19 Must-Have Minion Food Ideas for Your Party

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19 Best Minion Food Ideas for Your Party

If you love the Minions, we have the perfect list of minion food ideas to get started with your party planning. EEK, your party is going to be so much fun. 

So now that you are totally excited and about to go BANANAS for minion food, let’s get started.

So let’s talk about the distinguishing factors of a minion:

  • Banana Yellow Color
  • Big Eyes
  • Denim or Blue Overalls

Taking these things into consideration, the best color scheme for your party is going to be banana yellow, denim or royal blue, and black and white eyes. 

You can make just about any food with these colors turn into a ‘minion’ food.

minion bananas, minion food,

Next, let’s talk about flavor.  The minions love anything banana.  So banana flavored items are perfect for minion food. Minion food ideas can range from as simple as designing faces on fruit cups to elaborate carvings of watermelon. 

In this post, we were inspired by a video featured in Magic Journey’s YouTube channel.  Magic Journey stars featured several items on the menu at Gru’s Lab Cafe.  Hence, examples of these menu items are featured in this post as well.

A Minion For All Occasions

Minion themed food ideas are perfect for all occasions.  Here are some great occasions to celebrate with minion food:

Minion Birthday Party, of course!

Every little ‘minion’ is going to love a minion birthday party.  Fun idea is to have all of the guests wear a yellow shirt to the party.  Have plenty of bananas on hand to put in their party favor bags as well.

Cooking Class for Minions

The ideas that we have below will pair perfectly with a minion cooking class. Here are some great tips on having a Cooking Class Birthday Party.

Movie Night Food Ideas

Movie night calls for the perfect minion food to go along with it.

Baby Minion Shower

Get creative with the minion menu for an exciting baby shower.

1st Birthday Party

This is your chance to have fun for your child’s first birthday party.  You get to plan a minion themed party!  All of your guests will love this theme.

Classroom Party

Decorate your class minion style and let the party begin.

Okay, we are getting there, so the moment we have all been waiting for, the MINION FOOD!

Minion Food Ideas

  1. Mini Mac and Cheese
  2. Minion Face Pizza
  3. Vanilla or Banana Pudding Snack Cups
  4. Fruit Kabobs with Bananas
  5. Pineapple Blueberry Fruit Tray
  6. Minion Deviled Eggs
  7. Popcorn Trail Mix
  8. Milano Minion Cookies
  9. Watermelon Carved Minion
  10. Minion Movie Snacks
  11. Twinkie Cupcake
  12. Mango Banana Smoothie
  13. Banana Grape Smoothie
  14. Meatball Sandwich
  15. Pulled Pork Sandwich with Apple Slaw
  16. Macho Nachos
  17. Backyard Rotisserie Chicken
  18. Roasted Corn on the Cob
  19. Nabisco Minion Cookies

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Best Minion Food Ideas for Your Party

READY to see the BEST minion food ideas?  Here we go…

Macaroni and Cheese, minion food,
Macaroni and Cheese | A Cookie Before Dinner

Macaroni & Cheese

First, let’s start with a kid favorite – Mac and Cheese.  Personally, I made this with a group of kids, and they LOVED it.  We made a large batch of these in a casserole dish as well.

minion food, minion pizza,
Minion Pizza | Cool Mom Picks

Minion Pizza

No doubt that pizza is a kid favorite.  Decorating these at home will be the best part of the party preparation.  In addition, this is a great idea for a cooking class.  Moreover, here are 18 Appetizers for Pizza Party to go along with this.

minion snacks, minion food,
Snack Cups | I Can Teach My Child

Pudding Snack Cups

Next, let’s talk about a really easy art project! Grab some pudding (vanilla or banana) and get started making these decorative snacks.

Fruit Kabobs, minion food
Fruit Kabobs | Pinterest [Amber Soldano McCaffrey]

Fruit Kabobs

Similarly, another easy minion food idea is to make fruit kabobs.  The decorative banana makes this fruit sensation a hit with the kids.

Pineapple Blueberry Fruit Tray, minion food
Pineapple Blueberry Fruit Tray | Director of Jewels

Pineapple Blueberry Fruit Tray

Moreover, this fruit tray has got to be the cutest ever.  Not to mention, this is JUST 2 INGREDIENTS – pineapples and blueberries (plus the decorative eye).

