DIY Cake Pops: The Homemade Alternative to Starbucks

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Last updated on March 21st, 2023 at 11:17 pm

How to make starbucks cake pops (copycat)

Cake pops are a popular treat that can be found at many coffee shops and bakeries, but have you ever wondered how to make starbucks cake pops?  We have a copycat method of making these at home. Homemade cake pops offer a number of benefits over store-bought options.

What is a cake pop?

A cake pop is a dessert made from cake and icing, dipped in a chocolate or candy melt coating.  The same recipe for cake pops can be used for cake balls as well, just without the stick.

How much does a cake pop or cake ball cost at Starbucks?

One cake pop at Starbucks costs between 1.95 to 3.50 USD. 

There is nothing wrong with buying a cake pop from Starbucks or any store bought cake pop.  However, you might be missing out on the a fun activity and a cost effective way to have that delicious treat.

4 Reasons to Make a Cake Pop at Home

#1 Customization: When you make cake pops at home, you have complete control over the ingredients, flavors, and decorations. You can choose the type of cake, icing, and candy melts, and add in any additional ingredients you like. This allows you to create unique and personalized cake pops that suit your tastes and preferences.

#2 Cost-effective: Making cake pops at home is often more cost-effective than buying them at a coffee shop or bakery. You can buy ingredients in bulk and make a large batch of cake pops at once, which can save you money in the long run. Additionally, you can experiment with different ingredients and decorations without having to pay the high prices of a specialty bakery.

#3 Quality: When you make cake pops at home, you have the ability to ensure that the ingredients are of high quality. You can choose organic, locally-sourced, or high-quality ingredients.  The type of ingredients that you use can be according to what type of attributes you want while still delicious.

#4 Creativity: Making cake pops at home allows you to be creative and experiment with different flavors and decorations. You can try new techniques, like adding different colors and flavors to the cake batter.  Have fun experimenting with different types of candy melts. This is a rewarding way to explore your creativity and discover new ways to enjoy cake pops.

Making cake pops at home is a fun, cost-effective, and delicious alternative to buying them at Starbucks. You have the ability to customize the flavors, ingredients, and decorations to suit your tastes, and you can be sure that the ingredients are of high quality. Next time you crave a cake pop, consider making your own! 

Be sure to check out the recipe for making cake pops out of leftover cake!


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