15 Best Minecraft Snack Ideas for Birthday Party

minecraft snack ideas

15 Best Minecraft Snack Ideas for Birthday Party

Take your child’s favorite video game and combine it with the best snacks.  What do you get?  The best Minecraft snack ideas for an epic Minecraft themed party.

Whether you are Steve or Alex, the main characters of Minecraft, these Minecraft party foods are a huge hit. 

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What is a Minecraft Themed Birthday Party?

One of the most popular popular video games around is Minecraft.  Moreover, making the best Minecraft snack ideas are perfect for an amazing Minecraft themed party food table.  

Minecraft is the perfect theme to have the best foods because the game has colorful characters and allows for LOTS of creativity.  For a video game, Minecraft gives users an engaging experience to build a huge variety of creations.  Each creation is great for a food theme.  

Minecraft Food Ideas for Birthday Party Food

After doing some research on Minecraft and consulting my son who has been playing Minecraft for 10 years, the ultimate list of food ideas for Minecraft birthday party was created!  

Some parts of Minecraft are not what they seem, for example, a hunger bar sounds like a protein bar. However, it is quite different, it looks like a chicken wing.  

I know, I know, this sounds so confusing, however, I have done the work to break this down for us parents.  Use this Minecraft snack list for the best Minecraft birthday party ideas.

The Ultimate List of Minecraft Party Menu Ideas

The best part about this ultimate list of Minecraft party menu ideas is that they are so fun to make and easy to set up.  

The basic table set up for your Minecraft party snack table will include labels for each food items so that guests are familiar with what the food represents.  All of these snack ideas and dessert table items will be a big hit with your party guests.

Here are the food items with Minecraft party theme label suggestions for each:

#1 Tray of Brownies 

Label these as “Dirt Blocks”

#2  Strawberry Shortcake

Label these as “Minecraft Cake”

#3 Green Cake Pops with Black Eyes and Mouth

Label the cake pops as “Creeper Pops”

#4 Lime Sherbet Punch 

“Green Creeper Juice” will be the label 

#5 Blue Jellos with Swedish Fish

“Water” will be the label

#6  Yellow Apple Slices

Add a label that says “Golden Apples” 

#7 Boneless Chicken Wings or Boneless Chicken Tenders

“Hunger Bar” is the label to add to this one.  (I know, it doesn’t sound like it, but it is related to the game.)

#8 Choose from: Mini Pumpkin Pie, or grab easy Pumpkin Spice Mini Moon Pie, Banana Mini Moon Pie

Surprisingly, this does represent “Pumpkin Pie” in the Minecraft virtual world. 

#9 Vanilla Pudding with Nilla Cookies

Label for this snack will say “Mushroom Stew or Rabbit Stew”

#10 Carrots with Ranch Dressing Dip

Add a label that says “Golden Carrots”

#11  Brownies with Green Icing

“Grass Blocks” is the label

#12  Melon Slice Gummies

“Watermelon Slice” is the label for this one

#13 Chocolate Covered Raisins

Place a label that says “Cocoa Beans”

#14 Mini Marshmallows with Pretzel Sticks

Add a label that says “Snowmen”

#15 Black Licorice

“Endermen Arms” will be the label. 

Here are a few more bonus ideas:

The Potion

The “Potion” is a drink that can be used in a variety of ways represented by different colors of potion.  Moreover, you can make any colorful beverage be “potion.”

The Crafting Table

A Minecraft Crafting Table is a table on the video game where you can create your own Minecraft items.  For the party, create your own crafting table recipe with Minecraft items such as red licorice, cheese sticks, and pretzels.


The “Diamonds” are considered armor and tools such as ax, sword, and shovel.

Minecraft Mob

Make your own Minecraft mob (enemy) such as a creeper, skeleton, endermen, zombie or spider.

One key thing to remember when it comes to Minecraft is to keep the colors of green, brown, black, and gray.  For example, green icing or green frosting is an easy way to add color.

Minecraft Snack Ideas Easy Ways to Make Them

The best snack ideas are the easy ones! Here are a few ways to make Minecraft snack ideas.

  • Grass Blocks – Brownies with Green Icing
  • Snowmen – Mini Marshmallows with Pretzel Sticks
  • Cocoa Beans- Place on trees to grow – chocolate covered raisins, Cocoa Rice Krispies
  • Crafting Table – create your own crafting table recipe with minecraft items such as cheese sticks and pretzels.

Minecraft Party Food Ideas – Store-Bought Snacks on Amazon

Store-bought Minecraft snack ideas are perfect for adding to the food table or treat bags.  Here are a few ideas for items found on Amazon for a simple treat solution. 

Ideas for Minecraft Labels for Food

Part of the fun is making labels for Minecraft food items.  The best part about the food and drink labels is that the label can take an everyday snack on the dessert table and turn it into a Minecraft theme. Here are some labels for easy Minecraft party ideas for this virtual world party.

  • Dirt Blocks
  • Minecraft Sword
  • Creeper Face
  • Creeper Juice
  • Water Bottles with Labels


With all of the talk about fun names for the Minecraft snack ideas, having a few free printable Minecraft labels is the perfect match.

Print this page and cut out the labels for your party snack table.

minecraft snack ideas

Party Decorations for Your Minecraft Party

The beauty of the Minecraft theme is that decorations are pretty easy.  The main colors of the game are green, brown, and black.  

Keep these colors in mind for decorations such as black balloons, a green tablecloth, and your awesome food ideas such as creeper cake pops, creeper juice, and the “hunger bar.”

Easy Minecraft Snack Ideas for Kids

Minecraft snack ideas for kids include all types of food.  Each food represents parts of the game which makes it the ideal theme for a birthday party.  Here is a list of easy Minecraft snack ideas for kids:

Minecraft Snack Ideas for Adults

Some adults have grown up with the game Minecraft and love a good Minecraft theme party.  If that is you or someone you know, all of the ideas that are on this ultimate list of Minecraft themed foods are also perfect for adults.

Find more party ideas on Ultimate Party Themes for Teens and Tweens.

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