18 Best Kids Train Party Foods for Birthday Parties

train party foods

Last updated on February 18th, 2024 at 07:31 pm

Choo-choo!!! Train party foods coming through!

Train parties are so much fun.  It is very popular amongst many kids from a young age. Kids train party foods are so much fun to make for the train themed food table.

One of the best parts of having a train-themed birthday party is that there are so many parts that pair well with this theme.

For example, think about all of the moving parts related to the train:

  • train tracks
  • train cars
  • railroad crossing signs
  • wooden train whistles
  • red bandana
  • conductor hats
  • water tower
  • train tickets
  • Train Engines
  • Engineers

You may also think of characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine or the movie The Polar Express.

We have lots of great food train themed party ideas from finger foods to cake topper.

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The Coolest Train Birthday Party

Seeing your child’s face light up when they see all of their train themed birthday party ideas will make all of your efforts totally worthwhile.  

When my son turned 5 years old, he loved Thomas the Tank Engine, so of course, we had a train themed birthday party.  The way his face lit up when he saw all of the train party decorations and food was priceless.

Give your child the party that they will remember with these train party ideas.

Choo-Choo Food Menu for a Train Party

All aboard the choo-choo food train!  There are so many foods that can be made with a train theme.  Below we are highlighting everything from sandwiches to cupcakes for the food table.  All of these ideas are sure to be a big hit with your guests.  

When guests walk in and see your train party foods, they will get so excited to see this theme come to life.


Train Sandwich Party Display

This train sandwich is a super creative way to display a simple sandwich in a much grander way.


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A post shared by Rachel Stirling | The Lunchbox Mama (@thelunchbox.mama)

 This sandwich is by the Lunchbox Mama.  She states the ingredients are the following:

4 slices of bread (cut crusts off)
Fillings of choice
Mini crackers (Ritz)

Love this idea for a party or for everyday creative fun with kids at home.

Train Sandwich Plate

If you want to have a seated snack for a party, preparing plates like like this one made by Lexiandme.au.

This plate includes thin bread, sandwich meat, sunflower seeds, grapes, cheese, and veggies.


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A post shared by Lexi & Me | Stacey Watts (@lexiandme.au)

Raspberry Sandwich Train

This train gives all of the vibes of train themed fun along with making it easy to prepare.

To prepare this train, one simple sandwich (even with PB & J or ham and cheese) can be cut into this train shape.  The raspberries have chocolate chips in them and are perfect for the train load and also the train smoke coming off of the engine.

Veggie Train

If you have trouble getting your child to eat their veggies, this veggie train might just be what you need.  The fun look of this train along with the clever way that the train cars are carrying dip and other veggies is a great display.

This veggie train is from Thrifty Northwest Mom.  All you need for this veggie train display are large bell peppers, cucumbers, assorted cut up vegetables, toothpicks, and any dip that you like.

train party foods
Vegetable Train by Thirfty Northwest Mom

Okay now we definitely are wanting to make and eat all of the train party foods. Here we have a fruit train made from watermelon, banana, pineapple, blueberries, strawberry, raspberry, and grapes. In addition, remember the toothpicks to make the raised train top.

This fruit train is a great item to make for a kids cooking party.

birthday party cooking class

Railroad Snack Cones

What a super idea! Decorating the snack cups makes any snack that is in it even better. These cones are filled with popcorn, however, you can use these to fill them with any snack as well.

train party foods
Railroad Snack Cones by Celebrate Everyday with Me

To help you out, I found these snack cones in white on Amazon. If you prefer, there are also some bamboo color as well.

These stickers are perfect to put on the front of the cones. You can also decorate other items with the stickers as well.

Snack Coal Cars

Using decorative containers, fill them with snacks like coal cars.  In this post by Hello wonderful, the trains are pulling coal cars filled with delicious blueberries, gold fish, and more.

These snack cups are great for creating coal cars as well.

Lights for the train crossing are in full effect with these brownies.  

Great idea to make a simple brownie with red, yellow, and green candies.

Water Tower

Using a water pitcher, place a label on the front calling it a water tower.

Inspired by Nashville Wife.

Diesel Oil (Apple Cider)

Using a gallon of tea, add a label on the tea calling it Diesel Oil. Inspired by Nashville Wife.

Steam Wheels

Using Keebler fudge striped cookies, create a sign that says “steam wheels.” Inspired by Catch My Party.

Standing Fruit Kabob Railroad Crossing

A classic fruit kabob topped with the railroad sign makes a great table decoration.

Bandana Strawberries

I am calling these bandana strawberries because of their red and white color. Place a sign next to it with “bandana strawberries” and you will have a great treat.

Red Train Cookies

These red train cookies are really cute and ready for any little engineer’s birthday party.

Decorated Train Sugar Cookies

Your party will have the best decorated cookies with these. Really cute and decorative blue train cookies.

Train of Cupcakes

Here is one of my favorite ideas on this list for birthday parties … a train of cupcakes. Guests will enjoy looking at the variety of topping on each of the cupcakes. This is ideal for the dessert table!

train party foods

Choo-Choo Chili

Using your favorite chili recipe, make the chili and add to a crock pot on low. In front of the crock pot, add a sign that says “Choo-Choo Chili.” Yep, that’s it, don’t over think it! It will be super cute. Ideal for a winter train party.

Polar Express Hot Chocolate

Another winter idea for your train party is to serve Polar Express Hot Chocolate. Easy peasy!

Practical Tips for Train Birthday Party

  • Have fun with your train theme.
  • Have some great tags to be able to name your food in train themed names.
  • Everything doesn’t have to be train shaped. You can add touches of train themed items.
  • Enjoy the day and keep it as low stress as possible. 
  • Believe me, your child will love whatever you do for them.

Thomas the Train Cookie Cutters

There are several options for train cookie cutters on Amazon.  Most of them are generic trains, not Thomas the Train.  However, the generic shape of the train will work for a Thomas theme as well

When it comes to sandwich cutters, there are not many options for train shapes.  However, train shapes can be kept pretty simple and “boxy” to where it is not super difficult to cut sandwiches into train shapes.

I did find one version of a train sandwich cutter online at Walmart.

Train Cake Topper

Finding the right train cake topper can be a challenge with so many options.  There is everything from personalized items to edible images to toy train toppers.

This particular train topper caught my eye.

The reason why this one caught my eye is because is is a 21 piece set that your train fan can keep as a souvenier after the party is over. This train set will make a fun visual reminder of how much fun they had at their train birthday party.

In addition, this set is very affordable. Check price on Amazon.

Train Themed Birthday Party Invitations

Send guests their train ticket invitations to get them excited about your upcoming train party.

Polar Express Train Themed Party

The perfect idea for a holiday party is to have the Polar Express themed party. Train fans will love all of the train themed delights. Additionally, there are several easy train party foods that fit perfectly into this theme.

Train Party Favor Ideas

One of the best and functional ideas for train party favors is the classic wooden train whistle. All of the little conductors will be feeling like true train engineers at your party. 

It may get a little noisy, so depending on your planned activities it may be something for them to take home only. However, if they do have whistle time, write each guests name on the whistle.

​Decorations for Your Train Party

​Create your own train station with a train crossing sign.

Activities for Your Train Themed Party

​A train ride is a perfect fit for your train party. In some locations a small train can be rented. Alternatively, in other areas, there are event centers that offer train rides.

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