11 Ultimate Candy Birthday Charcuterie Board Ideas

candy birthday charcuterie board, candy dessert bar

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THe Ultimate Candy Birthday Charcuterie Board

Want to impress your guests with a huge display of edible goods?  A candy birthday charcuterie board is the perfect idea. 

The candy charcuterie display can be as small as a board or as large as a buffet table.  The brightly colored treats will bring with it the exciting vibes of the party.

The dessert charcuterie board is not only great for a birthday party or birthday celebration, but a dessert board is also fun for a Halloween party, New Years party, or any gathering. 

If you are thinking this is just for kids, well, it’s for anyone kids to kids at heart.

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I went to conference recently where the National Confectioners Association had chefs set up a beautiful candy and sweets display.  The display was brought out on a rolling table after dinner. 

You may be thinking, that is a lot of sugar.  Yes, it is a lot of sugar, but we had a discussion of mindful eating when it comes to sweets and treats.  You might be surprised that when it comes to a display like this, guests wanted to try a little bit of a variety of the items.

The reaction of the crowd upon looking at the display was “Wow” and clapping!  This was a group of adults in excitement.  Imagine a group of kids!

jolly rancher punch, birthday charcuterie board, candy charcuterie board
Jolly Rancher Lemonade featured below in our list of ultimate candy charcuterie board ideas. The color of this beverage was so unique and such an eye-catching drink. Image selling this at your next lemonade stand - game changer!

11 Best Candy Birthday Charcuterie Board Ideas

When it’s time to celebrate, these charcuterie board ideas will be lots of fun.  In addition to the ideas below, think about what else you might want to add to go with your party theme.  

For example, if you are going with a space themed party, you might want to add some space themed snacks for dessert.

A candy charcuterie board, dessert charcuterie board, or loaded candy birthday board can be used as a birthday cake alternative as well.

Thinking of making a display like this, save money by using some of your leftover Halloween candy at a Halloween Tea Party.

A post Christmas charcuterie display is another idea.  A Christmas display would include lots of candy canes and maybe a gingerbread house.  Oh, the ideas are flowing!

These ideas are also perfect for a party theme for teens.

#1 Creative Twizzlers

Twizzlers dipped in white chocolate and coated with coconut, nuts, or sprinkles.

Who would have ever thought that a Twizzler could be anything other than a Twizzler?!  Get creative by dipping them in melted chocolate and coating them with fun toppings.

#2 Rock Candy Lollipops

Choose your favorite flavor rock candy lollipops and add them to your table.

On the table pictured below is chocolate flavored rock candy lollipops.

birthday charcuterie board, candy charcuterie board

#3 Cookies with M&M's

Cookies with M&M’s give that great rainbow of color to the birthday charcuterie board. 

Just add M&M’s to your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Alternatively, buy ready to bake chocolate chip cookie dough and add your candies before baking.

halloween party name ideas, halloween cookies,
There are two baked goods that everyone goes for, the cookies or brownies. These brownies are called KitKat brownies. They are made with kitkat minis and a box of brownie mix. So much fun.

Here is the recipe for the Kit Kat Brownies.

#4 Gummy Bears Galore

Using a great display item such as this gummy bear natural bowl that almost looks like hollow wood make a show stopping piece.

In addition, get a couple of larger sized gummy bears for a fun variety on the table.

candy birthday charcuterie board, candy dessert bar
The large gummy bears are a showstopper. Your guests will be wondering how they can get their hands on the large unique gummy bears.

After searching around on Amazon, I found a large 12 ounce gummy bear on Amazon. 

There is also a 5 pound gummy bear on Amazon as well for gummy bear’s biggest fans.

#5 White Chocolate Pretzels

Pretzels dipped in white chocolate are an easy go-to type of item for any charcuterie board.  They are festive for many occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Holiday Season, and birthday parties.

#6 Brownies, Of Course

I don’t think we need a reason to have brownies on this list – am I right?!  With the candy, milk chocolate flavors add a balance. 

Chocolate fudge brownies are a delicious addition to a dessert charcuterie.

Here I am in front of the elaborate table of goodies. Just look at all of the colors. Your eyes just go from one treat to the next and flow throughout the table.

#7 Rainbow Sour Belts

Add rainbow sour belts in a variety of spaces on your birthday charcuterie board.  The rainbow of colors will tie all of your items together as far as the color is concerned. 

In addition, the sour belts give a different flavor profile from the other sweeter items on the board or table.  

#8 Jolly Rancher Punch

This one is not on the charcuterie board, however, you need to have a themed beverage to go with your candy charcuterie theme.

What better pairing than using candy to flavor a beverage. 

Find the recipe for melting the Jolly Rancher to create this unique drink here.

Use your favorite color or flavor Jolly Rancher to create a customized beverage.

#9 40 Flavors of Jelly Beans

For the Jelly Bean lovers, this one is for you!  A box of Jelly Beans with a flavor chart is perfect for both Jelly Bean connoisseurs and everyday Jelly Bean eaters.

Guests will have fun trying out different flavors and comparing favorites.

#10 Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Another off the charts flavor variety is the chocolate covered coffee bean.  These are more for your adult charcuterie boards as they are not very kid friendly. 

In fact, I thought they were Raisinets until I ate one.  What I like about these is that they are a unique more bitter flavor variety that really adds polarity to the items on the board. 

In other words, a candy charcuterie board doesn’t have to be all sweet.  There are some sour items, chocolate items, and even coffee flavor as well.

#11 Variety of Candy Bars

There are always traditionalists when it comes to candy.  Some guests may prefer more of a traditional route when it comes to their sweet tooth tastings.

In turn, keeping a variety of options such as Kit Kats, Snickers, and Reeses will give you the confidence knowing that there is something for everyone on the board. 

Using Leftover Candy to Create a Candy Charcuterie Board

Have your kids ever come home with a boat load of candy, and you just don’t know what to do with all of it?

The good news is that candy is shelf stable for 6 to 12 months.

Some ideas for store candy is that most candy can be stored frozen. Or if you choose not to freeze, add the candy to an airtight sealed container.

Instead of throwing the candy away, think about having a candy charcuterie board for your next get together.

Implement some of the ideas above or substitute other candies and treats.

Imagine having a candy charcuterie board at your Willy Wonka Party.

willy wonka theme party
Willy Wonka party is the perfect theme to pair with a candy charcuterie board. You can add lots of fun wonka names to the food items.

How to Build a Candy Table Display

To get the layered effect, you will want to add some risers to the table.  There are a couple of ways to accomplish this.

Table Risers

You can build a DIY riser on your table.  Find small stable boxes that can be draped with cloths.  Make sure the boxes are secured well to the table before adding items. 

In addition, be sure that the box is not top heavy.  The last thing that you want is for your display to fall on the floor – oh no!!!

The easiest thing to do is to order this table riser on Amazon. This table riser can be used for various displays including cupcakes, appetizers, or even non-food items.


A table riser for candy charcuterie display.

Wooden Cylinder for Gummy Bear Display

If you are looking for something like the wooden cylinder on the table as pictured with the gummy bears, check this one out.

Wooden cylinder for display.

This wooden cylinder is the closest that I could find to the one pictured with the gummy bears.  I think it would work perfectly when displayed on its side.

Here are some other items you may need:

  • Serving Tongs
  • Additional Boards
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Clear Cups or Glasses

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