30 Entertaining Easter Fun Ideas for Tweens and Teens

easter fun ideas for tweens

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30 Entertaining Easter Fun Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Easter is a truly exciting time of year for kids; however, when it comes to tweens and teens, it gets harder to entertain them for events. 

That’s why these entertaining Easter fun ideas for tweens are perfect to keep on hand for your celebration.

Easter Celebration Activities for Tweens & Teens

Celebrating the Easter season is a great time for family traditions like egg hunts, Easter party games, chocolate eggs, and Easter crafts.  It is a great way to spend time with the whole family to reflect on the season of Easter.  

Here are some great ideas for themes for your Easter celebration with tweens and teens:

  • Easter Tea Party
  • Scavenger Hunts for the Golden Egg
  • Karaoke Easter Bunny Hop
  • Spring Color Tie-dye Shirt Making
  • Easter Cookie Decorating

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Easter Fun Ideas for Tweens (and Teens)

These Easter fun ideas for tweens are fun for the whole family.  This list pulls together the best of the best ideas from unique Easter hunt to Easter party games and activities.  Start the day with a delicious Easter breakfast. 

Find ideas for Easter breakfast here.

All of your Easter party guests are going to love these entertaining great ideas.

  1. Easter baskets

  2. Plastic Eggs

  3. Easter Bunny Pictures

  4. Golden Egg Hunt

  5. Jelly Beans Guess

  6. Scavenger Hunt

  7. Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

  8. Outdoor games

  9. Chocolate Bunnies

  10. Play Bean Boozled

  11. Easter Emoji Game

  12. Bunny Hop

  13. Inflatable Bunny Ears Ring Toss

  14. Treasure Hunt

  15. Willy Wonka Party

  16. Make Favorite Easter Recipes

  17. Easter Painting

  18. Easter Trail Mix

  19. Easter Bonnet Competition

  20. Selfie Booth

  21. Magic Show

  22. Karaoke

  23. Dance Off

  24. Face Painting

  25. Cookie Decorating

  26. Make Tie Dye T-shirts

  27. Tattoos

  28. Easter Tea Party

  29. Bunny or Baby Chick Petting Zoo

  30. Plastic Wrap Ball

Descriptions of each of these activities are listed below. Can’t wait to see which one you will choose to entertain with Easter fun ideas for tweens.

easter fun ideas for tweens

Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens

What are some items that your tween would love to find in their basket? Here are some fun ideas for Easter morning to find in their Easter gift baskets for tweens:

Tween Girls Easter Basket Ideas

  • scrunchies
  • spa face mask
  • skin care lotion
  • journal 
  • pens

Tween Boys Easter Basket Ideas

  • gamer gifts
  • pop sockets
  • phone case
  • airpod case protector

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Tweens and Teens

There are several Easter egg hunt ideas that will excite your tweens, teens, and the entire family.   

When you think about how much fun that teens and tweens can have for some semi-traditional activities, it is a no-brainer!  The Easter egg hunt is a tried and true fun tradition that your tween or teen will love.

1. Scavenger Hunt for Easter Eggs 

Find an Easter egg, read the clue inside the egg, then find the next Easter egg.  The person that finds the golden egg is the winner.  This ideas is perfect for spring classroom celebration ideas.

2. Real Eggs or Hard-boiled Egg vs Plastic Easter Eggs 

Gather as many eggs as you can.  Whoever finds the most real egg wins the prize.

3. Dollar Bill Eggs

What does a teen want the most? Extra money, of course.  Instead of candy, add a dollar bill in some of the eggs.  Add coins in the plastic eggs. Have the teens and tweens total up their finds.

Easter Party Ideas for Teens and Tweens

Easter Tea Party

One of the best ideas for Easter parties for teens and tweens is to have an Easter Tea Party.  An Easter tea party is an amazing way to spend time together as a family.  Easter is the perfect time of year to do an outdoor party.  Moreover, the outdoor party features beautiful flower arrangements and natural setting.  Of course, the Easter tea party tables will be filled with chocolate eggs and Easter chocolates.

