40 Best Christmas Snack Bag Ideas for DIY Gift

christmas snack bag ideas

Last updated on October 28th, 2023 at 03:20 am

It seems like every year right past Halloween, we start thinking about Christmas!  One of the best ideas for Christmas is to prepare Christmas goody bags. However, figuring out what should go into the goody bag can be a task.  We have so many choices for your Christmas snack bag right here!

Christmas snack bags are such a fun idea for kids. In addition, you can have your kids help you put them together. The Christmas snack bag can contain both edible treats and non-food items. Goodie bags can also contain candy or Christmas swag bag.  However, we are just focusing on the edible treats.

This DIY gift snack bag is great for Christmas party favors, holiday road trips, and themed parties. Sometimes Santa may be the one handing out the Christmas goodie bags around the Christmas tree as well.

Christmas Snack Bags

Before you get started stuffing bags, you have to decide what type of bag will be used. It depends on the recipient of the bag.  If you are going more with the kids focused Christmas snack bag ideas, then you can look for a bag with characters such as Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Reindeer.

Making treat bags for teachers or the office? The bag that you use may be more decorative.

In addition to the holiday treat bags, the detailed items such as the bow and the gift tags are also considerations. You may find a free printable tag as well for Christmas gift bags.

Think of the Christmas snack bags as the sort of items you might find in a Christmas stocking.  These are always a nice surprise and often a way to give a handmade and hand-picked gift item.  

The best part of a Christmas snack bag is it is great for people of all ages – coworkers, teens, kids, and teachers.

Christmas Snack Bag Ideas for Adults

Do adults like a Christmas snack bag? Of course they do!  Wouldn’t you love to have a little surprise?  Have fun putting these together as you know they will put a smile on the recipients face.

Gift Card – What adult doesn’t love a gift card?  This is a great addition to the snack for a special surprise int he cute Christmas goodie bags. 

Caramel Popcorn – Adults and kids alike will love caramel popcorn during the holidays. 

Reusable Water Bottles – Adding reusable water bottles is a great idea for Christmas snack bag ideas.   The water bottle can be used over and over and they will always think of your thoughtful gift idea. 

Water – Include a bottle of water in the bag to enjoy with their reusable water bottle along with the next goody bag item idea flavored water mixers.

Flavored Water Mixers –  Add a few sleeves of flavored water mixers or electrolyte mixers.  A unique and thoughtful twist on a holiday snack bag. 

Roasted Nuts in Shell – Walnuts tend to be a very popular item in shell during Christmas time.  These will make great goody bag ideas. 

Mixed Nuts Sleeve – Add a small package sleeve of tasty nuts.  These make an easy portable snack for home or office.  Great for adults. 

Tea Bags – The perfect addition for an adult Christmas snack bag is a few tea bags.  Grab a box of assorted teas and add some into the goody bag.  This will be a fun item with unique flavors. 

Additional Christmas Snack Bag Ideas for Adults

Dried Spices – Spices can be holiday spices or general favorite flavors; however, I think pumpkin spice, cardamom, or all spice would be a perfect addition.

Ground Cinnamon – The holidays are never complete without the scent of cinnamon.  In fact, this pairs well with the tea bags and the hot chocolate below.

Cinnamon Sticks – Add a few cinnamon sticks for fun.  Cinnamon sticks are also fun to tie onto the outside of the package with the gift tag.

Marshmallows – A small bag of marshmallows to go with the hot chocolate or make s’mores at home is a delightful addition to the goody bag ideas.

Hot Chocolate – Always a favorite during the holiday season, hot chocolate packets pair well with a holiday snack bag. 

Beef Jerky – A traditional favorite that adults will enjoy.

Christmas Snack Bag Ideas for Kids

There are so many cute ideas to create the perfect treat bags for Christmas.  We are listing just some of our favorite ideas for kids. 

Gingerbread Cookies – These holiday favorite gingerbread cookies are a great tradition that the kids love. 

