23+ Epic Dinosaurs Birthday Party Food Ideas

dinosaurs birthday party food ideas,

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Calling All Dinosaurs: Birthday Party Food Ideas

Welcome to the world of dinosaurs where we have some outrageously fun dinosaurs birthday party food ideas.

Dinosaurs have always been a fun theme for kids as far back as I can remember.  The best part about a dinosaur theme is that there are many ways to implement this theme.  For example, the party can be based on the type of dinosaur, a dinosaur movie theme, or a full out prehistoric theme.

How Do You Host a Dinosaur Party?

First, you will need some great dinosaur invitations.  Moreover, the invitations will set the tone for the dinosaur party.  Include the activities that will take place at your party.  Here are some great invitation templates on Etsy.
Pick your dinosaur theme name.  Here are a few dinosaur food theme names for your party:
  • Prehistoric Party Palooza
  • T-Rex Tea Party
  • Dino Dig
  • Fossil Fiesta
  • Dino Dance-a-thon

What Food Do You Serve at a Dinosaur Party?

A dinosaur party has many options for foods that can be served.  In this post, we will detail many dino dishes that will be perfect for your party.

The dinosaur party can be made of several FOOD THEMES including the following:
  • Traditional Dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur Footprints
  • Dino Bones
  • Fossils
  • Dinosaur Eggs
  • Snacks Dinosaur Themed
  • Jurassic Park Movie Themed

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Get Inspired with the Best Dinosaur Snacks &  Food Ideas

When it comes to inspiring dinosaur party food ideas, look no further.  We have a comprehensive list of party food ideas that all dinosaur fans will love. 
Dinosaur fans have a diverse field of dinosaur shapes, types, and accessories that they like.  That’s why we are covering all things dinosaur in this post for prehistoric party food.
Not only have we thought of all sorts of dinosaur fun, we are also highlighting the best Jurassic snacks on the prehistoric planet.  Theme by theme, you will find ideas galore.  Pick your favorites to highlight for your fossil fiesta! (or whichever theme suits your dino fan best)

Here is a list of all 23 + Dinosaurs Birthday Party Food Ideas:

  • #1 Dinosaur Watermelon
  • #2 Dinosaur Pancake
  • #3 Rex Cake
  • #4 Fruit Dinosaur Tray
  • #5 Dino Sandwiches
  • #6 Guacamole Dinosaur
  • #7 Footprint Cookies
  • #8 Fruit Skewer Dinosaur Feet
  • #9 Big Green Dinosaur Feet
  • #10 Crunchy Cookie Dino Feet
  • #11 White Chocolate Dinosaur Bones
  • #12 Easy Bones Pretzels
  • #13 Marshmallow Pretzel Dinosaur Bones
  • #14 Rice Krispie Treat Eggs
  • #15 Marbled Dinosaur Eggs
  • #16 Egg Nests
  • #17 Grape Dino Eggs
  • #18 Deviled Dino Eggs
  • #19 Jurassic Amber Fossil Lollipops
  • #20 Volcano Mini Bundt Cakes
  • #21 Jurassic Pasta Salad
  • #22 Dino Nuggets
  • #23 + Jurassic Park Themed Meal
dinosaurs birthday party food ideas

Big Dinosaur Food Ideas You Don't want to Miss

When it comes to big dinosaur food ideas, you don’t want to miss these delicious options. In this post, we will explore various creative and mouthwatering dishes that are perfect for a dinosaur-themed party. These recipes will satisfy the cravings of dinosaur fans and add excitement to your celebration.

dinosaur watermelon
Dinosaur Watermelon | Leap of Fatih Crafting

Dinosaur Watermelon – A Jurassic Delight

The centerpiece of your dinosaur party, this dinosaur watermelon carving is an epic birthday food idea. Transform a watermelon into a dinosaur head and fill it with a variety of fruits. This clever creation will delight dinosaur enthusiasts and ensure a diverse range of foods at your event.

dinosaur pancake
Dinosaur Pancake | Love to Know

Dinosaur Pancake – Breakfast with a Roar

Whether you’re hosting a brunch party or preparing a special breakfast for your dinosaur fan, this dinosaur pancake will steal the show. The pancake itself serves as the centerpiece, while the dinosaur body is formed using a banana and adorned with strawberry details. Complete the prehistoric landscape with granola cereal.

Rex Cake
Rex Cake | Betty Crocker

REX Cake – The Majestic Centerpiece

No dinosaur party is complete without a Rex dinosaur cake. This simple masterpiece is crafted by carving a cake into a dinosaur shape and decorated with chocolate chips and candies. Let this unique creation amaze your guests and add a touch of sweetness to the celebration.

