Top 5 Most Popular Kids Cooking Party Birthday Ideas

kids cooking party

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How fun! Cooking together is always good quality time; that’s why a kids cooking party is the perfect way to celebrate the birthday child. 

A cooking birthday party allows children of all ages to participate in hands-on experiences where they get to make their own snacks and meals.

Celebrating with a cooking activity or a kids cooking class is a great option for birthday parties, summer camps, and almost any kind of party.

Cooking themed birthday kids party can be led by chef instructors or experienced home cooks who like to have fun in the kitchen. Your child’s party is going to have some fun unique cooking activities such as cooking dough from scratch or decorating cupcakes. 

Kids love to participate in making their own food and and their own snacks. Therefore, cooking parties are the perfect way to get kids involved in the kitchen.

As a host of over 700 kids cooking parties, I can tell you that cooking birthday parties create a memorable experience. Moreover, I still have moms years later telling me how much their child enjoyed their themed birthday kids party.

Included below are the information about party packages, most popular kids cooking parties, kids cooking party favors and party essential supplies.

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Kids Cooking Party Packages

Cooking birthday parties have kids cooking party packages which include the following: 

  • Party menu
  • Number of kid chefs
  • Special requests and  party add-ons

Since cooking involves perishable goods, having a firm number of attendees is very important.  Therefore, when sending out invitations, be sure ask for attendance confirmation.

kids cooking party

Most Popular Kids Cooking Party Themes

  1. Make Your Own Pizza Dough

  2. Pasta Party

  3. French Toast

  4. Cupcake Wars

  5. Chopped Basket Competition

Kids Cooking Party Age Groups

Cooking parties are for kids of all ages from tots to teens.  That said, when it comes to the younger kids, the more help they will need with their tasks.  Little chefs may need some of the tasks adjusted for age appropriate activities.  All safety protocols must be taken with both groups, but especially with the younger chefs.  

With the older children, there are more kitchen activities that they can do independently.  However, just because there are older children doesn’t mean that they will automatically what to do.  You have to start on a level playing ground and teach the group of junior chefs as appropriate skill sets apply.

Kids Cooking Party Ideas

Make a list and gather friends and family for a kids cooking party.  There are many different themes and menu ideas that you can make.  However, these are very popular ideas that are perfect for kids of all ages.

Make Your Own Pizza 

For a make your own pizza party, kids will make their own individual pizzas starting with pizza dough.  Making dough involves measuring and mixing with a wooden spoon.  Moreover kids will have so much fun.  Making pizza dough involves yeast, and it give a nice science experiment party style as well.  

Once the dough is ready, it’s time to roll the dough with wooden rolling pin.  Finally add the toppings starting with tomato sauce, cheese, and other options of choice. While the pizza bakes, it is a great time to clean up the area, and make a fruit kebab.

kids cooking party

Homemade Pasta Party 

Have you ever made fresh pasta dough?  It is so much fun to make something that we eat often from a package come together from scratch.  Making pasta dough from scratch really makes you realize how easy it is to make and also the fresh flavor is so delicious. 

The first thing you will have the kids get involved doing is to measure the ingredients.  Not only that, kids will be able to crack an egg to make the pasta dough.  

​Next is the part where we get to roll out the pasta dough and then cut the noodles.  

Lastly, boiling the noodles and adding a great sauce on top of the homemade pasta.  

All of these cooking activities, are a lot of fun to see kids learn and put into practice.

French Toast Brunch Party

Who doesn’t love cracking eggs?  Kids absolutely love to be able to crack eggs.  

When I had my cooking school, every child would raise their hand to crack eggs.  Moreover, French toast is a great way to create a dish that children of all ages will love to create.  

Keep the recipe super simple to mix the wet ingredients and then dip the bread.  Additionally, cooking the French toast on a simple greased flat griddle.

Kids Party Cupcake Wars Theme Party

There are two ways to have this party:

  • Baking birthday party – This is where all of the kids will mix and bake the cupcakes together for the decorating. 
  • Cupcake decorating party – This is where the cupcakes are already made, and the kids get to decorate with lots of colorful icing and topping choices.

Chopped Basket Competition Party Theme

Do your kids love cooking shows?  Having a cooking competition is a fun idea to get them involved and excited about cooking.  

Create a basket of ingredients for each small group, and let them have fun coming up with ideas for using the ingredients.  The excitement in their faces is worth all of the planning.  

The best age group for the chopped basket competition is tween and teen age group because they are more independent.  However, I have had chopped basket competitions for 7 and 8 year olds, and it worked great with them as well. 

Here are 56 chopped basket ingredient ideas to get started along with a guide to having a chopped basket competition.

In addition, if you need more ideas for cooking party themes, here is our guide for 7 cooking class birthday party ideas.

What to Have as a Side Dish for Kids Cooking Party

While the food is baking, making fruit kebabs is the perfect activity.  Not only is a great compliment to your meal with seasonal ingredients like fruit, but it is also fun to make.  Get some tiny cookie cutter to cut the fruit pieces and add to a lollipop stick.

Kids Cooking Class Birthday Party

Having a cooking class birthday party is the perfect idea for kids of all ages.  All of the ideas listed in this article are a super way to educate kids while having fun making their own food.  

One thing to remember is a fun birthday cake if you are not having a baking party.  A chef hat decorated cake is a cute idea for a chef themed birthday party.  

The alternative idea for a birthday cake is to use the decorated cupcakes as the birthday cake.  The birthday child’s cupcakes are perfect for adding the candles to celebrate their big day!  

Kids Cooking Party Favors

There are lots of cute cooking themed kids baking party favors that you can give to your guests at the end of class.

kids cooking party

10 Kids Cooking Party Supplies To Have On Hand

When planning a kids cooking party there are some kids cooking supplies that tend to be essentials to get ready for your kids cooking party.  

The menu is always the main determining factor of the supplies.  For example, a pizza party is a good start because it is a crowd pleasing item.  However, you might consider some other menus such as pasta making or cupcake decorating. 

Organizing a cooking party for kids is a fun and educational experience for both the children and the adults involved. However, it can be challenging to know where to start and what to include to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

Here are some tips on the kids cooking supplies that are essential items to consider when planning a kids cooking party.

  1. Kids Cooking Party Chef Hats and Aprons

  2. Kids Cooking Utensils               

  3. Ingredients – Kids Cooking Party Menu Based

  4. Recipe Cards or Menu Cards

  5. Snacks and Drinks

  6. Decorations with a Cooking Party Theme

  7. Cleanup Supplies (Moms love a good helper!)

  8. Containers for Party Leftovers       

  9. Kid-friendly Kitchen Tools (a good rolling pin is one of my favorite kids cooking supplies)

  10. Music and Entertainment

Organizing a kids cooking party can be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved. By following these essential tips and having proper kids cooking supplies, you can create a memorable event. 

As a result, you may even inspire children to explore their creativity and develop a love for cooking. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process! Need more ideas?

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