Gingerbread Men – Nope, not the same thing as the gingerbread cookies.  These gingerbread men are special for this time of year.  You can find these at local bakeries or local coffee shop.  However, you can also bake them homemade if you choose. 

Chocolate Bar – Chocolate bars are an easy addition to the Christmas snack bag or gift basket.

Cookie Mix – Add a bag of cookie mix to the holiday snack bag.  This is a fun surprise and also great for a cheap Christmas goodie bags item. 

Cookie Mix Gift Sack – For a unique twist, you can make the entire treat bag centered around making cookies. Add the toppings for the cookies such as royal icing and a variety of sprinkle colors for a thoughtful gift that is also homemade.

Cookie Cutters – This is perfect to go with the bag of cookie mix.  Kids can get creative at home with making cookies and shapes. 

Mini Candy Canes – A great addition to tying the bag with a gift tag is to attached mini candy canes to it. 

Reindeer Food Mix – Add items to make reindeer food at home or make the reindeer food and label it for them.  Reindeer food is usually made of oats and glitter. 

Craft Supplies – Additional options are craft supplies to the Christmas gift bags along with the snack bag items.  Kids will love the combination of both snacks and activities in their bag. 

Christmas Snack Bag Ideas for Kids Favorites

Popcorn Ball – A traditional gift for a homemade item is a popcorn ball.  If you are giving treat bags and snack bags to kids with orthodontic braces, maybe skip the popcorn ball. 

S’mores Theme Bag – This themed bag is perfect for a small gift at the holiday party.  Include chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows in a fun package.

Chocolate Chips – A small package of chocolate chips is perfect for adding into hot chocolate or topping pancakes.

Peppermints – The colorful red and white colors along with the holiday flavor of peppermints makes it one of the best Christmas goodie bag ideas for a traditional feel.

Granola Bars – One of the easiest packaged snacks to add to the Christmas snack bag are granola bars.  There are many options for granola bars.

Cake Mix Bag to Make Cupcakes – Instead of a cookie mix bag, include cupcake decorating supplies in the treat bag for an at-home activity after the holiday party.

Snowman Cheese – Decorate your string cheese to look like a happy snowman.

Applesauce Cups – Similar to the other fruit cups, applesauce cups are great for making festive themed shapes and faces on the outside of the packaging.

Easy Christmas Treat Bag Ideas for Kids

Mandarin – Instead of lots of sweet treats, why not add some great options like fresh fruit.

Jello Cup – A great option for the Christmas snack bag ideas is a jello cup.  These cups can be decorated into a themed snack.

Squeeze Fruit – These squeeze fruit are perfect for making Christmas trees using stickers and washi tape.

Meat Sticks – A snack bag favorite tends to be meat sticks.

Pudding Cups – Add faces to pudding cups to create a festive holiday snack for the snack bag.

Oatmeal Cakes – Make a fun Christmas themed treat using packaged oatmeal cakes.

Candy Cane Reindeer – Design your own reindeer using candy canes and a few other ingredients.

Homemade Recipe Cards – Choose a recipe to print on cards and add to the bag for a special gift.  Here is an idea for a printable recipe card for banana bread from Play to Learn Preschool.

Grinch Heart Rice Krispie Treats

Another idea is to make a Christmas themed Grinch treat for the snack bag.

Be sure to check out Grinch snack ideas for more themed snacks.

It’s the Thought That Counts

In summary, Christmas gifts don’t have to be huge and elaborate.  Remember the age old saying “it’s the thought that counts.”  It really is true and what makes Christmas snack bag ideas so special is the thought that is put into them. 

Holiday snack bags are generally budget friendly to be able to make many of them.  Christmas good bag idea for coworkers are also very affordable when you have many people in your office.  

In the classroom, Christmas snack bag ideas are great to be able to participate in giving without the expense of buying multiple gifts for an entire classroom.  Moreover, when your child can participate in making the snack bags for their friends or family, it can make it extra special for the child giving and the person receiving.

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