Fruit Dinosaur Tray
Fruit Dinosaur Tray | Grace Like Rain

Fruit Dinosaur Tray – A Healthy Delight

Similar to the dinosaur watermelon theme, the fruit dinosaur tray offers an epic treat for your guests. It’s a creative and cost-effective way to serve a healthy dish at your dinosaur party. Fill the tray with a variety of fruits, creating a visually appealing and nutritious option for all attendees.

dinosaur sandwiches
Dino Sandwiches | Learn with PLay at Home

Dino Sandwiches – A Jurassic Army

Create your own army of dinosaurs with customized dinosaur sandwiches. Use different colors of bread, such as white bread and wheat bread, to make the dinosaur shapes stand out. A dinosaur cookie cutter can assist in creating these incredible sandwich designs.

Dino Guac | Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons | My Kids Time
Guac-a-saur| Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons | My Kids Time

Guacamole Dinosaur – A Tasty Surprise

Challenge expectations by turning guacamole into a dinosaur-shaped delicacy. Who knew guacamole could be so creatively delicious? This unique dip is easy to make and will be a hit with all dinosaur fans. Parents will also appreciate this healthy and flavorful option.

Explore Dinosaur FooT Print Food Extravaganza

dino feet
Dinosaur Footprint Cookies | Paging Fun Mums

Dinosaur Footprint Cookies – Embark on an Edible Adventure

Get ready to explore where the dinosaurs have walked with these delightful cookies. Moreover, the dinosaur footprints in these treats will take young explorers on an exciting adventure. Use a dinosaur toy to create the footprints or purchase a dinosaur footprint cookie cutter on Amazon.

dinosaur food fruit skewer
Fruit Skewer Dinosaur Feet | Finding Zest

Fruit Skewer Dinosaur Feet – Fun Flavors on a Stick

Make the dinosaur feet the star of your fruit kebabs. Additionally, layer grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, and watermelon shaped like dinosaur feet to create these fun and flavorful treats on a stick.

Big Green Dinosaur Feet | Rockin Boys
Big Green Dinosaur Feet | Rockin Boys

Big Green Dinosaur Feet – A Centerpiece Masterpiece

These big green dinosaur feet will make an impressive centerpiece for your birthday party table. Furthermore, start with rice crispy treats shaped into dinosaur feet, then ice them with icing or dip them in candy melts. Complete the look by adding fruit roll-up toenails.

dino feet
Dino Feet | Living with Lady

Dino Feet – Crunchy and Colorful Delights

Dinosaurs will definitely make a presence at your dinosaur-themed birthday party with these Dino Feet treats. In addition, make them by dipping Nutter Butter cookies in colored candy melts and adding cashew toenails.

Irresistible Dinosaur Bone Treats Await

A day of dinosaur discovery will come to life with foods that look like dinosaur bones.  White chocolate works well for the “bones.” In addition, the treats will also taste delicious.

dinosaur bones, dinosaur birthday party food ideas,
Chocolate Dinosaur Bones | Laly Mom
dinosaur bones, dinosaur birthday party food ideas
Easy Dinosaur Bones Pretzels | Grace Like Rain
dinosaur bones
Dinosaur Bones | Food Mayhem

Dinosaur Bones – Simple and Scrumptious

These dinosaur bones are perfect and easy to make. Moreover, create them by using pretzel rods and marshmallows, then dip them in white chocolate to create a simple treat that resembles bones. They are also a great addition to a Halloween food display.

Crack Open Adventure with Dinosaur Eggs| Dinosaurs Birthday Party Food Ideas

dinosaurs birthday party food ideas
Dinosaur Eggs Rice Krispy Treats | Love Bugs and Post Cards

Dinosaur Eggs Rice Crispy Treats – Hidden Surprises Await

If you’re looking for a hidden surprise, these dinosaur egg rice crispy treats are a must-have. Additionally, use a cupcake baking tin to shape the rice crispy treats and create a hole in the center to stuff with colorful candies for an exciting surprise.

dinosaurs birthday party food ideas
Marbled Dinosaur Eggs | Bijoux and Bits

Marbled Dinosaur Eggs – Beautiful and Fun

These beautiful eggs are enjoyable for both kids and adults. Furthermore, dye the eggs using tea or food coloring for a vibrant appearance. Gently crack the boiled eggs before placing them in the coloring, resulting in stunning marbled patterns.

