27 Best Valentines Day Treat Ideas for School Party

valentines day treats for school

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27 Best Valentines Day Treat Ideas for School Party

All of the little ones look forward to their Valentines day party at school.  Of course, at this time of year, kids love to anticipate what types of treats will be at the party.  This ultimate list of easy Valentines Day treat ideas for school will help make your celebration a breeze!

Do you remember when you were little how simple Valentine’s Day was? Valentine treats were just a piece of paper with your name on “To You, from Me.” 

Plus, maybe, if you were lucky, you got a box of conversation hearts.  These days Valentines day calls for a class party, sweet treats, and lots of classroom fun.

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How to Make Valentines Day Special at School?

Every parent wants their little ones to have a great time at school while also being safe.  One thing to consider are the class restrictions for items that can or cannot be brought to the classroom.  

Moreover, once you have that list, you can feel comfortable picking out the perfect valentines day treat for the classroom.

Here is the list of Valentines Day treats for school parties:

  1. Fresh Strawberries – the perfect red and (almost) heart-shaped treat.

  2. Muddy Buddies – muddy buddies are made from powdered sugar, butter, and peanut butter.  However, if you need to avoid peanut butter, substitute a seed butter instead.  Here is a recipe that you can use that substitute.

  3. Freeze-Dried Strawberries
  4. Conversation Hearts
  5. Fresh Raspberries with chocolate chips – Did you know that chocolate chips and white chocolate chips fit perfectly inside a raspberry?  Try it out!
  6. Valentine m&m Butterfly Treats – Here is a recipe for a simple valentines treat.
  7. Fresh Fruit Cup
  8. Cereal Treats – Treats such as rice krispie treats are always a fun treat for Valentine’s Day.
  9. Red Velvet Cookies – Keep these delicious cookies simple by using cake mix.  Here is a recipe for red velvet cookies using cake mix. 
  10. Love Bug Fruit Cups aka Love Bug Snack Cups
  11. Heart-Shaped Gummies
  12. Personalized Water Bottles (You flood my heart with love)
  13. Cake Pops – Using cake, icing, candy melts, and popsicle sticks, you can make delicious cake pops or cake balls.  Have you ever made cake pops from leftover cake? That’s another fun activity as well.
  14. Applesauce (Awesome-sauce) – Applesauce is the perfect way to tell a friend they are awesome-sauce!
  15. Nut Free Trail Mix – Here are ingredient ideas for your nut free trail mix: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pretzels, cheerios, dried fruit, and freeze dried fruit.
  16. Popcorn – This can be popped popcorn, snack bags, or wrapped un-popped popcorn bags.
  17. Cocoa Mix – The cocoa mix can be a bag of instant cocoa or a homemade mix.
  18. Valentines Puppy Chow
  19. Gogo Squeez (Main Squeeze) – A great way to say you are my “main squeeze!”
  20. Juice Boxes – A juice box is a great way to tell a friend that you think they are “sweet!”
  21. S’mores ingredients – The ideal snack for the classroom is a package of s’mores ingredients.  Kids will will look forward to bringing the s’mores kit home to make it with their family.
  22. Cuties Clementines – This piece of fruit is perfect for getting creative.  Give little friends a pack of stickers and a cutie and let them decorate to personalize their treat.
  23. Valentine’s Day Cookie Pops – These treats are fun and easy.  Using a sugar cookie dough and popsicle stick, bake until ready.  Dip the cookie in melted chocolate or candy melts and add sprinkles for a festive treat.
  24. Valentine’s Sweet and Salty Snack Mix – This one is so fun! Create a sweet and salty mix that will have the whole class talking about this fun and colorful treat idea.
  25. Jello Cup – A red jello cup is so perfect for the Valentine’s Day theme for the classroom.  
  26. Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods – Nothing says Valentine’s Party at school like chocolate covered pretzel rods in white, red, and pink colors.
  27. Strawberry Shortcake – You can make this one from scratch or take the easy way with just 4 ingredients.

