10 Best Valentines Picnic Ideas (Indoor and Outdoor)

valentines picnic ideas

10 Best Valentines Picnic Ideas (Indoor and Outdoor)

Why fight a crowded restaurant on Valentine’s Day when you can have a Valentines Picnic?  

If you are looking for valentines picnic ideas, you are in for a treat.  These valentines picnic ideas make a perfect picnic for an indoor picnic or outdoor picnic.  It is pretty easy to set up a traditional picnic for both couples, families, friends, or even a galentines picnic.  

The best part about it is that it is the perfect way to show you put purposeful thought into the occasion by picking out a beautiful picnic spot, choosing delicious food, and though of all of the details likes rose petals and heart-shaped sandwiches.

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Valentines Day Picnic Ideas

Here is the list of the Best Valentines Picnic Ideas:

#1 Indoor Picnic (Perfectly Weather-Proof)

#2 Rolling Picnic or Valentines Tailgate

#3 Traditional Picnic at the Park

#4 Cheese & Chocolate Board Picnic

#5 Picnic and a Movie

#6 Beach Picnic

#7 Lakeside Picnic

#8 Catered Picnic Service

#9 D.I.Y Charcuterie Picnic

#10 Family Tea Party Picnic

Valentines Picnic Ideas at Home

As they “Home is where the heart is” and a picnic is perfect at home or away.  Here are some ways to set up a picnic at home.

Set Up an Indoor Picnic at Home

One of the best ways to have a weather proof picnic for any time of year is to have an indoor picnic.  Valentines day falls in the winter month of February with cold weather for many people.  An indoor picnic is a great idea when it’s freezing outside!  

Create your own unique picnic at home with a cozy blanket on the floor.  Be sure to add rose petals, flowers, and a charcuterie board for snacking.  In addition, have some games and movies ready for a fun date nigh picnic or family fun picnic.

Picnic and a Movie

Create your own backyard paradise with picnic and a movie.  Set up your picnic in the backyard along with a movie projector screen to enjoy a fun evening together.  

This is a great for a family night together or a date night.  If the weather is not conducive to an outdoor picnic and movie, no worries, just move it indoors.

Be sure to see all of the Backyard Date Night ideas here.

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Valentines Picnic Ideas for Couples (Romantic)

The following ideas are perfect for romantic picnic ideas for valentines dates:

Cheese and Chocolate Board Picnic

This luxury picnic idea will make your romantic partner so happy.  

Steps to creating a cheese and chocolate board picnic:

First thing is to grab a cheese board with your favorite fine cheeses.  

Next, add fresh fruit such as strawberries and grapes to the board.  

Third, add chocolates including dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

Finally, add a bottle of wine to pair with the cheese and chocolate.  White wine or red wine can pair well with variety of cheese and chocolates.

valentines picnic ideas, cheese and chocolate board

Catered Picnic Service

Depending on your location, you may have a catered picnic service.  This became popular in recent years where you can just show up and your picnic is ready for you.  In addition, when you leave, the service cleans up after you as well.  Such a great idea for a day date alternative.

This short video demonstrates how a catered picnic service works for a luxury picnic set up.

D.I.Y. Charcuterie Picnic

If you like a good charcuterie board, you will love this idea.  Create your own charcuterie board at your picnic.  Bring the items for the board ready to go in containers.  When you get to your desired location, create your charcuterie board.

Want to make this really easy?  Order a pre-made charcuterie that is ready to eat.  I love this option to create a convenient no cook and no prep picnic option.

valentines picnic ideas

Valentines Picnic Ideas for Friends

Beach Picnic with Friends

Have your friends join you for a beach picnic.  The beach is the perfect picnic location for a galentines picnic.  Grab a picnic blanket, your favorite books, a few party games, and enjoy your time with friends.  

One essential for a beach picnic is an umbrella so that you can relax in the shade with your picnic basket of snacks.  You and your closest friends will enjoy spending time together and making memories in this perfect picnic area.

Lakeside Picnic

If you don’t live near a beach but you want to have a waterfront option, try a lakeside picnic instead.  Alternatively, if this is not a local option for you as well, set up near a water feature in your area at a nearby park.

Rolling Picnic or Valentines Tailgate

This rolling picnic idea is really unique; however, if you think of it as a tailgating party, it is very similar.  

Pack up your picnic food items and put them in the car. The best types of car to have this type of picnic is a car with a hatch back or a pick up truck.  

When you get to your perfect location, turn the car off, open up the hatch back or put down the tailgate and set your picnic up right there.  Bring extra folding chairs if needed and have yourself a Valentines tailgate!

valentines picnic ideas

Family Tea Party Picnic

Having a tea party is a great idea for a backyard picnic or for a picnic at your favorite park. 

Click here for a full list of Tea Party Ideas for you and your family to create together.  

Picnic Conversation Cards

Are you looking for things to do on a picnic date? Part of building a memorable picnic is the conversation.  Print a conversation card for each person at the picnic and have fun taking turns answering the questions. 

Each person will love to hear answers and share their own.  Conversation cards are perfect for couples or families.

valentines picnic ideas, conversation card

What is Needed for a Picnic?

Here is a basic list of everything you need for Valentine’s day picnic ideas:

  • Blanket for the ground
  • Pillow is a nice touch as well
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Games
  • Conversation Cards
  • Music/Portable Speaker
  • Umbrella if needed
  • Cups, Plates, and Utensils
  • Candles
  • Rose Petals
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Napkins
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunglasses
  • Food Trays
  • Easy Food Ideas

Valentine Picnic Food Ideas

Here is a list of easy picnic date foods that you can get from your local grocery store for your picnic: 

  • Croissants
  • ​Nuts
  • ​Fresh Fruit such as grapes, sliced melon, strawberries
  • Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
  • ​Salad in a Jar
  • ​Macaroons
  • ​Cheese
  • ​Crackers
  • Sliced Cured Meat
  • ​Heart-shaped Sandwiches (Cut with Heart-shaped Cookie Cutters)
  • ​Chocolates
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • Orange Juice
  • Hot Chocolate

Ideas for Picnic Baskets with Heart Shaped Foods

Create a festive picnic basket with heart shaped foods.Here is a list of food items that can be cut into heart shapes or naturally are heart shaped:

Using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut shapes into these items:

(Use a small or large cutter as appropriate)

  • Sandwiches
  • Sliced Cheese
  • Brownies
  • Cookies
  • Melon Slices
  • Strawberries (naturally heart shaped when sliced length-wise)
  • Small Apples (naturally heart shaped)

What to Pack in a Romantic Picnic Basket

When you are trying to plan the perfect romantic winter picnic, it is essential to have some cute picnic date ideas. 

If you want to create the atmosphere for a romantic valentine’s day picnic that your partner will love, here are some additional packing suggestions:

  • Fairy Lights
  • Chocolate Heart Shapes
  • Red or Pink Rose Petals
  • Playlist of favorite songs
  • Go to your favorite park setting
  • Bring decadent desserts like red velvet cupcakes or chocolate cake

Healthy Foods for a Picnic Basket

The best healthy foods for a picnic basket are washed and sliced fresh fruit.  These make such a great refreshing addition to any picnic basket for families and couples. 

In addition, another convenience option is to use a fruit cup that is ready to serve.  Dried fruit also pairs well with lots of picnic and charcuterie board options.

One of the best parts of  valentines picnic ideas is that you can create a very affordable picnic or you can go very elaborate.  Whichever type of picnic you create will be the best because you took the time to plan it for your loved one or loved ones.

Have fun planning your valentines picnic because a lot of the fun of events is the planning process and the excitement of it all.

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