14 Creative Quesadillas with Cheese Ideas

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Last updated on August 10th, 2023 at 03:14 pm

Getting Creative with Quesadillas with Cheese

Quesadillas with cheese are a great meal option for busy parents looking to cook something quick and easy that their kids will love. They are also a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen and make mealtime more fun. Here are some creative cheese quesadilla recipe ideas for making quesadillas that your kids will love.

There are so many ways to make an easy cheese quesadilla.  In fact, it can be as simple as creating shapes or changing your favorite foods into quesadillas such as a pizza quesadilla.

Quesadilla Ingredients

One of the best things about a quesadilla is that it takes very few ingredients to make them. 

Cheese for the Quesadilla

There are several types of cheese that can be used.  These include:

  • Freshly Grated Cheese
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Monterey Jack Cheese
  • or your favorite shredded cheese

Choose Your Tortilla

In addition, the type of tortilla is essential for making a delicious quesadilla.  Typically, people usually choose from two kinds of tortillas in general, corn tortillas or flour tortillas.

Not to mention, there are several subgroups of tortillas including but not limited to high fiber, low carbohydrate, whole wheat, gluten free, and also flavored tortillas. 

Go ahead and pick your favorite to get started.  Consequently, if you plan to cut shapes into the tortilla, using a flour based type may be the easier option for cutting purposes.

Other Quesadilla Ingredients

Think about additional ingredients that you or your family may like on the quesadilla.  Using quesadillas with cheese as the base for the meal, what else would you like to add?  For example, you might like some added vegetables or proteins on your quesadilla.  Similarly, some fun ideas may include a pizza quesadilla, taco quesadilla, or a breakfast quesadilla.

Follow along with the pictures below to look for decorative ingredients to add to a creative meal.

Fun Shapes with Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are a great tool to use when making quesadillas with cheese. Use them to cut out fun shapes like stars, hearts, and animals. Kids will love helping you choose the shapes and placing them on the tortillas.

14 Creative Quesadillas with Cheese Ideas

We have found the top 14 creative quesadilla ideas and listed them below.  How fun are these ideas?

These ideas are fun for at home cooking camps and birthday cooking parties as well.  Therefore, kids can create their own party menu!

Shark Theme

Ahhh shark bait!  Creative shark-a-dillas are a fun spin for a ocean themed party.

Pizza Theme

Loving these pizza-dillas!  Super savory flavors for the win.

Fun with Dinosaurs

Dino-love! Your dinosaur fan will have fun making these for a dinosaur themed party.

Jack-o-Lantern Theme

Jacko-dillas!  Jack-o-lantern pumpkin shaped quesadillas are perfect for fall fun or a Halloween themed party food.

Heart Shaped

We LOVE these heart-shaped quesadillas.  They look like they were made with love and care as well.

Heart (Window) Shape

Here is another spin on the heart quesadilla.  This time the heart is cut like a window.

Snowflake Theme

Snowflake quesadillas are super cute for a winter party.  In addition, think about how fun these will be for a Frozen Ice Princess party.

Little Reindeer Theme

These little reindeer are a precious addition to a Christmas or Holiday party.  However, they would be great for a hunting or campout themed party as well.

Dinosaur Party Theme

Another one for the dinosaur fans.  These can be cut with dinosaur cookie cutters.

Waffle Shaped

Using a waffle iron for a quesadilla can add a cute twist and still keep the prep super easy with very little clean up.

Ghost, Mummy, and Spider

Ghosts, Mummies, and Spiders!  What a fun and creative idea for a quesadilla.

Emoji Face Theme

Here is one from our own Cooking Party Mom collection.  Emoji faces!  Using the tortilla to design your own emoji face, add a whole tortilla for the bottom along with your choice of cheese.

Pumpkin and Jack-o-Lantern

This Jack-o-lantern was just too cute not to add to this round up.

Rocket-ship Space Theme

Dare we say this is our favorite!  This rocket was made by the Cooking Party Mom.  It looks good enough to blast flavor into your mouth.  If you like this rocket, you might like our post on Galactic Space Theme ideas.

In conclusion, quesadillas with cheese are a versatile and tasty meal option that kids will love. With these creative ideas, you can make mealtime more fun and get your kids excited about cooking. Additionally, use cookie cutters to make fun shapes, try different flavors like pizza and taco, and don’t forget to indulge in some sweet quesadillas too!

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