Valentines Day Classroom Party Ideas

When you are thinking about Valentines treats for kids, think about Valentines day party ideas that can be great for entertaining.  

Here are a few great ideas for classroom parties:

Valentine’s Day Class Potluck Party

This classroom party is a great way to get all of the families involved.  Parents can sign up to bring a variety of food items such as water bottles, ice cream, lots of fruits, sandwich tray, vegetable tray, and more.   

Crafty Valentines Party 

Joining together for a fun Valentines crafting moments is a great way to enjoy time together in the classroom. This is a fun take on a Valentine’s Day classroom party.  

Additionally, the best part is that kids will get to take home a fun craft that they made.

Valentine’s Day Bingo Party

Using this Valentine’s Day Bingo Card, add conversation hearts or mini marshmallows to the squares until you get to call “B-I-N-G-O.”  Kids will love using the little sweethearts to mark the spots.

valentines day treat ideas for school

What Treats Are Not Allowed at School

Ask the teacher for a list of items allowed or not allowed in the classroom.  Additionally, many schools are steering away from peanuts, peanut butter, and tree nuts in the classroom. 

Be sure to pay attention to ingredients to comply with the teachers’ request and notification. 

Good communication is the key to bringing the right treats in to the classroom.  Teachers will be happy to share any class restrictions necessary.

If no food is allowed from outside, think about crafts for the Valentines day instead.

Non-Food Valentine’s Day Treats

Here are a few ideas that are not in the food category.  Similarly, these are great for classrooms where outside food is not allowed or if you want a special treat for a goody bag.

  • Non Food Valentines Treats
  • Curly Straws
  • Play-dough
  • Heart-shaped Cookie Cutter

Valentine’s Day Treat Ideas for School on Amazon

If you are looking to order Valentines items and have them easily show up in your mail (like me he-he), these items are for you.

Valentine’s Day Play-dough

All Pink Starburst

Pink Twisty Lollipops

Heart Shaped Stress Balls (non-food item)

Red Pink White Rubber Duckie

The Best Valentines Day Treats for Teachers

It may sound funny but the best Valentines Day treats for teachers are the least messy treats when it comes to the classroom.  Look for treats that don’t have lots of crumbs, soft, and easy to consume for the kids.  

Teachers will love a good treat just as the treats kids love as well.

What are some great ideas specifically for the teachers?

Here are a few ideas for Valentine’s day sweet and treat:

Valentine’s Day Treats Mail Boxes

These mailboxes are so much fun for creating a special space for each student to receive their “mail.”  Students can decorate their mail boxes to personalize or teachers can write their names on them.  Alternatively, the boxes can be monogrammed with cricut letters.

Easy Classroom Valentine Treats for School

You don’t have to be a baker or a famous chef to create the best Valentine day treat ideas for school.  However, if you do like to bake, you can always grab a box of cake mix and make cupcakes to decorate with fun sprinkles.

Moreover, it is really easy to grab a resealable snack-size bag filled with Valentine’s m&m’s and pipe cleaners in the center to look like a cute love bug. 

So keep in mind easy is not bad for a treat. You are a busy mom, and it is totally fine to do easy things with all of the things you are juggling.

valentines day treat ideas for school

Choosing Valentines Day Treat Ideas for School

When it comes to Valentine’s day treat ideas for school, there are so many options from traditional, to candy, to healthy options, to non-food options.  Moreover, a great day in the classroom can be a blend of all of these ideas as well.  

Valentine’s day parties in the classroom are a great way to enjoy the day.  There are many options for parties for the whole class to enjoy this special time of year.

What are YOUR favorite Valentines day snacks?

The best part of this Valentines season is having fun with the kids. Not only that, but it is also an opportunity to for moms to have fun as well!

Looking for Valentines cooking ideas for your family?  Cooking together can create lasting memories for parents and kiddos.  Here are 3 Valentines treat ideas for cooking with family.

valentines day treat ideas for school

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