dinosaurs birthday party food ideas
Egg Nests | The Tiptoe Fairy

Egg Nests – Cereal Treats with Dino Egg Candies

These egg nests are made with cereal, similar to rice crispy treats. Furthermore, add colorful egg-shaped candies like jellybeans to resemble dinosaur eggs in a nest.

dinosaurs birthday party food ideas
Bowl of Grape "Eggs" | Julies Eats and Treats

Dino Eggs Grapes – A Simple Solution

For a super simple option, serve a bowl of grapes with a sign that says “Dino Eggs.” Moreover, this easy addition will fit perfectly on any dinosaur party table.

dinosaurs birthday party food ideas
Deviled Dino Eggs | Lindo's

Deviled Dino Eggs – Unique and Flavorful

Deviled dino eggs will be a hit with all of your party guests. Furthermore, these eggs, similar to the marbled dinosaur eggs mentioned earlier, have a unique blue color. The green filling inside the eggs is made from a guacamole-style mixture.

This Dinosaur Egg Party Pinata goes perfectly with the Dino egg theme.

Jurassic Culinary Wonders: Movie-INspired Delicacies and Fossils Await

Jump into the Jurassic era with these amazing treats.  The Jurassic Park movie is a classic dinosaur movie.  Whether it’s a movie night, a birthday party, or a dinosaur day at school, create some magical dinosaur food to showcase the theme.

dinosaurs birthday party food ideas
Jurassic Amber Fossil Lolli Pops | Rosanna Pansino

Jurassic Amber Fossil Lollipops

In the Jurassic Park movies, there was a mosquito in amber.  These lollipops are perfect for mimicking the scene. These pops can also be found on Etsy.  Rosanna Pansino also has a video featuring the preparation of these Jurassic Park Fossil Lollipops

dinosaurs birthday party food ideas
Volcano Mini Bundt Cakes | Lady and the Blog

Let the Fun Erupt  – Volcano Mini Bundt Cakes

Using a mini bundt pan, bake mini bundt cakes for your party.  Decorate with red “lava” icing and flames made of fruit rollups.  You can find a fluted bundt pan on Amazon.

dinosaurs birthday party food ideas
Jurassic Dinosaur Pasta Salad | Inspiring Magical Memories

Jurassic Dinosaur Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad takes on new life using dinosaur shaped pasta. You can find dinosaur shaped pasta on Amazon.

dinosaurs birthday party food ideas
Dino Nuggets | Inspiring Magical Memories

Dino-Mite Nuggets – Simple and Delicious

These dino nugget easy dinosaur snacks to buy for those busy days for the family. Create an easy movie night munchie with these nuggets.

Jurassic Park Themed Meal | TikTok dth.cocofood

Jurassic Park Themed Meal – Epic Meal Ideas for Dinosaur Fans

Finally, we have a group of menu options for heavier meals that have a Jurassic Park theme. This video is from Tiktok and highlights several menu items that will pair well with your dinosaur theme.

Theme menu items include the following:
  • Dilophosaurus Tacos
  • Velociraptor Egg Omelette
  • Brachiosaurus Sliders
  • Triceratops Steak
  • Stegosaurus Stew

9 Dinosaur Themed Items on Amazon You Don’t Want to Miss

Looking for more Dinosaur inspiration?

Click the links below for Dinosaur inspired items found on Amazon:

  1. Haribo Dinosaur Gummi Candy
  2. Quaker Dinosaur Eggs Instant Oatmeal Packets
  3. Jumbo Dinosaur Pancake Pan
  4. Fruidles Dinosaur Lollipops for Goody Bags
  5. Baby Dino Eggs
  6. Dinosaur Wristbands
  7. Chicken Nugget Dino Plush
  8. Big Dino Pillow
  9. Dinosaur Squishy Toys


DIY Dinosaur Party Food Labels

Just when you thought you have seen everything, check out these DIY printable dinosaur food labels.  Print these food labels and share cookingpartymom.com with your friends.

So now that you have an abundant supply of dinosaur party ideas, you can select your party menu.  Additionally, use this list for school or classroom activities and for cooking schools working with kids. 

Let’s review all of the roaring fun creations that we have covered here.

1. We have covered where to start with planning your dinosaur party including invitations, party themes, and food themes.

2. There are several categories of dinosaur food.  Grab one theme and go from there or use a sample from each of the dinosaurs birthday party theme ideas.

3. Many of the ideas are easy to keep party planning simple.

Dinosaur fans are true explorers of the planet and it’s history.  Your dinosaur fan will also love a planet themed menu as well.  Check out our 11 Galactic Space Themed Food Ideas for more inspiration.

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