Deviled Eggs, minion food
Minion Deviled Eggs | Pinterest

Minion Deviled Eggs

So, check out these hidden jewels.  These deviled eggs with black olive eyes are such a creative unique idea.  You will have all of your guests talking about those eggs.

minion popcorn, minion food
Popcorn Trail Mix | Two Sisters Crafting

Popcorn Trail Mix

The popcorn is looking at you!  Nothing better than popcorn with candy eyes and blue candies. Get a combination of small candy eyes and larger eyes to make a fun variation.

milano cookie minions, minion food
Milano Minion Cookies | Pam's Party and Practical Tips

Milano Minion Cookies

One of the easiest cookies to make are these Milano minion cookies.  All you need are the Milano cookies, blue candy melts, black icing, and candy eyes.

watermelon carving, minion food
Watermelon Carved Minion | Project Nursery

Watermelon Carved Minion

How fun?! A watermelon carved minion is the star of the minion theme.  First, the eye can be homemade using a canning jar lid along with black and white cut outs.  In addition, bananas, pineapples, and watermelon are the perfect filling.  Then, top with more whole bananas and black licorice “hair.”

movie snacks, minion food
Minion Movie Snacks | Me and My Inklings

Minion Movie Snacks

This mix is perfect for movie night.  A combination of cereal, pretzels, blue and yellow candies, plus minion graham cracker cookies and candy eyes, make a fun snack.

Gru's Lab Cafe | Minion Cafe

This video is a fun tour of Gru’s Lab Cafe which is on the Magic Journey YouTube channel.  Gru’s Lab has since closed; however the MINION CAFE appears to have a similar menu. 

Minion food Inspired by Gru's Lab & Minion Cafe

The minion food ideas were inspired by the items featured on the video above.

twinkie minion cupcake, minion food,
Twinkie Minion Cupcake | Thrifty Northwest Mom

Twinkie Minion Cupcake

Using a cupcake of your choice, decorate with blue icing. Then top with half of a Twinkie and add the minion face. So much fun!

mango banana smoothie, minion food
Mango Banana Smoothie | Living Locurto

Mango Banana Smoothie

A yellow banana smoothie is the perfect drink to go on your minion menu.  This smoothie is a great combination.  Lastly, top it off with a little whipped cream and banana Runts.

banana grape smoothie, minion food
Banana Grape Smoothie | Eat This Much

Banana Grape Smoothie

These banana grape smoothies are another drink option that will pair well with your fun-filled party treats.  If you want to make it minion style, top with whipped cream and colorful flavored popcorn.

meatball sandwich, minion food,
Meatball Sandwich | So Easy Being Green Blog

Meatball Sandwich

No minion can go wrong with this classic meatball sandwich.  Gru will be happy too.

pulled pork sandwich, minion food,
Pulled Pork Sandwich with Apple Slaw | Baby Foode

Pulled Pork Sandwich

This hearty pulled pork sandwich will headline your minion menu.  

macho nacho, minion food,
Macho Nacho | Paula Deen

Macho Nacho

El Macho’s Nachos, of course, will be a hit for any party.  Nachos always bring a fun and festive flare to every party.  Likewise, you can always serve the ingredients separately for a ‘build your own’ nacho bar.

Backyard Rotisserie Chicken

So easy to buy one of these rotisserie chickens ready to serve.

roasted corn on cob, minion food,
Roasted Corn on the Cob | Stay Snatched

Corn on the Cob

Roasted corn on the cob can be made on the grill or in the oven.  The yellow color of the corn is perfect for additional yellow themed items at the party.

Minions Fruit Flavored Snacks | Amazon

Minions Fruit Flavored Snacks

Make it easy and grab some fruit snacks!

Minion INspired Party Favors

Now that we have all of our food ideas lined up, let’s look at some options for party pairings.  The items below would be great for either gifts, prizes, or party accessories.

A minion themed shirt is a must-have for true minion fans.

The drink cups make the perfect party favor for the party.

Decorative water bottle sleeves can really personalize the drinks.

These are the banana Runts that can either go on top of the banana smoothie or a separate tray of treats.

WOW! Banana flavored cotton candy.

The perfect minion plush is a great decoration, party favor, or gift for any minion fan.

Are you ready for your party?  I hope that you found some great ideas here.  Just keep in mind, with a minion theme, color pattern and eyes are the biggest visual things that will make the menu and party design stand out.  Minions bring a positive vibe with their bright yellow color.  Similarly, the minions also bring relaxation and fun with their denim overalls. 

Here is a shareable list of the 19 Must Have Minion Party Foods.  Be sure to save it or share it with friends to make party planning a breeze.

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