19 Best Masquerade Party Foods and Ball Menu

masquerade party foods

19 Best Masquerade Party Foods Ideas and Ball Menu

Growing up near New Orleans, masquerades and Mardi Gras are an annual part of life.  Masquerade party foods and theme ideas can be tricky when it comes to these special events.  

Party foods for masquerades can range from elaborate hors d’oeuvres to sweet treats.

Masquerade party themes can vary according to dress code.  Some themes may include Mardi Gras masks to Medieval Times costumes.  The best part about planning the food ideas for masquerade parties is that the food is something to which guests look forward.  

At times, the food brings the whole party theme together for the guests. For example, a murder mystery dinner party theme is perfect for a dinner that ties into the story line of the mystery.

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Best Masquerade Party Foods Ideas List

You will LOVE this list of party food ideas. Here is a complete list of a variety of masquerade party food ideas.  

Ways to include these foods into the ball menu are also included in this post.  Be sure to read all the way through to see all of the fun ideas!


Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Some masquerade parties that are adults only might include alcoholic beverages, however, we are keeping this post teen and adult friendly with non-alcoholic drinks. 

  • Masquerade Mocktails
  • Hurricane Mocktail
  • Shirley Temple

Hors d’Oeuvres

The best hors d’oeuvres are tasty finger foods that are easy to grab and easy to eat with a mask. 

  • Gourmet Cheese
  • Veggie Plattters
  • Shrimp Skewers
  • Charcuterie Board

Finger Foods

Just because these are finger foods doesn’t mean they are messy or boring.  These finger foods are fun, delicious, and dare I say fancy!

  • Dinner Rolls
  • Party Sandwiches
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Chicken Wings
  • Jalapeno Poppers
  • Tortilla Pinwheels
  • Mini Muffaletta Sandwiches


Everyone loves to hit the dessert table to find a sweet treat between dancing on the dance floor.

  • Cream Cheese King Cake (a Mardi Gras tradition)
  • Mini Muffins
  • Petit Fours
  • Macaroons
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Fresh Fruit

Masquerade Party Themes and Party Food

There are several themes that tie in perfectly with masquerade party ideas.

Bat Mitzvahs 

Traditional foods served at a bat mitzvah include bagels and cream cheese, egg salad, and tuna salad.  All of these are perfect for finger foods for a masquerade theme party.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve party wear include big glasses featuring the coming year.  Fancy party foods like petit fours and new year’s mocktails are a fun twist to the annual occasion.

Murder Mystery Dinner

Who did it?  That’s the question at the murder mystery masquerade dinner.  What a fantastic way to have a dramatic theme for the party.  Here are a few of my favorite items to serve for a murder mystery party.

Medieval Times 

This theme style of medieval times can be a fun menu to plan.  It works perfectly with handheld and finger foods.  In medieval times dinner, you might find rolls, twice stuffed potatoes with sour cream, corn on the cob, and chicken legs.

Mardi Gras

The purple, green, and gold theme makes a fun masquerade party and ball.  The ball menu for a traditional Mardi Gras masquerade includes mini muffalettas, party sandwiches, chicken tenders, and shrimp skewers. 

Of course, every Mardi Gras party must have King Cake for dessert because it is the perfect sweet treat for this theme.  All of these foods will pair perfectly with the mardi masks theme.   

Beauty and the Beast

The “belle” of the ball will have so much fun with this masquerade party.  The beauty and the beast theme will feature decorations in gold and blue and a red rose. This beast mask is ideal for this theme.

Additionally, traditional finger foods are perfect, however, the magic comes with the dessert at this party.  The grey stuff is the best dessert for this party.  This epic dessert is a chocolate mousse base.

Planning the Masquerade Party Foods

The first thing you want to think about is some great finger foods that are easy to walk around and socialize in costume.  Matching the food with the theme is ideal.

Moreover, the number one thing to do first is plan your theme.  Once you plan your theme, use the list of masquerade party foods ideas to design your menu.

Dress Code for the Masquerade Party

Part of the fun of masquerade parties is the dress code for the event.  The masquerade event is not a masquerade without a masked ball.

Mardi Gras Masks are an easy element that creates the theme of the masquerade party.  However, depending on which theme you choose will determine the type of mask.

Despite the mask as part of the dress code, masquerade parties generally have a formal dress code such as a suit and cocktail dress.

Entertainment Ideas for Your Masquerade Party

Photo Booth

One of the best parts of the masquerade party entertainment is having a place to document memories.  Walk the red carpet and get in front of the camera photo booth.  Here is a list of photo booth ideas.

Creating a decorative photo booth for a masquerade party is easy with the following items:  colorful background, red carpet celebrity style, and photo booth props.

Live Music

Dance the night away on the dance floor with live music or a great playlist with beautiful music.

Fortune Tellers

There is something about the ambience of the masquerade party that makes fortune tellers a perfect fit.  A fortune teller is definitely a unique entertainment idea that all of your guests will remember.

Easy Masquerade Party Foods

When it comes to masquerade party foods, you can pair the food menu to the party theme.  It’s a great way to get guest excited about of the details of the party. 

Regardless of the masquerade theme there is a good food option for adults or teens.  

Here are some easy options for masquerade party foods.

  • Shirley Temple
  • chocolate mousse
  • sweet treat
  • gourmet cheese
  • hors d’oeuvres
  • dinner rolls
  • veggie platters

Masquerade Party Foods Vegetarian

A vegetarian menu for the masquerade party is absolutely simple.  

Here are a few easy ideas: party sandwiches can be filled with chickpea salad serve along with a fresh veggie platter.  

Additionally, desserts can be made with a dairy-free chocolate mousse option.

Masquerade Food Menus for the Ball

The best masquerade ball menu has options that go along with the theme of the party. One of the best masquerade ball ideas is to create a menu that guests will naturally associate with the theme of your party.

Let’s have some fun with these party menus and titles:

Mardi Gras Masquerade Party Foods:

Hurricane Mocktail

Shrimp Skewers on the Bayou

Flamin Hot Jalapeno Poppers

Nawlins Mini Muffaletta Sandwiches

King Cake

Beauty and the Beast Masquerade Party Foods:

Gourmet Cheese Board

Belle’s Tortilla Pinwheels

Luminere’s Grey Stuff

Red Rose Petit Fours

Murder Mystery Dinner Masquerade Party Foods:

Masquerade Mocktails

Mystery Charcuterie Board

Clue’s Chicken Tenders

Choose Your Role Dinner Roll

Who Dun It? Macaroons

Masquerade Dinner Party Ideas

One of the favorite masquerade ball ideas is to have a masquerade dinner party.  There are many masquerade party foods that work perfectly with a dinner party. 

These masquerade party foods and theme ideas are so exciting that I can not wait for the next event to plan!

As you can see, the themes including Mardi Gras, Medieval Times, and even a Bat Mitzhah occasion are perfect.  Any of these events are transformed from a regular event into an amazing and mysterious masquerade event.

One of the best part of planning a masquerade dinner party is planning the masquerade ball menu with these masquerade food ideas.  All of your guests will LOVE the elements and details that create theme of this magnificent party. 

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