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What is a Cooking Party?

A cooking party is a unique twist for any event.  It adds an element of fun and teamwork to provide a tasting element as the result of the fruits of your labor.  Are you looking for ideas or tips and tricks for having fun while cooking? Cooking Party Mom is here to help!

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We work toward making cooking fun and easy.  On this page, you will find ideas for adults and kids.  Everyday is a party in the kitchen.  Meet April, the Cooking Party Mom.

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“Everyday Can Be a Party in the Kitchen” – The Cooking Party Mom

Here, at Cooking Party Mom, we believe that everyday can be a party in the kitchen.  The fun starts in the kitchen and can bring smiles and laughter.  Our goal is to bring you ideas and resources for hosting cooking parties.  We hope to inspire you to find simple ways to cook at home.  Stay tuned for weekly updates, guides, and e-books.