Easter Karaoke

Secondly, if your teen loves to sing and dance, an Easter karaoke is a fun idea.  Can’t you just picture everyone singing and hopping like Easter bunnies?  Karaoke is a fun way to get the whole family involved in the fun, even the older kids!

easter fun ideas for tweens

Fun Easter Activities and Descriptions

Easter fun for tweens is important to think about when planning Easter activities.  Even though tweens may feel too old for the Easter bunny, there are so many activities that they will love.  

Here is the list of Easter fun activities for tweens (and teens) that are a hit for your Easter morning ideas.

  • Easter baskets: Have all of your guests bring an easter basket or create homemade personalized baskets as an activity.
  • Plastic Eggs: Be sure to have plastic eggs on hand so that you can fill them with goodies for your guests.
  • Easter Bunny Pictures: Instead of making the bunny pictures traditional, how about changing it up a bit.  Make a short form video with the Easter Bunny, like a dance or a funny serious pose.  Tweens and teens will love a unique twist. 
  • Golden Egg – who can find it to win a prize for creative Easter egg hunt ideas
  • Jelly Beans – guess how many?  Have a jar of jelly beans and have guests guess how many are in the jar.  The winning guess wins a prize.
  • Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Family Friendly Easter Games for Teens

  • Chocolate Bunnies: Feature giant chocolate bunnies in your Easter festivities.  These always make a great prize gift ideas for games as well (along with bragging rights!)
  • Play Bean Boozled:  Have you ever played the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled game? This is another hilarious Easter game where you taste the jelly bean. The flavor might be good or disgusting.
  • Easter Emoji Game: Your tweens will love guessing the secret emoji code on these game cards.
  • Bunny Hop Dance Off: Divide into teams for a bunny hop dance competition.
  • Treasure Hunt:  Give each tween or teen a treasure map to find the hidden golden egg!
  • Make Favorite Easter Recipes:  Cooking together is always a great way to spend time as a family from young to elders. Make a fun baking recipe or a savory brunch casserole together to celebrate happiness together.
  • Easter Trail Mix:  Using colorful m&m’s along with pretzels, nuts, popcorn, and dried fruit, create the best trail mix and add into these bags.
  • Easter Bonnet Competition:  This comes from a party that I attended years ago where we had an Easter bonnet contest.  The ideas is to bring a decorated hat and enter the contest.  This such a fun idea.  Here is a hat that is perfect for decorating.

Easter Celebration Activities for Tween and Teens

  • Magic Show:  Invite a local magician or create your own backyard magic show.  Assign each person to bring a magic trick and have a group show. 
  • Karaoke:  This singing fun is always a hit with tweens and teens. Be sure to have two microphones for group singing competitions.
  • Individual Dance Off:  Pair the dance off with the karaoke, and you have everyone involved both older kids, younger kids, and adults. This is one of the best Easter activities for teenagers.
  • Face Painting: Using Easter stencils and kit, have a face painting station at the annual gathering.
  • Cookie Decorating: Another great idea for Easter activity station is to have cookie decorating complete with cookies, icing, and sprinkles.

  • Make Tie Dye T-shirts:  After making shirts together, every time your tween wears the shirt they made, they will think of all of the fun they had for Easter.

  • Tattoos: Washable tattoos are still a huge hit at parties.

  • Bunny or Baby Chick Petting Zoo:  Entertain the whole group of teens, tweens, and guests of all ages with cute and cuddly animals.

  • Plastic Wrap Ball:  Wrap lots of treats, money, gift cards, trinkets in a plastic wrap ball. Take turns unwrapping it to get a prize.Here is a tutorial on how to create the plastic wrap ball.  

Easter Ideas for Teenagers and Tweens

These Easter fun ideas for tweens are such a blast for all ages.  However, they are especially fun for tweens and teens.  If you need entertainment for the tween age group and don’t know what to do, try out one of the activities listed above.  

You will have so much fun for Easter creating memories. Moreover, each year, you can change up the activities to create a special celebration for your family.

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