the face of the skeleton and your favorite vegetables for the body, you can create this haunted appetizer.

skeleton veggies, haunted mansion food ideas
Skeleton Vegetables by Whitney E. RD is hauntingly appropriate.

Don’t forget parsley leaves for the skeleton “hair.”  I think that simple detail really makes this come together.

Use this picture as an assembly guide.

how to make a veggie skeleton, haunted mansion food ideas, halloween food ideas

Haunted Mansion Dinner Table Decorations

Here is a curated list of dinner table decorations for your Haunted Mansion theme dinner.

haunted mansion dinner table decor

How to Set a Haunted Mansion Dinner Table

Here are some items to create your haunted mansion dinner table:

#1 Haunted Mansion Table Runner

#2 Welcome Foolish Mortals sign

#3 Elegant Purple and Gold Plate Sets

#4 19 inch Posable Skeleton

#5 Haunted Mansion Metal Poster Plaques

#6 Webbed Lamp Shade Covers

#7 Haunted Mansion Black Lace Rectangular Tablecloth

#8 Flameless Candles

#9 Artificial Black Bridal Bouquet

These items are great ideas to get you started on putting together your Haunted Mansion theme party or dinner.

It’s time to get your party planning started.  Which food item did you like the best?  Most of them are easy to make with crowd pleasing appeal and flavors. 

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and that your Haunted Mansion party is a great success.

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